Feb. 24th, 2014

unrecovered: (Oh well damn)
[Wash is sitting on his bed with a teal Frootz Cat in his lap. The cat looks pleased as punch to be there; Wash, in casual clothes with his face therefore visible, is obviously not.]

This is Carmen.

[Carmen meows happily. Hi all my buddies!]

She has a bad habit of stealing people's clothes and leaving them in other people's rooms. Or beds. Or bathrooms.

[Carmen looks a bit disgruntled at her behavior being labeled a bad habit. Those people belong together! They just don't know it yet. Obviously it's her duty to educate them!]

I figured I should let anyone know before she causes real trouble. She's teal so nobody will mistake her for Lela.
yabigfurball: (Howl at the moon)
[Oh hey, that's Ammy on the screen. Seems she's activated her communicator for the first time in awhile. Unfortunately, she looks pretty worried. And while she's not at Ponyville, since she looks like a normal wolf, it's still Ponyville that's got her worried. After a moment to make sure that the communicator is working, she shows it a picture:]

[The sun has been missing for awhile! Where has it gone?]


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