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[The video is being recorded from a position on the ground in one of the Districts of Traverse Town. There's a woman nearby, shouting and fighting a couple of Nightmares with knives, a decent sized gun hanging from her hip.

Anyone watching will easily be able to identify who it is...by the fighting style, or the hair.

And she's not happy to be back here.]

If this is a joke, whoever you are, this is not humorous at all.
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[Video. Armored. Obviously displeased. Must be Tuesday.]

The keyholes in all four worlds have gone missing. That shouldn't be physically possible, but at this point I'm starting to think that nothing happens around here without a good goddamn reason.

So we're going to find them. If you want to help search, meet me at the fountain in Traverse Town's second district in thirty minutes.
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[Here comes another message: this one from Eraqus, close to the Twilight Town portal. He looks anxious, and a bit angry. Two of his Spirits can be heard barking and whining in the background…it’s clear they are all stressed out right now.]

I just came from Traverse Town to here, and it seems the keyhole is missing. While the portal appears to still be working, the keyhole itself cannot be found. Believe me, I have looked.

Please, everyone, be on your guard. I can only suspect that this is also Xehanort’s doing.
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[Hoooo boy, somehow it felt like he had been out of it for weeks...And judging by the fact he was lying on the ground of a hotel room probably meant that wasn't a very good nap either... Wait a minute, what was he doing here? For that matter where was here? For a moment, everything was blank. Almost like it was waking out of a dream. Or perhaps in this case, into one.]

[The sudden barking and trampling finally woke him up completely, but in case it didn't there was plenty of slobber to go around too. Flail as he could, Emizel was no match for the ever so vicious dream eater, one that probably hasn't seen much contact for days, if not longer. Okay, now this was beginning to feel familiar.]

...Moxie? [Finally he spoke up once he had a second to. The Meow Wow's ears perked and somehow it managed to look even happier. Now this meant for cuddles, lots and lots of cuddles.]

O-okay, okay! I-I missed you too...!!

[...Or at least he probably should have. Sadly Emizel had completely forgotten all about this place, all about the dream eaters. But how did he? And for that matter, is it going to eventually happen again?]

[But, maybe it isn't time to think about that. Once Moxie got everything out of his system he had better check the network to find out what was going on, things really did not feel right in more ways than one. Hopefully though, he at least remembered how to even use it.]
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[For those of you who are good at body language or just know Wash, the tilt of that helmet does not look happy. At all.]

The lights on the Mother of Invention are set to ship's night. It's barely afternoon and already sunset in Ponyville. Twilight Town looks like it's five minutes away from being full-on night, and in Traverse Town, the stars are gone. No cloud cover or anything - just gone.

On top of that, this- [He pulls out the empty AI chip and holds it up for the camera to see] - has started speaking in full sentences. In Sora's voice. About how he can't hold them off anymore, and how we need to find him and fight.

If anyone knows anything, now would be a really good time to say so.

For now, don't go anywhere alone. The last thing any of us need is to be ambushed by this "them."
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[Look who hasn't been heard from in awhile... but here he is, a large grin on his face, right in the camera, barely giving any room for Harkness, or Donna's left behind Pricklemane, River.

For once, he has a direction to go towards. He's heard a call for help on a few pieces other of scrap devices, too; isn't that great?]

So, someone needs help, eh? Well, we reckoned there was something like that, I suppose, but this is much more... forward than I've heard since ending up in this Dream.

[His grin starts to shift into something more wild. He's excited.]

Time for the work and the fun to begin.

[And, after a moment...]

Doctor, are you still about?

[Yes, Four, he's talking to you.]
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[Sora is sitting on the steps in front of the accessory shop in First District. Behind him, gently trying to fit its large face into frame over his shoulder, is an Aura Lion. Sora reaches up to pet it, while also gently preventing it from overtaking the screen, smiling softly as he does so. The lion seems to get the hint and settles for the amount of space its already taking up.]

Hey guys. How are things going?

Um, you know, I was thinking... I've got some extra dream pieces, two of the ones that can make stronger Spirits and a lot of regular ones, and I was wondering if anyone wanted or needed any.

[The lion nuzzles him a bit. It's really nice that his person wants to share his excess dream bits, isn't it?]

And I'm thinking of naming this guy Leo. What do you think?

