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Is Twilight Town open yet?

[It's been what feels like a long time. And he doesn't want to be in Traverse Town. He wants to be somewhere else. Somewhere where he doesn't have to keep sorting out memories.

There's a long pause before the next part is added.]

Also I think Emizel went home. I haven't seen him around lately.
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[Donna holds up a male's shirt, definitely not hers and motions towards it with the other hand. She looks slightly confused, but not bothered by finding it... probably from finding random stuff in the TARDIS all the time.]

Doctor, I doubt this is yours... I have no idea how it got in here. Anyone recognize it?
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[To some the smirk and white hair will be familiar and, to others, it's just another new face among several. Whatever is bringing in all these new folks is apparently bringing in "old" faces as well.

He certainly seems to be taking this pretty well.

I'm going to guess I missed something cause I spotted a whole lot more people when I flew over the First District.

You guys didn't forget about me, did you? Not that it's been that long for me...but if I remember right that's not always the case on this side of the whole dreaming thing.

[He then gives a casual wave.]

And hello to everyone else. I'm Jack Frost.

[And with that Jack will wait for responses. He is currently perched on a low roof top in the First District, his staff propped up on his left and the air near him at least 10 degrees cooler than anywhere else. Passing by you may also notice the white Komory Bat fluttering around him.]
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[Wash is terse and obviously very unhappy. Not a good situation.]

In case anyone missed Luna's post, we've got four big Nightmares in the city. One of them is the Meta, or at least a Nightmare version of it, which means it's worse.

It still behaves like the Meta, which means it'll go after AI. Anyone in armor is a target, so no one goes out alone. North, South, Epsilon, you're with Carolina. Church, York, Grif, you're with me. Noble-Four, Noble-Six, either pick a team or stick together. Call for backup if you see it. Don't be a hero, don't be an idiot, and don't get killed.
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Any non-combatants, we order thee to retreat immediately into the shelter of the nearest building. It would be most unwise to linger outside. If thy spirits are not currently with thee, please summon them.

Everyone else, in case thou wert unaware, the Spellican hath arrived in Traverse Town and summoned the four previous large Nightmares fought. To repeat, that would be the Hockomonkey, Queen Buzzerfly, what I take to have been the Meta, and - Nightmare Moon. [Hear how pleased she sounds about that.] All hath vanished for the moment, and I am attempting to relocate them. Considering the circumstances, we may wish to form more organized search parties.

Once again, the streets are now extremely dangerous, and if thou'rt not well-experienced in battle, we strongly urge thee to retreat. These Nightmares are most dissimilar to any you may have faced in the streets thus far, and typically take several fighters to overcome. [She's thinking mainly of the new arrivals, here.]
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 [With all the strangeness that happened during the 4th wall shenanigans, Minnie hadn't been able to properly introduce herself to this community. That simply wouldn't do! So today, with her Meow Wow constantly bouncing behind her, as they tend to do, she holds up the device in her hands, hoping she's using it correctly. Technology was more of her husband's specialty.]

Greetings, one and all. I'd like to thank you for your very warm and generous hospitality, and to formally introduce myself to those I haven't met yet. I am Queen Minnie Mouse, ruler of the Disney Kingdom. It is a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm... still confused about a few things here, but many of you have been very kind to inform me about what's going on.

So I would like all of us to work together, and become very good friends! The bonds of friendship are the strongest thing in every world! 
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Does anyone want to play Struggle?

[ooc:please be aware that tags will likely be slow until wednesday Sorry about the delay there folks. Pretty much the moment after I posted this, it suddenly dawned on me just how much work I had to do. That's done now so hopefully things will be a little more up to speed.]
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[Jeeves doesn't particularly want to be seen at the moment as he's looking a little haggard. The nightmares he'd assured Luna were no problem have become problematic now that it would seem he's having different ones from the recurring one they'd had before the fight with the mare Nightmare in Ponyville. He'd never intended to actually call upon the Princess of Dreams, but he would be foolish to ignore her as a resource in this instance. It's very early morning - most would call it still night - when he contacts her.]

