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[Video. Armored. Obviously displeased. Must be Tuesday.]

The keyholes in all four worlds have gone missing. That shouldn't be physically possible, but at this point I'm starting to think that nothing happens around here without a good goddamn reason.

So we're going to find them. If you want to help search, meet me at the fountain in Traverse Town's second district in thirty minutes.
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[For those of you who are good at body language or just know Wash, the tilt of that helmet does not look happy. At all.]

The lights on the Mother of Invention are set to ship's night. It's barely afternoon and already sunset in Ponyville. Twilight Town looks like it's five minutes away from being full-on night, and in Traverse Town, the stars are gone. No cloud cover or anything - just gone.

On top of that, this- [He pulls out the empty AI chip and holds it up for the camera to see] - has started speaking in full sentences. In Sora's voice. About how he can't hold them off anymore, and how we need to find him and fight.

If anyone knows anything, now would be a really good time to say so.

For now, don't go anywhere alone. The last thing any of us need is to be ambushed by this "them."
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[The video feed flips on, showing Wash armored up and ready to go.]

Now that the other worlds are open again, it might be worth it to check them out to see if anything is different and scout locations for the safehouses North suggested. If you know a world well enough to spot changes and can handle yourself in combat, you should probably help.

I'll take the Mother of Invention, if anyone wants to take Ponyville or Twilight Town.
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[The video is short; nothing but a shot of the fountain in the Second District and Wash speaking.]

Anyone who's tired of being stuck in Traverse Town and feels like a fight, come to the Second District. We're gonna kill that bird.
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[Kind of hard not to notice that a whole bunch of people - namely, the people who randomly appeared a week ago - have now up and disappeared.]

Who's still here?
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[Wash is terse and obviously very unhappy. Not a good situation.]

In case anyone missed Luna's post, we've got four big Nightmares in the city. One of them is the Meta, or at least a Nightmare version of it, which means it's worse.

It still behaves like the Meta, which means it'll go after AI. Anyone in armor is a target, so no one goes out alone. North, South, Epsilon, you're with Carolina. Church, York, Grif, you're with me. Noble-Four, Noble-Six, either pick a team or stick together. Call for backup if you see it. Don't be a hero, don't be an idiot, and don't get killed.
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[Armor on, helmet off; Wash doesn't look too terribly happy, but that's about par for the course. Cal it neutral for now, or as close to neutral as he gets.]

If you're new here and you can see this, great - it means you've figured out how to use the communicator. [Yaaaaaaaay.]

For those of you who weren't listening to the Moogle or just didn't get it the first time, you're in the realm of dreams. Yes, you're asleep. No, nobody knows how you got here or how to get back, but we're working on it. People just seem to appear and disappear at random.

This particular world is called Traverse Town. There used to be three more connected to it - Twilight Town, the Mother of Invention, and Ponyville - but they closed off at about the same time you all showed up. Nobody's figured that one out either.

Let's see...if a Dream Eater has red eyes, it's a Nightmare and will probably to try to kill you. If it doesn't, it either belongs to someone or is a Moogle. Either way, don't shoot it.

If you need more information...[He shrugs.] Ask around. The people who've been here longer tend to know more. [Of course, he's just set himself up as a source of information - not what he wanted, but dammit, someone's got to do it.]
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[Wash is sitting on his bed with a teal Frootz Cat in his lap. The cat looks pleased as punch to be there; Wash, in casual clothes with his face therefore visible, is obviously not.]

This is Carmen.

[Carmen meows happily. Hi all my buddies!]

She has a bad habit of stealing people's clothes and leaving them in other people's rooms. Or beds. Or bathrooms.

[Carmen looks a bit disgruntled at her behavior being labeled a bad habit. Those people belong together! They just don't know it yet. Obviously it's her duty to educate them!]

I figured I should let anyone know before she causes real trouble. She's teal so nobody will mistake her for Lela.
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[The video is quick, only a few seconds long. The camera captures a shop from a short distance away, easy to identify for anyone who knows the area. More interesting is the voice heard in the background:]

Four days. Jesus.

[The camera turns to show a man, looking none too great with a hand rubbing over his face. The armor has changed, but it's undeniably Agent Washington.

And that's all, before the feed clicks off. Here he is, folks, come collect.]
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[There's a long silence and a sigh before he begins. He really should've written down what he wanted to say; it's too late for that now.]

Ziva, we- we should talk. I-

[There's a moment as he realizes just how bad that sounds.] -shit, no, not like that. Not-

Look, York's- he woke up, and I-

[There's another long pause, and then a sigh.] You know what? Forget it. [The message cuts off abruptly.]
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[Somebody's human, which rules out Ponyville as the location for this one.]

Three things. One, if you haven't figured out how to walk as a pony yet, do it soon. There's a pattern to the way this dream works - when something happens, it'll probably happen in Ponyville, and if you want to get involved you need to be able to walk.

Two. [He pulls out the dead AI chip that came from the Mother of Invention and holds it up to the camera, keeping a very straight face.] Have any of these changed hands? We should be keeping track of them. [And by that he means "he's keeping track of them whether you all like it or not."]

Three, has anyone tried putting the talking items together yet?
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[It's a few days after FILSS' opening the training room, and Wash is still tired. He's in full armor and helmet to hide that fact. He holds up an AI chip in front of the camera. It's hollow in the middle and isn't lighting up.]

Melody had this. I'm pretty sure she found it on the Mother of Invention. Those of you who know what this is, there isn't anything in it. It's not active. That...doesn't stop it from talking.

