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[ The video feed springs up with little to no fuss put into it- benefits of being kind of on board with the futuristic tech train- revealing one more in the line of fully-armored space marines, this one in a stunning shade of not blue blueish teal aqua sort of? His head is tilted a little to one side as he regards the communicator, and after a second of silence to make sure he's getting through, he speaks up. ]

Dude, this is the worst dream I've ever had! [ Yeah, meet Lavernius Tucker. Champion complainer. He's broadcasting genuine frustration and agitation like they're going out of style. ] It's all aliens and backpacks and no hot chicks! And kind of a really bad time for not being able to wake up. If someone needs me to help win a war or go between species for peace or something, you're gonna have to take a number. 'cause no offense, but I'm getting really tired of this plot-twist bullshit! How's a guy supposed to get anything done when this keeps happening? [ This, he follows with a huff before... actually seeming to relax a little more.

He'll just have to... wing it, he guesses. Not like he's really got a choice. After a few moments of silence (while he's busy brooding), Tucker hefts the bag he got on arrival into view. ]

So. I've got this backpack full of stuff to make a little alien and buy stuff and... drink, I guess. I mean, I was pretty focused on keeping the fuck away from the new mysterious alien life form, so I missed a few details. Fool me once, man. Whatever's in the bag, I'll trade for a one-way ticket back to Chorus. Or to being awake or whatever. Ooooor information? Yeah, sure, I mean. That seems like the kind of thing I should ask about. Like, what the fuck is going on around here? What's everyone's deal? Does getting shot wake you up? Because that would be pretty messed up, but I won't rule it out. You know, whoever's up for something like that. I guess I'm not really going anywhere in the meantime. Nothing like being stuck in the middle of nowhere. That's totally never completely backfired on me.

[ He pauses one more time, halfway reaching out to cut the feed and seeming to remember something he's forgotten. ]

Oh, and you can call me Tucker. If you want to remedy the hot chick situation while we're here together, y'know... I won't complain.

[ Maybe lacking some of the usual verve he'd give to matters concerning attractive ladies, but he's got hefty concerns on his shoulders, okay. Sometimes a man has to prioritize. ]
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[The feed flicks on to show Traverse Town, and most people have probably been around long enough to recognize the second district on sight. And it's a surprisingly welcome sight to see the portals again. Who knew multiple worlds was such a thing to be missed?

North flips the camera around to face him.]

It looks like the portals came back since we got rid of the Spellican. I haven't visited any of them, so I don't know if anything's changed but things seem normal from this end at least.

[He pauses briefly]

I think we should take care though, in case this happens again. Getting stuck in Traverse Town was one thing, but who knows what was happening to those other worlds in the meantime.

I was thinking about making emergency kits, or a safehouse to something. Just, somewhere for people to go so they won't have to fight nightmares all the time.

It's still kind of in the rough stages though.

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[There's a high-pitched yelp.

It sounds sort of strangled, or maybe it even sounds like someone getting squished under a heavy weight. Whatever has happened doesn't take too long to recover from, however, as the high-pitched voice rouses from that former dazed state.

...Oh boy. Anybody got the license plate of that train??

[He tries to laugh, letting it peter off into a mild groan.

Somewhere behind him, there's the sound of a muffled, fat bark.
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[Kind of hard not to notice that a whole bunch of people - namely, the people who randomly appeared a week ago - have now up and disappeared.]

Who's still here?
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Weird question.

How do you decide on a name for something?

[The name displayed on this post is simply "Not Riku." That's really helpful of you, kid.]
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[Wash is sitting on his bed with a teal Frootz Cat in his lap. The cat looks pleased as punch to be there; Wash, in casual clothes with his face therefore visible, is obviously not.]

This is Carmen.

[Carmen meows happily. Hi all my buddies!]

She has a bad habit of stealing people's clothes and leaving them in other people's rooms. Or beds. Or bathrooms.

[Carmen looks a bit disgruntled at her behavior being labeled a bad habit. Those people belong together! They just don't know it yet. Obviously it's her duty to educate them!]

I figured I should let anyone know before she causes real trouble. She's teal so nobody will mistake her for Lela.
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[A new woman's face make an appearance on the communicator. She is sitting at a cafe in Traverse Town's first district with it propped up against something on the table. She seems fairly comfortable with using it. Her dark hair falls over her shoulders and she brushes it back without thought. A cup of tea can be seen sitting in front of her and she sits before it with an elegant grace about her. She is in fashionable civilian clothes and she offers the broadcast a warm, if small, smile.]

Hello. My name is Setsuna Meioh. I've been filled in on what I believe are the basics of this place and what has been going on. Or at least that this is a very elaborate dream world. I'm afraid the Moogle could not give me much information on who was here or who would be a good person to speak with about the current problems that result in people being pulled into dreams that are not there own. Or why they are being attacked in them for that matter.

[She sighs, letting it turn into an action that cools her tea. She raises the cup to her lips, sips, and then sets it back down, she looks down at the tea with a pensive expression.]

I thought I was done worrying about being attacked in my dreams. I suppose my prediction that the peace would not last was accurate.

[She looks up. Trying to appear cool, calm, and collected. It's fairly successful except for the tiny bit of worry in her eyes.]

I'll be at this outdoors cafe if you would like to meet in person. I do prefer speaking that way over communication devices like this...but I can understand if you are shy to meet me. I only wish to have more information.

