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Chamber 3 ( ) Video

[The video is quick, only a few seconds long. The camera captures a shop from a short distance away, easy to identify for anyone who knows the area. More interesting is the voice heard in the background:]

Four days. Jesus.

[The camera turns to show a man, looking none too great with a hand rubbing over his face. The armor has changed, but it's undeniably Agent Washington.

And that's all, before the feed clicks off. Here he is, folks, come collect.]
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[He's sorting through a weird collection of emotions right. There's the relief that Wash is back, and hopefully, alright. There's a sense of embarrassment since he worried so much. Worry, for what might have changed, because something definitely has. And others that North either can't name or doesn't want to.

But this isn't something he can leave alone. And so he's heading out to find him.]
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[He will be here, completely unaware that that recording was even made.]
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[It doesn't take long for North to find them. He had Theta scan the recording for likely locations, and it would make sense that would be around the place people usually arrived in.

He approaches with a bit of trepidation, since the armour change makes North wonder if Wash went forward or backward in time.]

Wash?! You okay?

[Okay, yeah, dumb thing to ask.]
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[There's a long moment of staring, as Wash adjusts to the fact that four days here doesn't match up to the year he was awake, and things in the realm of dreams haven't changed all that much - which is to say, he still has friends here. He smiles, and the relief on his face is visible.]

Better than I was five minutes ago.

[Dammit, he's missed you, North.]
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That's good to hear at least. Do you need a potion or anything?

[It's all he can really think to say, but he's glad to see Wash smiling at least. It feels like a long time since he's seen that.]

You had everyone really worried, you know.
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I could use another one, yeah.

[He sits up a little straighter but doesn't bother trying to stand yet. He's still a little shaky as it is.]

I didn't exactly do this on purpose.
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[North fishes out a potion and hands it to him. He'll definitely help with the standing part when it comes.]

I know. It's not like we have a lot of control in that area.

[Just. He worried. And other people worried.]
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[CRACK! And then Luna's there.

She trots over immediately, ignoring Chell for a moment to peer down at Wash.]

Agent Washington?
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[His headache gets in the way of his startle reflex, and he's not nearly as quick with his pistol as he normally would be. He stops reaching for it at the sound of that voice, though, and slowly looks up at just who arrived with that crack. He may be staring for just a moment too long - then again, it's been a year for him, and he'd convinced himself he'd never see anyone here again.]

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[Pop! Yes, one sister is somewhat more restrained and less exuberant than the other. And she doesn't race over, merely offers Chell a thankful smile while she hangs back to allow her sister the pleasure of a reunion.]

[Honestly, she's just here in case things go wrong and she needs to intervene. Don't mind her.]
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Agent Washington!

[Luna smiles and prances a bit, before dropping to her knees.]

You do not look well. Do you need healing? Sister, he needs healing. [Celestia's always been better at that than her.] And we must call Agent David!
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[The faintest hint of a smile tugs at the edge of his lips. He can't help it - he doesn't think he's ever seen Luna so happy before, and he's definitely never seen her prance.]

[And now he can't get a word in edgewise. Evidently a happy Luna is a chatty Luna.]

It's okay. I'm fine.

[He's not fine; he's exhausted and dealing with a minor concussion. He's also not about to admit to any of it, despite it being fairly obvious.]
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[This is exactly why she came along. Now he's going to say he's fine, and Luna is going to argue he isn't, and then the shouting will begin... Celestia quickly assesses her options. Challenge Wash verbally and she might provoke the same anger she fears. Let it go and that confrontation ensues. Celestia quickly chooses the third option, stepping forward herself to kneel by Wash in turn.]

Please allow me to do a quick magical examination of you. The fact that you have returned after disappearing may mean I can gain some valuable information about the processes from such an examination.

[...actually, now that she thinks about it, that would be a good idea even if it wasn't an excuse to look him over and patch him up.]
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[Luna did indeed open her mouth to contradict Wash, but Celestia's intervention stops her.]

Oh! Yes, that is a good idea as well! [And now she's probably going to be doing the same thing from back here. What if it's dream-magic, after all?]
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[Well, he's outnumbered and outmatched, and this isn't exactly a battle that needs fighting, not that he's got much fight in him right now anyway. He leans back just a bit and tries not to sigh too loudly.]

Sure. Go ahead.
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[Celestia nods subtly to Chell, understanding entirely. The alicorn bends her head, bring power to her horn so as to canvass the agent with magic. She seeks any trace or residue of an external influence, with all the finesse and skill she can muster.]

[And if a concussion just happens to accidentally get some magical treatment in the middle of all of that, well, these things happen.]
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[The voice is unfamiliar, but the person in the video isn't. Neither is the place, and Namine is there as soon as she can be, Teddy and Batty in tow.]


[If he needs a Potion or a Cure she can offer either or both.]
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His head snaps up, eyes widening slightly. Add one to the list of people he thought he'd never see again.]


[Even if four days - and he has to keep reminding himself that it's only been four days here, not the year it's been for him - isn't too much time to get into trouble, he's still very glad to see she's okay.]
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[Namine had been having similar thoughts, with so many people returning home lately.]

Yes, it's me. Do you need a Potion, or I could use Cure...

[While she's probably as glad to see him, she's concerned, and it probably shows.]
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[Wash breaks into a smile at that, albeit a small one. He can't help it - he missed Namine, and he's damn happy to see her.]

I could use a potion if you have one.

[She's one of the few people he won't outright lie to - at least, not right now.]
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[Namine smiles and hands him a Potion.]


It's good to see you again.
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[He takes the potion, uncorks it, and knocks it back pretty quickly. The headache that flares up as a result of tilting his head lessens to nothing as the potion takes effect.]

Thanks. It's good to see you too.

Did I miss anything?
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[Potions are good for that sort of thing.]

You're welcome.

I don't think so...It's only been a few days.

[She is blissfully unaware of Roxas and Emizel's experiment with the horde of Nightmares in Twilight Town, and figures Wash knows that Lea and Ienzo went home.]
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[ For a moment, Carolina stares at the video footage. She recognises the location, certainly. And while the armor is certainly different, there's no mistaking the voice.

North would likely be pleased when he heard, given how long the pair had both been stuck in the dream prior to Wash's disappearance. And of course Ziva would certainly be happy to see him. She thinks, distantly, that she should be glad that someone else has come back.

But, she isn't.

Carolina doesn't feel anything.

Instead, she turns off the communicator, concentrates on the rise and fall of her breath, before going back to putting her fists to good use elsewhere.