Apr. 4th, 2014

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[Armor on, helmet off; Wash doesn't look too terribly happy, but that's about par for the course. Cal it neutral for now, or as close to neutral as he gets.]

If you're new here and you can see this, great - it means you've figured out how to use the communicator. [Yaaaaaaaay.]

For those of you who weren't listening to the Moogle or just didn't get it the first time, you're in the realm of dreams. Yes, you're asleep. No, nobody knows how you got here or how to get back, but we're working on it. People just seem to appear and disappear at random.

This particular world is called Traverse Town. There used to be three more connected to it - Twilight Town, the Mother of Invention, and Ponyville - but they closed off at about the same time you all showed up. Nobody's figured that one out either.

Let's see...if a Dream Eater has red eyes, it's a Nightmare and will probably to try to kill you. If it doesn't, it either belongs to someone or is a Moogle. Either way, don't shoot it.

If you need more information...[He shrugs.] Ask around. The people who've been here longer tend to know more. [Of course, he's just set himself up as a source of information - not what he wanted, but dammit, someone's got to do it.]
fromearth: (On the Plains of the Red Planet)
Okay, is this thing worki--yeah, it's... I'm in the frame? I... yeah. Right.

[The cowboy straightens, clears his throat, hooks his thumb in his belt, and gives the communicator his most calm and collected scowl. All a matter of looking like none of this bothers you, even when it's a hideous mess. Which this is looking like it is. Business as usual.]

All right, folks, this is Marshall Sparks Nevada, representative of the Mars-Earth coalition. I know this place likely ain't on either planet, but this whole business jumped up to the top of my priority list. Mostly on account've all my other business is in another dimension, so you know, whatever.

Point is, here, I'm gonna hafta ask all've you to provide a list of your name, your home planet... the planet you were last on, if'n those two ain't the same... what space-year you're from, and your dimensional zip code.

Reckon I may have a ways afore we're gettin' out of here proper, but more I can know about how far-spread a problem this is, the more appropriate charges can be put on the culprits for this nonsense once I wrap it all up.
juniorganymedian: (a slight miscalculation)
[Jeeves doesn't particularly want to be seen at the moment as he's looking a little haggard. The nightmares he'd assured Luna were no problem have become problematic now that it would seem he's having different ones from the recurring one they'd had before the fight with the mare Nightmare in Ponyville. He'd never intended to actually call upon the Princess of Dreams, but he would be foolish to ignore her as a resource in this instance. It's very early morning - most would call it still night - when he contacts her.]

My apologies for any interruption to your regular duties, Your Royal Highness, but I wish to request an audience with you. Would you be available to meet at the top of the clock tower in Twilight Town sometime today?


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