[For his part, the lion seems to like the name. And he's very cuddly, but also seems to understand he's not a lap cat.]
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[ The video feed springs up with little to no fuss put into it- benefits of being kind of on board with the futuristic tech train- revealing one more in the line of fully-armored space marines, this one in a stunning shade of not blue blueish teal aqua sort of? His head is tilted a little to one side as he regards the communicator, and after a second of silence to make sure he's getting through, he speaks up. ]

Dude, this is the worst dream I've ever had! [ Yeah, meet Lavernius Tucker. Champion complainer. He's broadcasting genuine frustration and agitation like they're going out of style. ] It's all aliens and backpacks and no hot chicks! And kind of a really bad time for not being able to wake up. If someone needs me to help win a war or go between species for peace or something, you're gonna have to take a number. 'cause no offense, but I'm getting really tired of this plot-twist bullshit! How's a guy supposed to get anything done when this keeps happening? [ This, he follows with a huff before... actually seeming to relax a little more.

He'll just have to... wing it, he guesses. Not like he's really got a choice. After a few moments of silence (while he's busy brooding), Tucker hefts the bag he got on arrival into view. ]

So. I've got this backpack full of stuff to make a little alien and buy stuff and... drink, I guess. I mean, I was pretty focused on keeping the fuck away from the new mysterious alien life form, so I missed a few details. Fool me once, man. Whatever's in the bag, I'll trade for a one-way ticket back to Chorus. Or to being awake or whatever. Ooooor information? Yeah, sure, I mean. That seems like the kind of thing I should ask about. Like, what the fuck is going on around here? What's everyone's deal? Does getting shot wake you up? Because that would be pretty messed up, but I won't rule it out. You know, whoever's up for something like that. I guess I'm not really going anywhere in the meantime. Nothing like being stuck in the middle of nowhere. That's totally never completely backfired on me.

[ He pauses one more time, halfway reaching out to cut the feed and seeming to remember something he's forgotten. ]

Oh, and you can call me Tucker. If you want to remedy the hot chick situation while we're here together, y'know... I won't complain.

[ Maybe lacking some of the usual verve he'd give to matters concerning attractive ladies, but he's got hefty concerns on his shoulders, okay. Sometimes a man has to prioritize. ]
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[The video feed flips on, showing Wash armored up and ready to go.]

Now that the other worlds are open again, it might be worth it to check them out to see if anything is different and scout locations for the safehouses North suggested. If you know a world well enough to spot changes and can handle yourself in combat, you should probably help.

I'll take the Mother of Invention, if anyone wants to take Ponyville or Twilight Town.
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[The feed flicks on to show Traverse Town, and most people have probably been around long enough to recognize the second district on sight. And it's a surprisingly welcome sight to see the portals again. Who knew multiple worlds was such a thing to be missed?

North flips the camera around to face him.]

It looks like the portals came back since we got rid of the Spellican. I haven't visited any of them, so I don't know if anything's changed but things seem normal from this end at least.

[He pauses briefly]

I think we should take care though, in case this happens again. Getting stuck in Traverse Town was one thing, but who knows what was happening to those other worlds in the meantime.

I was thinking about making emergency kits, or a safehouse to something. Just, somewhere for people to go so they won't have to fight nightmares all the time.

It's still kind of in the rough stages though.

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Good afternoon!

[Souji's sitting on the edge of a wall, kicking sandaled feet in the air and smiling at the communicator set up on the wall to his left. He holds up a plate with the better part of a carefully sliced pound cake on it.]

I think Toshi is going to get fat if he and I share all of this. It's a little too big.

[He pouts, and then switches to a brilliant grin.]

-- If you're hungry, I can share!

[Reaching out to pick up the communicator, he turns it in a circle to show that he's sitting in the First District.] But hurry up. I don't know how long I'll have any left, you see.

[Laughing, he closes down the feed.]
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 Pardon me, but I'd like to just put this out here...

[Minnie can be found sitting one some steps in Twilight Town, looking a tad despondent. Her Meow Wow is having a good time licking her shoes, which at this point she's opted to ignore.]

Back home, as Queen, I had many duties to attend to. Problems to fix, people to listen to, decisions to make... Now that I'm here, all of my responsibilities are gone. I can't help but feel a little useless.

Does anyone need any help? Or should I...

[There's a long pause here, as something is considered... something she's never had to do, considering she was born into royalty.]

... Should I get... a job?
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I have a deck of cards and an abundance of dream pieces.

Anyone interested?
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[Rinzler had been prodding at the communicator device for a while. It wasn't really something he was used to still, and he wasn't the most comfortable with it. But in some ways, it wasn't that different from the technology on the grid. He lets out a rumbling noise as he turns on the audio. He needed answers. He knew that most of the others, including the ISO had since left. Why hadn't he?] Users.

Need to leave. Did not protest before. Thought would be able to return to Clu. Still here. In this user world.

