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[Look who hasn't been heard from in awhile... but here he is, a large grin on his face, right in the camera, barely giving any room for Harkness, or Donna's left behind Pricklemane, River.

For once, he has a direction to go towards. He's heard a call for help on a few pieces other of scrap devices, too; isn't that great?]

So, someone needs help, eh? Well, we reckoned there was something like that, I suppose, but this is much more... forward than I've heard since ending up in this Dream.

[His grin starts to shift into something more wild. He's excited.]

Time for the work and the fun to begin.

[And, after a moment...]

Doctor, are you still about?

[Yes, Four, he's talking to you.]
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I imagine 'twill be more along the lines of a battle.
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Where are you thinking of starting, Doctor?
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I've been installing survival kits in the different world. Then I guess maybe looking for the keyholes?
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Yeah. I put them together just in case the worlds got separated again. Like, if someone ended up cut off in Ponyville, they'd have access to a safe place to stay and potions and stuff like that.
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"Fun" may be premature before we can confirm what we're facing. [Still, she's smiling a little.] To that end, I'd like your cooperation, if possible: Do you remember any other leads pointing toward "something like that"?
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I understand. Still, please be careful. I'd advise against travelling alone until one or more of us [Read: Naoto.] can assess the danger we're in.
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Of course I'm about. Why wouldn't I have been?

[A pause, and then:]

Did you want me for something?
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[But he does it so well!]

Well, I could have, but I'd only just go back to... well, it doesn't matter so much. And it's not anything that I need to hurry back to even if I wanted to.

[Sure, it's odd that he's been asleep for so long, but he never liked being set on errands anyway.]

There's weather? I must have missed it.

[Unending night doesn't count and being a pony is nothing at all to do with the weather. But it doesn't feel like there's been a paradox, for all that he's not familiar with the particulars of the relevant future.]
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[Oh, likely only one of the great powers of the universe being highly irritated at the pause in the quest Four was supposed to be going on interrupted for something as simple as a dream.]

Not exactly? What do you mean, 'not exactly'?

[He might be hard to nail down, but he's still the Doctor, for all his faults.]

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[There's a moment of pause and then he catches up to the rest of the conversation.]

Did you say something about figuring things out? Because it does seem like it would be a good time. Now that we've started to get some actual answers. Or something like, anyway.
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Well, yes, of course there has. As nice as being me has been eventually I'm not going to be me, am I? And I'm fairly certain that I wouldn't just up and go for good. Otherwise I'd never forgive myself.

[He's got regenerations yet to spare, and he'd like to think that he's going to use them one way or the other.]

But, yes, I agree. Whatever this actually is, whoever's actually responsible, it can't be good. By any stretch of the imagination.
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Hello Doctor,

It's been...a few minutes. A few...exciting minutes... to say the least. This place going crazy too? Seems I can't leave you alone, or things start going a bit tilted.

Oh, how is that hand treating you?