My apologies for any interruption to your regular duties, Your Royal Highness, but I wish to request an audience with you. Would you be available to meet at the top of the clock tower in Twilight Town sometime today?
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Okay, is this thing worki--yeah, it's... I'm in the frame? I... yeah. Right.

[The cowboy straightens, clears his throat, hooks his thumb in his belt, and gives the communicator his most calm and collected scowl. All a matter of looking like none of this bothers you, even when it's a hideous mess. Which this is looking like it is. Business as usual.]

All right, folks, this is Marshall Sparks Nevada, representative of the Mars-Earth coalition. I know this place likely ain't on either planet, but this whole business jumped up to the top of my priority list. Mostly on account've all my other business is in another dimension, so you know, whatever.

Point is, here, I'm gonna hafta ask all've you to provide a list of your name, your home planet... the planet you were last on, if'n those two ain't the same... what space-year you're from, and your dimensional zip code.

Reckon I may have a ways afore we're gettin' out of here proper, but more I can know about how far-spread a problem this is, the more appropriate charges can be put on the culprits for this nonsense once I wrap it all up.
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[Armor on, helmet off; Wash doesn't look too terribly happy, but that's about par for the course. Cal it neutral for now, or as close to neutral as he gets.]

If you're new here and you can see this, great - it means you've figured out how to use the communicator. [Yaaaaaaaay.]

For those of you who weren't listening to the Moogle or just didn't get it the first time, you're in the realm of dreams. Yes, you're asleep. No, nobody knows how you got here or how to get back, but we're working on it. People just seem to appear and disappear at random.

This particular world is called Traverse Town. There used to be three more connected to it - Twilight Town, the Mother of Invention, and Ponyville - but they closed off at about the same time you all showed up. Nobody's figured that one out either.

Let's see...if a Dream Eater has red eyes, it's a Nightmare and will probably to try to kill you. If it doesn't, it either belongs to someone or is a Moogle. Either way, don't shoot it.

If you need more information...[He shrugs.] Ask around. The people who've been here longer tend to know more. [Of course, he's just set himself up as a source of information - not what he wanted, but dammit, someone's got to do it.]
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[And here we have a new face. One who seems to have a fairly interesting choice in clothes, if the over-long scarf is any indication. Still, he doesn't seem to mind it any. In fact, he seems to be far more interested in the communicator itself.]

Ah, there we are. You know, it really is fascinating how many different ways to talk to people there are. You’d think that sooner or later all devices like this one would end up looking he same, but I’ve seen so many different kinds, over the years. And none of them are at all alike, except in what they do. Communication, no matter what form it takes.

So, hello, then! How are you all doing, out there?
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[ Behold, Ponyville! Once again lit by cheery sunshine.

Lin Beifong the charcoal coloured unicorn? Not quite so cheerful.

It would seem that Equestria is back to normal [for a dream world] but there doesn't appear to be any sign of a keyhole as yet.

To those who took part in the recent battle, was anything found in the aftermath? Of particular interest, were there any objects that seemed to 'talk' when held recovered after the fight?
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[A video feed begins, showing a young man with silver hair who is in dire need of a haircut. Judging the from what’s visible of the background, he seems to be up in the tower in the fourth district.]

So, just how many people are stuck dreaming here? I haven’t had much of a look around, but this place seems bigger than I remember.

I haven’t seen any Heartless either, just Nightmares. Does anyone have more information about Dream Eaters in general?

[The barrage of questions seems to be over for a moment, before he remembers one last part.]

Oh, and has anyone seen someone named Sora around? If I fell asleep, he’s probably not far behind.
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[When North awakes, he can hardly believe his eyes. His room is a warzone of tattered pieces of cloth and a very sorry giraffe in the middle of it.

