Apr. 14th, 2014

raisethemoon: (Defiance)
Any non-combatants, we order thee to retreat immediately into the shelter of the nearest building. It would be most unwise to linger outside. If thy spirits are not currently with thee, please summon them.

Everyone else, in case thou wert unaware, the Spellican hath arrived in Traverse Town and summoned the four previous large Nightmares fought. To repeat, that would be the Hockomonkey, Queen Buzzerfly, what I take to have been the Meta, and - Nightmare Moon. [Hear how pleased she sounds about that.] All hath vanished for the moment, and I am attempting to relocate them. Considering the circumstances, we may wish to form more organized search parties.

Once again, the streets are now extremely dangerous, and if thou'rt not well-experienced in battle, we strongly urge thee to retreat. These Nightmares are most dissimilar to any you may have faced in the streets thus far, and typically take several fighters to overcome. [She's thinking mainly of the new arrivals, here.]
unrecovered: (I don't want to talk about it)
[Wash is terse and obviously very unhappy. Not a good situation.]

In case anyone missed Luna's post, we've got four big Nightmares in the city. One of them is the Meta, or at least a Nightmare version of it, which means it's worse.

It still behaves like the Meta, which means it'll go after AI. Anyone in armor is a target, so no one goes out alone. North, South, Epsilon, you're with Carolina. Church, York, Grif, you're with me. Noble-Four, Noble-Six, either pick a team or stick together. Call for backup if you see it. Don't be a hero, don't be an idiot, and don't get killed.


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