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[From the looks of things, it seems like Sora's worked out a way to have one of his Spirits hang on to the communicator and film whatever he's doing. Judging by the bouncing, Jelly Bean has it... strapped to his head, maybe?

More importantly, it looks like Sora's found a skateboard.

...This will end well. Sora does seem to be proficient with it. At least, most missed tricks (and there really aren't many of those) only result in a less than perfect landing.

He's obviously in First District in Traverse Town, though the presence of the board to begin with might suggest that he's at least visited Twilight Town by now. It's fairly obvious that he probably intends to end this post by asking if anyone wants to join him for some fun.

And then he approaches the stairs in front of the accessory shop, having started near Second District, and attempts to grind down the rail. The angle of approach isn't the best, however. While he gets part way down, he manages to lose the board a little more than halfway and come down hard on the rail, tumbling off and tumbling the rest of the way down the stairs only to come to rest at the bottom curled up and clutching at his now bruised vulnerables in obvious pain and embarrassment.

Bruce circles above him clearly laughing his sick little head off while Jelly Bean bounces up to him to find out if he's okay. He may or may not be regretting the decision to film this...
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-you're sure this is turned on?

Yes, kupo! See, there's a little picture right-

Ah! Yeah, I see it. [The picture focuses off the brown and red fabric to a face at last, the face of a young woman with long, dark hair and a concerned frown on her face. That might also be a little annoyed.] This isn't a very efficient kind of radio, though.

[There's a strangled kupo! from the moogle, but by then Asami is only paying attention to the mechanical device now on her wrist, because she has a very important question.]

I thought only the Avatar could go into the spirit world, or people kidnapped by spirits themselves - so how do we get out of here? I have- I can't be away from home right now, not when so much has gone wrong.
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[A moogle shows up on the communicator. It bobs at the screen; it looks like it's in the second district, on the stairs leading down to the lower level.]


There's something going on at the fountain in the second district. I think you should all come look, kupo.

[The moogle flies over to the fountain; a glowing gold keyhole is now in the center of the design. You'll probably recognize it from the dreams you've been having since you got here.]

A keyhole, kupo! I wonder what it could mean.
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[Luna peers critically into the camera as it comes on. For once, it isn't wrapped in the pale blue shimmer of her magic; she reaches out a hoof to straighten it slightly.]

Excellent. Hold steady, Noctis.

[She turns and paces slowly away, to the edge of what turns out to be the belltower.] Tonight is the night of the Winter Moon Festival. My festival. 'Twas to be our first some time. We had meant to gift our subjects with a grand and glorious sky, to show them all that -

[She stops, sounding near tears, and tosses her mane in frustration. Then, visibly composing herself, she takes a deep breath and lowers her head, her horn glowing first blue and then a bright silver as she takes flight. The silver light coalesces around and in front of her as she rises, until she is silhouetted against what seems to be a huge, brilliantly shining full moon, hanging high in the sky above Traverse Town.

Luna lands again, her horn still glowing faintly as she maintains the illusion. She's a little out of breath, but smiling triumphantly and somewhat defiantly.]

Tonight, there shall be a moon!
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[Wyoming has left his helmet off, feeling safe enough between leaving his motion sensors on and Gamma being very much awake.. No one’s going to sneak up on him- Even the spiky cat thing that he doesn't entirely trust though it's purring at him why is it purring that is not a normal cat thing.

He appears to be on a roof of some building, mostly because it’s got the best vantage point to see where he’s at.]

If I understood correctly this is some sort communicator, and I’m in a dream world. Which seems rather impossible but all things considered, I’ll play along for now.

And since I have an audience, willing or not, I might as well.

Knock knock.

[Guess who’s assuming this is some sort of trick and isn't taking this nearly as seriously as he should be? This guy.]
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[The communicator flickers to life, Kairi frowning. The moogle is busy explaining things to her, and has just about finished when the feed begins.] -you got all that, kupo?

Yes... but... [She frowns.] Traverse Town is sleeping? I thought it was a world that was always there, for whenever people were lost between them... how could it fall asleep?

That's how it is, kupo! You're just as asleep as it is, kupopo. You okay?

