Dec. 21st, 2012

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[Luna peers critically into the camera as it comes on. For once, it isn't wrapped in the pale blue shimmer of her magic; she reaches out a hoof to straighten it slightly.]

Excellent. Hold steady, Noctis.

[She turns and paces slowly away, to the edge of what turns out to be the belltower.] Tonight is the night of the Winter Moon Festival. My festival. 'Twas to be our first some time. We had meant to gift our subjects with a grand and glorious sky, to show them all that -

[She stops, sounding near tears, and tosses her mane in frustration. Then, visibly composing herself, she takes a deep breath and lowers her head, her horn glowing first blue and then a bright silver as she takes flight. The silver light coalesces around and in front of her as she rises, until she is silhouetted against what seems to be a huge, brilliantly shining full moon, hanging high in the sky above Traverse Town.

Luna lands again, her horn still glowing faintly as she maintains the illusion. She's a little out of breath, but smiling triumphantly and somewhat defiantly.]

Tonight, there shall be a moon!
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[The feeds is rather stable as it jumps on, showing the quite close face of a Moogle hovering in the First District.]

-how you activate the video feed, kupo! It allows you to communicate with every person present in the same world as you, kupo. But you should-

[The camera shakes and shifts as the moogle rushes after the new arrival, it was speaking to... tipping sideways as Terra's back comes into view, showing him walking down the stairs upon the plaza, head turning slightly from left to right and back again, right hand tight around Ends Of The Earth. A moment later the moogle is by his side again, the communicator (and the feed image) stabilizing.]

Kupo, kupo! Please, don't run off just yet, kupo! There is a lot that I still need to tell-

[He's cut off by an angry growl-snort as Terra fixates the moogle with a matching glance, face drawn into a tight frown.]

And I told you; I don't have time for this right now. I may not know what he is up to now, but I do know who's to blame for this.

Kupo, kupo! No, you have to list-

[Listening is about the last thing on Terra's mind as he takes a few more steps towards the middle of the plaza, voice growing louder as he calls out for the one that surely is to blame for all of this. Because clearly. When in doubt, blame the old, bald guy! :|b]

Xehanort! Hey, Xehanort! Come out and face me, you coward.

[The Moogle watches as he continues to call for Xehanort, attempting to speak to him for one or two more times before just shaking its head.]

It's hopeless, kupo.

[And with that the feed cuts out.]

[ooc: And with that, Terra has finally arrived in the Realm of Dreams after his mun keot failing for a week. orz

Also, Video replies are welcome, but given that Terra's communicator is still with the Moogle, he won't be able to answer, until someone comes around and calms him down. |D;]


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