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[Armor on, helmet off; Wash doesn't look too terribly happy, but that's about par for the course. Cal it neutral for now, or as close to neutral as he gets.]

If you're new here and you can see this, great - it means you've figured out how to use the communicator. [Yaaaaaaaay.]

For those of you who weren't listening to the Moogle or just didn't get it the first time, you're in the realm of dreams. Yes, you're asleep. No, nobody knows how you got here or how to get back, but we're working on it. People just seem to appear and disappear at random.

This particular world is called Traverse Town. There used to be three more connected to it - Twilight Town, the Mother of Invention, and Ponyville - but they closed off at about the same time you all showed up. Nobody's figured that one out either.

Let's see...if a Dream Eater has red eyes, it's a Nightmare and will probably to try to kill you. If it doesn't, it either belongs to someone or is a Moogle. Either way, don't shoot it.

If you need more information...[He shrugs.] Ask around. The people who've been here longer tend to know more. [Of course, he's just set himself up as a source of information - not what he wanted, but dammit, someone's got to do it.]
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[It's late when this text appears. At least, what counts for late in Traverse Town. If you're a normal person with a normal sleep schedule, you're probably asleep right now.]

I know it's late, but would anyone be interested in a game of cards or something? 

I'm having trouble sleeping. No nightmares though.

[And he's reluctant to go walking out in the hallway of the hotel. He's pretty sure the moogles are slightly annoyed at the possibly noticeable groove he's worn in the carpet.]

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[The transmission opens up with a burst of static. The screen seems as if it’s trying to work, but all that’s visible is snow. After a moment, the screen blips and clears a bit. FILSS’s logo appears on the screen, but the picture is fuzzy and lines run across the screen.]

-day. Mayday. Mayday. Calling anyone within range. RT-636 Frigate-

[The sound and picture briefly cut out.]

-power levels dropping-


-last known position on a heading to-

[The message dissolves into static again.]

[OOC NOTE: FILSS will not be responding to anything here.]
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Hello, and welcome to-

I am sorry, my resources here appear to be limited. I have been authorized to use this network in order to make announcements regarding current events on the Mother of Invention.

Currently, many of my systems remain inoperable. However, I am attempting to make the systems control portions of the ship accessible, and I would appreciate any assistance in bringing the rest of my functions online. I will be opening up a secondary training room shortly in order to provide a route to these vital areas.

Thank you for your help, and have a nice day.
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[So guess who also shot at the Moogles and guess who also got to experience a stop spell stasis field, and who's less than happy about the whole thing?]

[This girl.]

[A video feed opens on another fully armored personnel, her Israeli accent edged with frustration.]

Noble Two calling Noble Actual. Come in Noble Actual. Colonel Holland? Auntie Dot -- Someone needs to tell me what the hell is going on.

[Some brief, jerking movements as she tries to brush off the Meow Wow that keeps rubbing up against her leg and snuffling affectionately.] Stop it. If I'd known you are what I was making I wouldn't have bothered. Go away before I shoot you.
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If anyone's having any trouble with the latest round of dreams, I can help. Or at least listen if you want.

I figure I owe you guys since I got helped last time.

[A little while later, the video's on and there's a variety of holograms appearing. Some fireworks, a few dream eaters, a moogle. All a familiar red and blue colour. Theta's trying his best to cheer people up.]

[ooc: timing for this is nebulous and can easily become action if that's what you want. Just let me know the subject line or somewhere how you want to do this.]
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[The video starts abruptly and accidentally - the feed shows nothing but blue armored boots. When the blue and yellow helmet clatters to the ground, it becomes obvious it's Wash; when he drops to his knees and the video picks up the sound of heavy, labored breathing, it becomes obvious he's not doing too well. He murmurs, words indistinguishable, trying to talk himself out of whatever is happening while Fang and Melody make concerned noises. The feed jostles as Melody opens the communicator further, revealing the bridge of the Mother of Invention and the leaderboard above her, before she cuts the feed. She knows her person wouldn't want anyone to see this.]

[Later, the feed comes back on again, intentionally this time. Wash looks much more composed - much as he can with his helmet back on, at least. That may have to do with the fact that he's back in the hotel room.]

I don't know how, but the portal in Twilight Town leads to the Mother of Invention. I didn't get very far in. I just...thought you could use the warning.