Mostly, though it is a little unnerving. This is just like... [She pauses. Oh. Oh. This is just like the exam Yen Sid gave Sora and Riku! They went to sleep and landed in Traverse Town. But the same can't possibly be happening to her... can it? She's not trained enough for that. She can't even remember discussing it. She can't quite remember what she was doing last, so she can't even trust not knowing that. Only one way to find out, then.] --wait. Does anyone know if Sora or Riku are here? If this is the same test they took, then...
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[Altis stands underneath a streetlamp, the area behind her dark. It seems like she took great care in picking out a good place to pick out this... thing she's doing. She certainly seems pleased with herself at least.]

I hope you're ready for a night of nightmares and torment and fear, for the lovely and evil demon Altis has brought another new Nightmare into the world! As long as I'm here, no one will have a good night's sleep!

Now come on out, and make these people quiver at the thought of going to bed tonight!

[She moves the shot to the darkness and something slowly hops into view. A spiny, spiky outline emerges from the darkness to reveal...!

...An ordinary, spirit-brand Pricklemane.]
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[Tails gently pushes his Dream Eater's face back from where it's been nudging him for attention, smiling down at the screen once he's sure that the video is on.]

Hi, my name is Tails. I just got here and thought I should introduce myself.

It's been a little while since I've been away from home, the change of pace is kind of nice. Travers Town's a lot bigger than Central City.

[He pauses there, a thoughtful look crossing his face, and he finally relents and starts to pet the Hebby Repp he got.]

Um, I don't know if anyone I know is here already, but I'd be interested in seeing who is here anyway.

Oh! I almost forgot. Is there a parts store anywhere in town?
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[There’s a brief moment of silence before this particular newcomer speaks up. Though he’s generally familiar with Traverse Town (and may be a familiar face to some of those already present), he takes a moment to carefully choose his words before he speaks. First impressions are important, after all, and more so in somewhere relatively unknown.]

I would be interested in knowing more about this realm. The moogles have already mentioned the Nightmares; is there anything else I should be aware of?

In addition, I would like to offer my services in dealing with the same, should anyone have need of such things.

[Dream Eaters or no, he knows better than to assume everyone is willing to get into combat, and if his strength can offer something of a shield, surely that’s better than nothing.]
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[There's a large finger poking at the wrist watch, connected to it is a boy who looks about 16. He stops after a few minutes and just tilts his head to the side. He has large green eyes and his thick eyebrows are furrowed in confusion] Okay I think I get the gist of all this based on what that moogle thing told me...but I still have to say it's pretty weird. Not to mention I still have a few questions and the moogle started getting a bit pushy after awhile.

So, I guess for name's Bolin and I'm new. [Awkward smile. Yeah, that aws obvious, wasn't it?] If anyone has seen a grumpy looking guy wearing a red scarf named Mako or a girl with a ponytail named Korra let me know. Although, I guess if they are here they'll hear this, right? I haven't seen Pabu either...but I'm sure he's okay if I really am just asleep. He's probably still just curled up asleep too.

[Pause in thought, Bolin glances down.]

Speaking of which...I guess I should think of a name for this little guy, huh? [Bolin aims his wrist down at a ball of blue fur that is anything but little and curled up at his feet and snuggled close. Apparently Bolin has a lazy Meow Wow for his companion and first dream eater Spirit.]

Ping maybe?

[He pokes the Meow Wow with his foot and the creature purrs and twitches contentedly], uh, anything else I should know? This is one of those where do I even start kind of things.

[He looks a little awkward just sitting there with a sleeping Meow Wow. Care to help a fella out?]
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[The video shows Wash wearing what looks to be civilian clothes - a t-shirt, no helmet - and perched on the edge of the fountain in the Second District. He's also completely soaked. Fang is wheeling through the air behind him, squeaking gleefully and oddly dry.]

So. I tried a water barrel.

[He pauses for a few moments, gathering his words before continuing.] I have absolutely no idea what that was supposed to be, but- [He jerks his thumb at Fang, still doing aerial cartwheels behind him] -he sure seems to like it.

[He just shrugs - what can you do, really? - and turns the video off. That was a thing and it happened.]
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[North is out and about in Traverse Town today. As much as his armour's like a second skin to him, it isn't exactly the most comfortable when he's sitting around in his hotel room relaxing, and he's spent a good deal of time in the undersuit that he needs a break from it.

But it doesn't look like there's any sort of clothing stores available, and North's been over most of Traverse Town by now.

