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[A video feed begins, showing a young man with silver hair who is in dire need of a haircut. Judging the from what’s visible of the background, he seems to be up in the tower in the fourth district.]

So, just how many people are stuck dreaming here? I haven’t had much of a look around, but this place seems bigger than I remember.

I haven’t seen any Heartless either, just Nightmares. Does anyone have more information about Dream Eaters in general?

[The barrage of questions seems to be over for a moment, before he remembers one last part.]

Oh, and has anyone seen someone named Sora around? If I fell asleep, he’s probably not far behind.
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[Riku's dozing in one of the hotel rooms in Traverse Town when a dark, purple-ish puddle appears on the ground under the door. He peers at it closely... and then a Toximander surfaces with something clamped in its mouth.]

...Hey, what do you have there? [He takes it from the Spirit, who gives what looks like a mischievous grin -- or was he imagining it? -- before dissolving back into the ground and vanishing. A gift.

Well, that was thoughtful, but he wasn't sure who it was from or why. Curious, Riku opens it u--

BANG, a shout of surprise, and suddenly Riku and the communicator are covered in blue. From the part of the lens left unsplattered, Riku is staring in shock at the paint bomb he'd just unwrapped.

...He has a hunch he knows exactly who did this.]

--Sora! If I find you, you're dead meat!

[Then he's stomping out of the room, dripping a trail of paint and leaving the communicator behind. He won't be replying to communicator responses, but feel free to laugh at his expense anyway!]
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[Riku's finally made his way to Twilight Town, and has spent the day exploring. He's currently at the Tram Common, and for some reason is staring at a nondescript piece of wall. Interesting? Not really. But then he begins running his hand along it, as though looking for some kind of hidden mark or indentation. Then, after a minute or so of finding nothing, he gives up.]

...Funny. It's gone.

[He's mostly muttering to himself, unaware the communicator's on. For anyone already familiar with Twilight Town, they'd know he's looking for the crack in the wall that used to be there, leading into the forest. Feeling partly disappointed, partly relieved the way to his old headquarters is gone, he turns away from the wall.]

Alright, Bram. [He looks nearby, to his Komory Bat is looking on curiously,] There's nothing here. Let's keep looking around.


Private to Keybearers )
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[Riku's sitting on a rooftop, the bright neon lights around indicating that he's in the Fifth District. Bram, his Komory Bat, is perched on his shoulder, wings folded.]

I've noticed a lot of people have questions about Dream Eaters. Since it seems like we're all gonna be stuck here for a while, I've tried to summarise what you should know about them. Sora's added some notes of his own, too. We've both got experience with handling them, and we figure you guys could use the extra help. [He reaches up and rubs Bram behind the ears, who gives a contented squeak and closes his eyes.]

I'm attaching a text post to this message, so if you need it, you should keep it on your communicators as a reference.

Text Attachment )
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[The communicator switches on to a pair of very surprised turquoise eyes peering at the camera. He's more intrigued about the device than anything else; he doesn't seem to be fazed by the fact there is a brightly-coloured bat creature perched on his shoulder, or by his change in surroundings.]

Huh, it works. Guess this is more convenient than letters in bottles.

[His Komory Bat gives a low hum of agreement, and he pets his companion before continuing.]

All right, I guess someone out there must be able to see this? My name's Riku. I'm looking for my friend Sora. Brown spiky hair, kind of a dork? Or maybe you've seen anyone called Joshua, Shiki, Beat, or Rhyme? I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.

[The fact Joshua hasn't popped out of nowhere to bug him yet should be indication enough he isn't around, but it's worth a try anyway. Maybe he's just busy, even if he does have a knack for being everywhere at just the right time.]

Uh, so... I guess that's it. Thanks. [He reaches down to his communicator, and the feed cuts.]
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[The video flickers on to show both Wash and North in what looks like one of the hotel rooms. It’s far enough away that it’s obvious they’ve set it up on a flat surface somewhere. Wash is still wearing his helmet; old habits die very hard.]

Hey. Does anyone know anything about these Dream Eater things? We know they can fight and that you can make them from little rainbow pieces; aside from that, I’ve got nothing.

[There’s a squeak from offscreen, and Wash looks over-] Hey, get over here. [-and leans out of the frame.]

[North, meanwhile, has his helmet off, because all things considered, this area’s probably safe and he can let his guard down a bit. ]

Also, do they all carry loose change or something? It’s an odd way of making money.

[He glances over at Wash.]

Everything alright, Wash?

Yeah, fine, just- c’mere!

[There’s more squeaking offscreen, and finally Wash leans back into the frame, pulling his bat into his lap. The bat squeaks piteously, and it’s pretty obvious that one wing is bandaged.]

Is there a vet around here, or someone who knows how to take care of this? [He gestures at the bandage.] I can do this much, but that’s about it.

[Responses will come from both Wash ([personal profile] unrecovered) and North ([personal profile] brodakota).]


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