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Seventh Night

[The feed opens on the sky, showing sunset over what can only be Ponyville. Considering the vantage point, it's being taken from a cloud, but even though its author could only be one of a few people, Luna does not speak.

The shot holds as the light fades from the sky, until the stars and moon rise. One could be excused, really, for not watching the entire thing. Finally, she speaks up, still from behind the communicator:]

I would not have placed the stars quite that way. [Sigh] But I suppose 'tis well enough.

[She pauses for another long moment.]

Incidentally, I am seeking new lodgings in Traverse Town. Suggestions would be much appreciated.
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[It's been a while since he's seen a sunset - at least, one that actually moved. Twilight Town didn't count.]

Can you rearrange them?

One of the larger rooms in the hotel is open, if you're interested.

[It was his and York's and North's, until North moved out and York woke up. No way was he staying there alone.]
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/totally justifed jack

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It was never intended for both of us to live in, sister!
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And better decorations?

[That's right, Luna, your aesthetic sense is highly questionable compared to the princess who's had her hoof on the pulse of high Canterlot style for centuries!]
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I believe, dear sister, that 'lovely gargoyle' is a fine oxymoron.
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They very much had a style all their own. They added personality to any castle they were mounted upon, and I certainly could agree they were things to marvel at.

They were just all ugly.
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All of this is true. They did serve many useful and practical purposes, and do not forget they served remarkably well in keeping water flowing off of the roof and away from the walls.

And yet, they were still ugly.
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You are simply trying to distract me from the topic at hand, sister.

But you are very, very right. More than ugly, they were absurd!
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[Hey, he thought he'd at least ask.]

I'm starting to wonder if the cycle is a good thing.

[Abrupt changes...don't usually bode well, do they. He can't say he's a fan of this one.]

You could always find a spot you like and make it yours. [Carolina did it, but he's not about to bring that up.]
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Or the fact that it's a massive change in a world that hasn't changed for weeks.

The Moogles might know someplace.
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[Hey, occasionally the obvious does need to be pointed out. He's just covering his bases.]

[He doesn't need to ask what Nightmare Luna is thinking of, not after what she's told him.]
You don't have to do it alone, you know.
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Where would you have put them?
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I see.

[Stargazing has never been something that she's had much time for, and the stars aren't familiar ones besides. But she can tell that they mean something to Luna, and that's good enough.]

And you can't control them?
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Maybe it's something to with it being all in dreams?
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I'm sure we'll figure it out.
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Given Twilight Town also has several residential buildings, it might be worth checking that for suitable home options.

[ Although Luna was princess of the night - it made sense to look more to Traverse Town. ]

..Does anything happen when you attempt to change the stars positions?
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[ She can tell Luna's likely dismayed by that. ]

Not even a backlash of power? Or does it feel much like it would were you to try and change the stars of Traverse Town?
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Yours when in Equestria, your Grace. [Lin looks thoughtfully.] But not so when in the dream of another. Might there be a clue in that?