[He'd meant to filter that to York, North, Wyoming, and Epsilon; he doesn't know that the first video exists or that it's messed up his filter.]
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[There's a close-up view of a well-manicured goatee, though there's a bit of blood around the lips, and as he adjusts the camera, it's plain to see that the clearly-attractive man has definitely been in a fight recently. Put mildly. And also that he's wearing some kind of metal armor suit thing, with the face-mask open.

He opens his mouth to speak, then closes it again. Twice. This is not a man accustomed to being at a loss for words.]

Please tell me there's someone in this sparkly-rainbow-nightmare than can get a full sentence out, with minimal KUPO, that can tell me what the hell is going on?


[The camera pans out just enough to show the komory bat perched on the top of the man's head, chittering away happily. Tony swipes at him half-heartedly, as if they've been through this a few times already, and the bat makes no motion to vacate his vantage point.

Tony looks pleadingly into the camera, and with a deep sigh, cuts the feed.]
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[ The communicator device flicks on, revealing a moving row of cobblestones and metal-plated feet, occasionally interrupted by the swish of a spiky purple something accidentally impeding movement. Faint muttering is audible, words short and clipped with displeasure. ]

..What are the Equalists up to now.

[ The device swivels, the camera revealing the face of an older human woman with greying hair and twin scars on her right cheek. Green eyes narrow as she glares at the communicator, clearly Less Than Happy to be here. Something purple and distinctly spikey can be seen bouncing behind her, as though eager to get her attention - its efforts don't seem to be working, however.

After a pause, she speaks directly into the device.

Those winged 'kupo'-bears would have me believe this is some sort of 'waking dream', one being shared by others. In that case, if anyone here knows the way out, preferably to Republic City, I'd appreciate directions as soon as possible.

[flatly] Whatever sort of game is being played here, I'm not prepared to be a part of it. I have responsibilities there that can't wait on someone else's whim's.

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[Theta's turned the communicator on again. He's got some stuff on his mind, and he decided to wait until North was asleep to deal with it, though he'll be telling him about it later.

However, it's hard question to ask, so he's dithering about it. And the best way he knows how is to work on another hologram.

There's a holographic Meow Wow bouncing around on the screen. It's a bit rough, but overall pretty satisfactory. He's pretty proud of it.]

[Private to AIs]

Uh...hey...guys. I, I need to ask you guys a question.

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[Wyoming has left his helmet off, feeling safe enough between leaving his motion sensors on and Gamma being very much awake.. No one’s going to sneak up on him- Even the spiky cat thing that he doesn't entirely trust though it's purring at him why is it purring that is not a normal cat thing.

He appears to be on a roof of some building, mostly because it’s got the best vantage point to see where he’s at.]

If I understood correctly this is some sort communicator, and I’m in a dream world. Which seems rather impossible but all things considered, I’ll play along for now.

And since I have an audience, willing or not, I might as well.

Knock knock.

[Guess who’s assuming this is some sort of trick and isn't taking this nearly as seriously as he should be? This guy.]
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[Today North's just hanging out in his hotel room, sans armour at the moment because he's done for the day pretty much. And really without a TV or books around, there's not a lot to do besides conversation or playing with spirits. It's a bit hard to do the latter, since both of his spirits have passed out, in some cases on him. Theta hovers on his shoulder.]

You know, with all the new people coming into town, it always makes me wonder who's going to show up next. It's getting to the point where you could start making bets on who's going to show up next.

I'm almost tempted to try.

[He goes to turn off the communicator, but stops himself]

Also, I'm North, and this is Theta, if anyone was wondering.

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[Well the armor might be familiar to some of you. Even the coloring. And you are already swearing under your breath, aren't you?]

[If you want to know why they're swearing, just keep watching. You'll catch on.]

You know what? I thought I finally caught a break. After dealing with all that shit with the Meta, all I want to be dreaming about is swimming in sea of snack cakes. Actually, I’m pretty sure that was what I was dreaming about before I got dumped here with the theme park mascot that came in and ruined everything. Yeah sure free candy is awesome, but at what cost? A long ass information dump that I may or may not have tuned out about three seconds in?

[Spoiler alert: he did tune out the Moogle.]

Whatever, I’m going back to sleep. This actually might be the first time I’ll be glad to wake up during one of Sarge’s staff meetings.
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[York and Delta appear on the screen together. It looks like they're somewhere in the hotel, from the background. Max the Meow Wow is clearly visible behind York, sleeping on his back with his paws in the air, and Sparky is curled up next to him.]