The ID card from the post office and the blank photo from the mansion. Who has them?

[In the background, Melody protests, albeit not nearly as loud as she had when he'd mentioned getting another cat. Hey! She was holding onto that for Lela! Give it back!]
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Did anyone else win a rare Spirit in the Moogle game at the party last week?

More to the point, if anyone won a Frootz Cat-

[There's a disapproving meow from offscreen - someone doesn't approve of the idea of a second cat in the household. Wash ignores it.]

-and hasn't put it together yet, would you be willing to trade the pieces?

[That's as far as he gets before Melody flies onto the bed in a whirlwind of sound and fury and snaps the communicator closed. No! She's the only cat here!]
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[The video starts abruptly and accidentally - the feed shows nothing but blue armored boots. When the blue and yellow helmet clatters to the ground, it becomes obvious it's Wash; when he drops to his knees and the video picks up the sound of heavy, labored breathing, it becomes obvious he's not doing too well. He murmurs, words indistinguishable, trying to talk himself out of whatever is happening while Fang and Melody make concerned noises. The feed jostles as Melody opens the communicator further, revealing the bridge of the Mother of Invention and the leaderboard above her, before she cuts the feed. She knows her person wouldn't want anyone to see this.]

[Later, the feed comes back on again, intentionally this time. Wash looks much more composed - much as he can with his helmet back on, at least. That may have to do with the fact that he's back in the hotel room.]

I don't know how, but the portal in Twilight Town leads to the Mother of Invention. I didn't get very far in. I just...thought you could use the warning.

[He'd meant to filter that to York, North, Wyoming, and Epsilon; he doesn't know that the first video exists or that it's messed up his filter.]
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Everyone's been talking about finding the keyhole or the pieces of the keyhole or whatever. Here's my question: has anyone actually started looking yet?

[Oh look, he disapproves of all of you. Yep, still Tuesday.]
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[This is Wash, in Twilight Town, standing in front of a very large crack in a wall. Through the crack, there's trees and grass visible - the beginnings of a forest. He gestures towards it.]

Does this look familiar to anyone?

[Oh, look, he's fishing for information and baiting the Keycast all at once. Must be Tuesday.]
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[Wash is in full armor, helmet on. There's a reason for this; nobody needs to see that he hasn't really slept for about 72 hours. Those who have a bit more experience reading his body language can probably tell from the set of his shoulders and the incline of his helmet that he is Not Very Happy. Of course, then he opens his mouth and removes all doubt.]

This is just to let everyone know that there are no Nightmares in the Traverse Town hotel. Because they don't come inside. Ever. Anyone who says otherwise is paranoid. Or an idiot. Or both.

Probably both.
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[The communicator, set on a bedside table, seemingly turns on by itself - that is, until Fang leans in the frame to check that it's on and squeaks happily when he sees that it is. Looks like someone's been picking up bad habits from other Spirits.]

[The bat leans out of the frame and the video shows Wash in his hotel room, dressed in casual clothes and staring up at the ceiling.]

Get down from there.

[There's an indignant meowing from offscreen. Wash makes a frustrated noise and rolls his eyes.]

Look, there's nothing up there. Nightmares don't even come inside, let alone hide in my ceiling. Now will you just get down?

[There's another meow, and Wash's eyes widen slightly. He lunges to the left, barely managing to catch something small and pastel falling from the ceiling - a Necho Cat, as it turns out. It meows happily and rolls over in his arms. The room is secure; they can all relax now. Wash just rolls his eyes again.]

I would end up with the paranoid cat.

[Oh come on, it's not paranoid - just overprotective. The cat reaches up and boops him on the nose with a paw and Wash's expression just melts, a big, dopey grin growing on his face. He is unmistakably a cat person. He takes a seat and scratches the cat's belly as it stretches out on his lap. Fang, deciding he wants in on this, squeaks and nudges the communicator off, and the video cuts out.]
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[The video shows Wash wearing what looks to be civilian clothes - a t-shirt, no helmet - and perched on the edge of the fountain in the Second District. He's also completely soaked. Fang is wheeling through the air behind him, squeaking gleefully and oddly dry.]

So. I tried a water barrel.

[He pauses for a few moments, gathering his words before continuing.] I have absolutely no idea what that was supposed to be, but- [He jerks his thumb at Fang, still doing aerial cartwheels behind him] -he sure seems to like it.

[He just shrugs - what can you do, really? - and turns the video off. That was a thing and it happened.]
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[The video flickers on to show both Wash and North in what looks like one of the hotel rooms. It’s far enough away that it’s obvious they’ve set it up on a flat surface somewhere. Wash is still wearing his helmet; old habits die very hard.]

Hey. Does anyone know anything about these Dream Eater things? We know they can fight and that you can make them from little rainbow pieces; aside from that, I’ve got nothing.

[There’s a squeak from offscreen, and Wash looks over-] Hey, get over here. [-and leans out of the frame.]

[North, meanwhile, has his helmet off, because all things considered, this area’s probably safe and he can let his guard down a bit. ]

Also, do they all carry loose change or something? It’s an odd way of making money.

[He glances over at Wash.]

Everything alright, Wash?

Yeah, fine, just- c’mere!

[There’s more squeaking offscreen, and finally Wash leans back into the frame, pulling his bat into his lap. The bat squeaks piteously, and it’s pretty obvious that one wing is bandaged.]

Is there a vet around here, or someone who knows how to take care of this? [He gestures at the bandage.] I can do this much, but that’s about it.

[Responses will come from both Wash ([personal profile] unrecovered) and North ([personal profile] brodakota).]


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