He can hardly believe it, even when the Giraffe attempts to bleat its excuses. It wasn't my fault, there was another cat, she wanted to help and then I tried but they smelled so good. I'm sorry person, I'm sorry.]

[He runs a hand through his hair and there's a muttered god dammit. This may be the maddest North has been in a while.]

This is a ridiculous request, but, does anyone have anything that can be used as a lock? One that spirits can't open? 

[Trouble is nosing her way in, still trying to apologize.]

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[The video shows an apartment that may be familiar to a couple of people in this world... except part of it is scorched like there was a fire somewhere earlier. Her Pricklemane is standing nearby, a bucket and towel discarded to the side.]

Oi! Doctor!

Tell that spirit of yours, Harkness, to keep his fire spewing self away from my things! I'm not a huge fan of finding my stuff on fire! [The Pricklemane goes off screen, chittering to itself as Donna contemplates the scorched portion of the room as Donna mutters to herself before the video cuts out...]

Teaching it the bad habits of tinkering with things. Hmph. [End video]
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Attention: To whoever owns the cat dream eater that broke into my room earlier? You may want to train it better. I almost shot it when I found it sneaking around and stealing something of mine.

I don't appreciate that kind of behavior.

[Someone may have missed Wash's warning message.]
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[Here, have Epsilon leaning against Caboose, his Meowjesty. Allison is grumbling in the background. Where's her petting? She wants attention.]

Seems like I've been forgetting to check this thing lately. Have I missed anything important lately, guys?

Also, anyone have advice for trying to train a Meowjesty?  Caboose still won't listen worth a damn.
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Weird question.

How do you decide on a name for something?

[The name displayed on this post is simply "Not Riku." That's really helpful of you, kid.]
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Hello~ooo… [in extreme magnification, a pair of eyes blink at the communicator for a few seconds before the face retreats into focus.] Ah! It's working, isn't it? That little light… what a funny dream.

[He chuckles, and holds the communicator a little further away, turning it from side to side.] Very funny. I've tried pinching myself ten thousand times, and I can't seem to wake up! Has anybody found out a better way? If I sleep in all morning I'll ruin my reputation, you see. Everyone will tease me!

[The temporary pout dissolves into a smile as he looks around beyond the communicator.] But maybe I can look around for just a few hours first. That wouldn't be so bad, would it? Ah, look! I think that's a candy store--!
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[Eraqus's communicator switches on suddenly in the middle of the night, although this is due to Kura, his Hebby Repp. Apparently, there is some to-do going on in the room next to the bedroom...]

[Most of the large pile of Spirits are snoozing, all except for the newest, Shikara. The Flowbermeow is bouncing quickly around Chuza, trying to get the Meow Wow to wake up. Come on, what if master is having nightmares again? They should go check on him! Except Chuza, being the laziest Spirit on Mars herself, is fast asleep. She tries bouncing on Chuza, but no go.]

[Obviously, this requires extra hands. Shikara then proceeds to use that boundless energy to stir awake all the other Spirits she can find...Gengo, Jyunai, Soemon, the new adopted additions Ma-ti and Linka, and of course Kura is already up. Only Yaza is nowhere to be found. Shikara bounces around, sharing that excitement. Come on, guys! If we all jump, that will wake up Chuza! Then master will have two Meow Wows being all responsible!]

[At first, just Ma-ti joins in, rolling into Chuza. That does nothing, so Linka tries bouncing on her head. Still nothing. Eventually, Soemon and Gengo begin bouncing too, all while Jyunai just scolds them in the corner. However, with both a Kooma Panda and a Thunderaffe all stomping along with the others, it's enough weight and motion to shake the entire house. Chuza doesn't wake up...but Eraqus does, and he comes storming in a moment later.]

What in the worlds is going on here?!

[Every Spirit stops in place and looks up at him. Oops, caught red-pawed. He notices the light coming from the switched-on communicator, and just buries his face in one palm, looking exasperated.]


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