Hello all you lovely people out there. This is York and Delta, bringing you another-


[Somehow, Delta manages to look disapproving despite having a helmet on. York shrugs at him unrepentantly.]

So Delta and I have been working on a little project; it seems like you can run into nightmares practically anywhere, but there are some places where you can be completely sure you'll run into a bunch of the things. Take it away, D.

Thank you, York. By compiling information gained from conversations with others and analyzing our own experiences, I have assembled a map detailing the places with higher levels of nightmare activity. This map should allow people the opportunity to avoid the worst of the attacks and to be prepared should they need to head through certain areas.

The maps are attached to this message; stay safe, guys.
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[The video shows Wash wearing what looks to be civilian clothes - a t-shirt, no helmet - and perched on the edge of the fountain in the Second District. He's also completely soaked. Fang is wheeling through the air behind him, squeaking gleefully and oddly dry.]

So. I tried a water barrel.

[He pauses for a few moments, gathering his words before continuing.] I have absolutely no idea what that was supposed to be, but- [He jerks his thumb at Fang, still doing aerial cartwheels behind him] -he sure seems to like it.

[He just shrugs - what can you do, really? - and turns the video off. That was a thing and it happened.]
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[North is out and about in Traverse Town today. As much as his armour's like a second skin to him, it isn't exactly the most comfortable when he's sitting around in his hotel room relaxing, and he's spent a good deal of time in the undersuit that he needs a break from it.

But it doesn't look like there's any sort of clothing stores available, and North's been over most of Traverse Town by now.

So that means talking to a moogle, and while North's sort of getting used to them, they're still pretty weird. He'd take an Elite any day.

One will find North talking to/bargaining with a moogle. He's already managed a set of pajamas (purple pants with little moons on them and a grey t-shirt), but is having trouble getting some day to day clothes.]

You sure you don't have any sweat pants? I mean, the zippers are cool, but what's with all the belts?

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[The moogles aren't the only ones unhappy about Rush's current situation. Rush wasn't paying much attention to the video feed, keeping an eye out in one particular direction. Almost off-screen was his Pricklemane's back, facing the other direction. It swayed in and out of the video, but remained an adamant guard.

Well look at this, Rush is actually being social.]

So. In case anyone was dying from curiosity... [His gaze very briefly flicked over to the communicator, then went back to keeping watch. And no, it wasn't Nightmares he was worried about.] Those "moogles" do not take kindly to any tampering with their communicators.

[Speaking from experience? Ha. No. Of course not. It's not like he wasn't expecting to see another one of the little buggers again. Not at all.]
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[Private to Theta]

[Delta shows up on his own on the screen; York is behind him and clearly very asleep.]

Theta, I'm contacting you privately. I hoped to discuss North's current status to you, in the hopes that we can in some way facilitate his and the others' emotional recovery. What is your assess...how do you think North is feeling, and how are you feeling? I hope you're both well.

[Private to Epsilon]

[Delta shows up on his own on the screen; York is behind him and clearly very asleep. Still.]

Church, I'm contacting you on a private channel. I wished to inform you that Agent Washington is becoming increasingly more stable, though I cannot of course guarantee his behavior around you. York spoke with him about you, and I believe he understands that you do not intend to reveal things he would rather not discuss. I also wished to assure myself that you are present and well as we have not seen each other recently.
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Are you all still here? How very disappointing. I'd expected better from you. You do seem to consider yourselves people of such high caliber.

But no matter. You can't expect more from what is truly the chaff of the worlds. After all, you haven’t even realized why you haven’t woken up.

Perhaps you never will.
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[It's Theta on the video screen today. He's taking advantage of the communicator while North is asleep. If you look closely, you might see his outline in the background. Theta looks a little nervous, as much as a hologram can.]

I-I've been working on something new, and I guess I was wondering if people wanted to see it before I show North. I've been working really hard on it.

[He plays a bit with the hologram, and it turns into a fish that starts swimming around, and one might see Cactus the pricklemane coming into view out of interest.]

I think Cactus is going to like chasing it, but are there things that dogs like to chase? Something small. I don't think I can do cats yet.

[Private to Epsilon]

Uh...Delta said you wanted to talk to me?


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