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Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP ([personal profile] lickedthat) wrote in [community profile] revenance_comms2014-05-15 09:49 am

[video; 001]

[The video comes on to display Fraser's face retreating to an appropriately framed distance.] Ah. Hello.

[He straightens his lapels and adjusts the tilt of his hat, then clears his throat.] Residents of Traverse Town! I am Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP -- er, that would be Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Depending on your native cou -- ah, world, you may not be familiar with the long and noble traditions of... but that's not important at the moment, although, of course, I would be happy to explain to anyone who happens to be curious. Suffice it to say that I address you today with a purpose. During the recent fracas, I could not help but notice the remarkable number and variety of armaments employed. While I am sure that they are all appropriate in dire situations, I would like to confirm that there is no conflict with local regulations. After all, as visitors in this fair town, we have a responsibility to put our best feet, hooves or paws forward on behalf of our native countries.

In light of this responsibility, I would just like to inquire as to whether anyone might know where I could lay my hands on a copy of the local legal code. Thank you kindly.

[He tips his hat, and reaches forward to deactivate the video.]

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