So that means talking to a moogle, and while North's sort of getting used to them, they're still pretty weird. He'd take an Elite any day.

One will find North talking to/bargaining with a moogle. He's already managed a set of pajamas (purple pants with little moons on them and a grey t-shirt), but is having trouble getting some day to day clothes.]

You sure you don't have any sweat pants? I mean, the zippers are cool, but what's with all the belts?

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[The moogles aren't the only ones unhappy about Rush's current situation. Rush wasn't paying much attention to the video feed, keeping an eye out in one particular direction. Almost off-screen was his Pricklemane's back, facing the other direction. It swayed in and out of the video, but remained an adamant guard.

Well look at this, Rush is actually being social.]

So. In case anyone was dying from curiosity... [His gaze very briefly flicked over to the communicator, then went back to keeping watch. And no, it wasn't Nightmares he was worried about.] Those "moogles" do not take kindly to any tampering with their communicators.

[Speaking from experience? Ha. No. Of course not. It's not like he wasn't expecting to see another one of the little buggers again. Not at all.]
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Are you all still here? How very disappointing. I'd expected better from you. You do seem to consider yourselves people of such high caliber.

But no matter. You can't expect more from what is truly the chaff of the worlds. After all, you haven’t even realized why you haven’t woken up.

Perhaps you never will.
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[The video shows a room at the hotel, the communicator having apparently been set on a table. There are already signs of sustained, or at least emphatic, occupancy, mostly in the form of crumpled papers strew hither and, indeed, thither. Even looks a little more pinched than usual about the face.

[He gets right down to business without preamble.]

I gather that there are some among you who are skilled in physical combat. I wish to request the assistance of one such in gathering resources from unfriendly Dream Eaters. You would be entitled, of course, to an equal share in the proceeds.

Is anyone available?
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[The video shows only Namine at first, then she backs away--it looks like she set her communicator on something and is moving away to show the background. Which...actually isn’t the hotel, but the inside of another building. Not much furniture, but that doesn’t seem to be bothering Namine as she calls offscreen to someone else.]

Ienzo, I got it set up.

[Ienzo walks into view, standing next to Namine, and inclines his head to the camera.]

Hello, everyone; I’d said last week that I hoped to find space for a storefront, and as it happens, Namine wished for the same, so we’ve found a space that will work for both of us. Several of you said you would be willing to help clean the space out when I located that, and we hoped we could request your assistance sometime later this week.

The sooner we get everything ready, the sooner we can open. Ienzo wants to have a tea house, and--

[She’s cut off by Batty’s appearance. Only, he’s looking a little blue; quite literally so. With the exception of the markings on his wings, which are white, he has now been painted varying shades of blue; darker for his wings, lighter for his head, face, and feet.. He doesn’t seem to mind this.]

I thought that if anyone wanted their Spirit painted a different color, I could help.

If anyone interested in helping us clean up could reply to this post, that would be best; our location will be off the plaza in the middle of the Fourth District. I highly recommend using the stairs that are to your left as you enter from the back streets, as the right side is infested with nightmares.

There were some on the way through the back streets, too, so be careful on your way.
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[The video flickers on to show both Wash and North in what looks like one of the hotel rooms. It’s far enough away that it’s obvious they’ve set it up on a flat surface somewhere. Wash is still wearing his helmet; old habits die very hard.]

Hey. Does anyone know anything about these Dream Eater things? We know they can fight and that you can make them from little rainbow pieces; aside from that, I’ve got nothing.

[There’s a squeak from offscreen, and Wash looks over-] Hey, get over here. [-and leans out of the frame.]

[North, meanwhile, has his helmet off, because all things considered, this area’s probably safe and he can let his guard down a bit. ]

Also, do they all carry loose change or something? It’s an odd way of making money.

[He glances over at Wash.]

Everything alright, Wash?

Yeah, fine, just- c’mere!

[There’s more squeaking offscreen, and finally Wash leans back into the frame, pulling his bat into his lap. The bat squeaks piteously, and it’s pretty obvious that one wing is bandaged.]

Is there a vet around here, or someone who knows how to take care of this? [He gestures at the bandage.] I can do this much, but that’s about it.

[Responses will come from both Wash ([personal profile] unrecovered) and North ([personal profile] brodakota).]


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