Jan. 4th, 2014

battleborndr: (I threw myself to the wind yeah)

[OOC: Green is Jenny, purple is Donna, blue is the Doctor.]

[The communicator switches back and forth between audio and video settings, catching snippets of (mostly) loud female voices and images of a mildly perplexed man, before settling in on the Video function. It fixates on a moogle looking highly annoyed at the communicator’s owner. He looks highly annoyed back, but properly chastised, and oh, damn, now he has no distraction from the two women.]

You should have left it be for now, dad. You could have always looked into it further later. [You can tell that she has a more matter-of-fact attitude about whatever had just happened.]

Oi! I told you he’d be mad if you tried to mess with it! [You can hear the eyeroll in her voice.]

I don’t see what the big deal is… [He looks so put out.] I’d put it back together. ...Probably.

How would you feel if someone just showed up and started taking your things apart?

I don’t even have “things” to take apart. And anyway, it shows an impeccable appreciation for good craftsmanship! [Yeah. Totally.]

Whatever you say, Spac-- [She cuts herself off there.]

[Go on, say it. He dares you. He just stares at her a moment, then looks away. His Hebby Repp messes up his cool demeanor though, by thinking it’s a good time to leave the sanctity of his shoulders and scurry up Jenny. It’s totally cool. Right? Right.]

Oi! Would you two stop it and hurry up already! I’m gonna end up leaving you both behind! [Yes, she was a tad eager to explore further. She didn’t even sound deterred by other two or for that matter, the Hebby Repp ditching her father, and yes, she was still considering him her father.]

Just hold on a second! [Her Pricklemane is bouncing around her feet in circles, apparently wanting to get going too. She looks back at the Doctor.] Careful, I’ll come up with a worse nickname. [Like GrumpyBritches, or something.]

[He cringes. He doesn’t doubt it.] Right. Let’s not keep her waiting, shall we? [Someone probably should have reminded him about the communicator, but the only one that probably would is the moogle, who still just glares. So the thing stays on.]

[OOC: You get a lottery: Donna, Jenny,  or The Doctor or all three may respond to you! Feeling Lucky, punk?]

trademark_skull: (Fear the Reaper)
[Well this..sure was a thing. The room was dark, very dark than usual. Though being in Traverse Town it's not too much of a surprise. It's just that his coat generally helped resolving that. But no, not today, err...tonight to be more exact. Emizel tried sleeping, but now he wasn't. Instead he was huddled at the foot of the bed. Sooomething was amiss if he was being this upset, this stressed.]

[This certainly was not the first time Emizel worried about this, oh nooo. It really kind of scared him; especially being the only demon, and not even close to the right candidate for it. However that concern all eventually went away before. After all, it does seem impossible(and silly) for a demon to simply die in a dream world from a lack of fear, and after spending enough time here it's proving to be the opposite anyway. But maybe, what if, he has lax a little too much? Getting way too soft? He might be safe right now, but what about later? What's going to happen if they do conquer whatever darkness is responsible for this? What will happen to him?]

[Dammit, he was just starting to get attached to some of the people here. Now it might all be a bad, terrible thing. Sure camaraderie speeches were totally Valvatorez's thing, but this...this was kinda different. Or at least, this was different, right? Oh man, what is he supposed to even do?]

[This might be easier to think through if Moxie would stop whining at him, though.] ....Go away. [That undertone of aggression reeeaaally did not mean to be there. But at the same time, couldn't really be helped.]


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