Cannot stay here. How can I leave? I obey Clu. Cannot serve him here.

[And that would be something close to growling now.]
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[A man appears on the communicator looking a little miffed. It's Clint, though considering he hasn't really been seen without his mask before some might not make that connection. They'll probably recognize his voice...or the Pricklemane bouncing up and down behind him on a bed.]]

So what makes me so special that I get to stick around after everyone else went home? I arrived when all those others did, right? So shouldn't I have been sent home with them too?

[He sighs, rubbing at the bridge of his nose.]

Guess that was too much to hope for anyway. Things are never that easy for me.

[Clint drops his hand and looks at the screen properly now. Behind him the bouncing Pricklemane is joined by a Komory Bat sweeping down from the ceiling occasionally to bump the Pricklemane. They're playing.]

Right so since it looks like I might be here for the foreseeable future I guess some introductions are in order. Names' Clint or Hawkeye, whichever you prefer. I'm an Avenger...if that means anything to anyone here. The bouncing idiot behind me is Pinhead. And I just made the other one...think I'll call him Count. You might have teamed up with us in the whole bee attack...which I have to say you guys weren't half bad at taking down.

Which...reminds me. Anyone know where I might be able to find the supplies to restock my quiver? I'm going to need more arrows if I'm supposed to fight more bee monsters or any of the other neon monstrosities around here. I really don't think relying on Pinhead is gonna be an option.

[He jerks his thumb behind him and, as if on cue, the Pricklemane and the Komory Bat collide in a spectacular crash and then tumble off the bed and out of sight. Clint doesn't even bother looking over his shoulder which might tell you how often his has happened even before he started recording.]

See what I mean?
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[There's a high-pitched yelp.

It sounds sort of strangled, or maybe it even sounds like someone getting squished under a heavy weight. Whatever has happened doesn't take too long to recover from, however, as the high-pitched voice rouses from that former dazed state.

...Oh boy. Anybody got the license plate of that train??

[He tries to laugh, letting it peter off into a mild groan.

Somewhere behind him, there's the sound of a muffled, fat bark.
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[The video is short; nothing but a shot of the fountain in the Second District and Wash speaking.]

Anyone who's tired of being stuck in Traverse Town and feels like a fight, come to the Second District. We're gonna kill that bird.
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[Setsuna is standing on top of the lighted tower in the middle of the Fourth District, her eyes tilted upwards as she watches the Spellican fly overhead and pay no mind to her or her two Dream Eaters, Maia and Phoebe. She frowns as it passes and she looks troubled. Once the giant Nightmare has vanished from sight for the time being, she returns her gaze to the Communicator in her hand.]

I apologize in advanced if this is waking anyone. The events as of late have made it difficult for me to sleep. I have been trying to piece everything that happened together, but so far I have very little. My mind has just been spinning in circles.

I have been watching the Spellican's movements for awhile now and they have not changed. Few of the recent arrivals from the mass appearance remain and I have also noticed that we have yet to regain the ability to transverse the worlds as we did before. Surely there must be a connection between these incidents. Something that Spellican has done perhaps? I'm afraid I am a little ignorant on what abilities it may possess.

[She doesn't like not having the answers to her questions. She leans against a beam and sighs.]

Do you perhaps think we should confront the Dream Eater? We destroyed the other Nightmares he summoned...perhaps instead of waiting for him to attack us we should take the fight to him? I would prefer some advice however, this would only be my third time encountering the more powerful Nightmares and I know that many of you have more experience where that is concerned.
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[The video comes on to display Fraser's face retreating to an appropriately framed distance.] Ah. Hello.

[He straightens his lapels and adjusts the tilt of his hat, then clears his throat.] Residents of Traverse Town! I am Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP -- er, that would be Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Depending on your native cou -- ah, world, you may not be familiar with the long and noble traditions of... but that's not important at the moment, although, of course, I would be happy to explain to anyone who happens to be curious. Suffice it to say that I address you today with a purpose. During the recent fracas, I could not help but notice the remarkable number and variety of armaments employed. While I am sure that they are all appropriate in dire situations, I would like to confirm that there is no conflict with local regulations. After all, as visitors in this fair town, we have a responsibility to put our best feet, hooves or paws forward on behalf of our native countries.

In light of this responsibility, I would just like to inquire as to whether anyone might know where I could lay my hands on a copy of the local legal code. Thank you kindly.

[He tips his hat, and reaches forward to deactivate the video.]
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[Kind of hard not to notice that a whole bunch of people - namely, the people who randomly appeared a week ago - have now up and disappeared.]

Who's still here?


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