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005 [Video]

[Being there when the portal opened up, Eraqus of course decided to walk through it and see what world they had discovered this time.]

[And it is a lot more colorful than the previous one. It seems like one of his Spirits is helping him hold up his communicator now, since facing it...]

[The Keyblade Master is now a gray earth pony with reddish hooves, a black, spiky mane and tail, and a gold Master emblem for a cutie mark. He's still got the facial hair and the scars, too. He looks less shocked about this than one might expect...mostly a little confused as to how quadrupeds are supposed to operate.]

Considering our previous conversation regarding your world, Celestia, I would say in hindsight this adds a certain degree of irony.

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[Unfortunately for the idea of wrapping things up, the contents of the box are not at all what Pinkie expects. Namely, none of the Elements are there at all. Not ever hers, which is probably more than a little concerning.

Instead, all the box contains is a single slip of paper. Should either of them pull it out and read it, it contains the following sentence, written in exceedingly elegant hand(hoof?)writing:

To find the missing parts, look inside your hearts.]
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[Pinkie peers inside the box. Then turns it upside down, holds it up over her head, and peers into it again.]

...huh. Guess we don't have to worry about that! They're totally gone!

[She looks down at the piece of paper that fluttered out during her examinations.]

Oh. Yeah, that makes TOTAL sense! I think!
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Yeeeeeeeah, that's happened before. It was pretty bad.

But it KINDA makes sense, right? 'Cause when the Elements were broken before, they got fixed 'cause we were all friends and stuff, all by ourselves without any necklaces or anything!
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...maybe? I dunno. The Princesses had them before we did, maybe they can help?
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Great! I'll ask them, then!