[The feed will end there. If persons are in the First District of Traverse Town feel free to sit and join her. The bag the moogle gave her rests on the table and obviously she hasn't made her Dream Eater yet. Perhaps you would like to give her some advice]
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[Ziva's comm turns on, and the first thing that can be heard is wind.

Then...if your character recognizes it...the sound of a really, really ticked off cat.

Last, Ziva's voice, calm and very, very, deliberately controlled. She's putting a lot of energy into said control.]

Wash is gone. I think...[She pauses as if she had to choke back something.]...he woke up. Melody has been searching for him most of the day. I am following her with Gibbs, Fang, and Fluffy. [She doesn't mention that Fang's currently curled up in her lap while she's sitting on Gibbs' back.]

If anyone hears anything different, let me know.
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Good day, my name is Jeeves. I am given to understand this device has some extraordinary broadcasting ability akin to a radio or television, but with multi-way communicative properties. I have been here only a short time and require some assistance, for which I will gladly work in trade.

I have created one of the creatures known as a spirit. I have been led to believe that the animal serves some useful function as protection in this realm against nightmares of a similar build, but alternate coloration. The Komory Bat now in my possession defies all training and disciplinary methods with which I am familiar for service animals. I would deeply appreciate some instruction on their care and control. It has taken to fluttering around me in a highly distracting way. Thank you.

I have also been informed this device has some archival function. If it may be accessed readily, I should like to know how.
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--this? I just--

Oh, um--I think it's working.

[Korra really has no idea what she's supposed to be doing with this thing. Sure, Republic City was a pretty up-to-date place but this was a new little device. Really new.

Have an awkward smile though and a slight wave as she tries to keep herself composed.]

My name's Korra and I'm not..really sure where I am or how I got here. I'm looking for my friends though--Bolin, Mako, and Asami. I...if you guys are here too, let me know? Or come find me.

[The weak attempt at a smile doesn't work anymore and she looks around, peering at something out of sight of the camera, an odd look on her face after a second. She then turns some and a Hebby Repp can be seen.]

And could anyone tell me what this weird...thing is that's following me? I don't think it's a spirit but I'm not really sure at this point.
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[The audio crackles on… and then there’s nothing for a while but the sound of someone’s breathing. There are a couple thuds shortly after, like the person transmitting it tapping the communicator. That done, the person on the other end finally pipes up.]

There’s a pink and yellow bat here. It seems to like me. [For someone else, this might be normal. For Point Man, he can’t recall a single animal that’s ever liked him.]

What am I supposed to do with it?
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[Eraqus comes on the screen, but pauses for a long time before speaking. He's got his reasons for asking...namely, that one of Ven's Spirits showed up at his door, but without Ven. And he's only seen that happen for people that have vanished from the dream realm.]

If anyone has seen Ventus...please, please let me know.

[The look on his face and the halting tone of his voice, however, say that he already has an idea of the answer he'll receive.]
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Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming to my Nightmare Night party - it was a TOTAL blast!

And hey, I figured as long as you guys are getting used to being ponies and running around Equestria and stuff: if anyone sees any gold necklaces with gems in them anywhere, could you bring them to me or the Princesses or Rarity? Actually, just the Princesses is probably fine! Thanks~!
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[Somebody's human, which rules out Ponyville as the location for this one.]

Three things. One, if you haven't figured out how to walk as a pony yet, do it soon. There's a pattern to the way this dream works - when something happens, it'll probably happen in Ponyville, and if you want to get involved you need to be able to walk.

Two. [He pulls out the dead AI chip that came from the Mother of Invention and holds it up to the camera, keeping a very straight face.] Have any of these changed hands? We should be keeping track of them. [And by that he means "he's keeping track of them whether you all like it or not."]

Three, has anyone tried putting the talking items together yet?
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[Why is there a gigantic flash of lightning and crash of thunder at the beginning of this message? Because Luna is involved! She seems to have triggered this one from the ground, where she stands alongside her sister on the steps of Ponyville’s Town Hall, and when the light is cleared she flings a hoof out in the direction Celestia isn’t, looking delighted and triumphant.]

[Opposite her, Celestia mirrors her sister, smiling radiantly. The fanfare and glory are clearly Luna’s idea, but the elder sister’s happy to go along.]

BEHOLD! As Princesses, we welcome thee to our beloved kingdom of Equestria! [She folds her wings, which had been spread in display, at her sides again. Celestia’s half-fold at the same moment, then completely furl a second later when she sees her sister’s have.] ‘Tis true that the dream limits it somewhat, but Ponyville is a lovely village, home to many of our finest and most valiant of citizens!

[Celestia, more calmly of course, picks up next.] That you become ponies when you enter this world is simply more proof that past the outer shells and the physical differences, we are all the same on the inside. To aid you in acclimatizing to them, I will gladly provide aid to any of you who transform into unicorns, and might need help learning to utilize magic pony-style.

And for those of you with wings, I shall be offering lessons in flight and weather management! [Another, smaller crack of lightning. That is the most dramatic way anyone has ever said that phrase.]

[Celestia bows her head gracefully.] And we shall both offer aid to any of you needing aid or guidance in adapting to a pony form.


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[Being there when the portal opened up, Eraqus of course decided to walk through it and see what world they had discovered this time.]

[And it is a lot more colorful than the previous one. It seems like one of his Spirits is helping him hold up his communicator now, since facing it...]

[The Keyblade Master is now a gray earth pony with reddish hooves, a black, spiky mane and tail, and a gold Master emblem for a cutie mark. He's still got the facial hair and the scars, too. He looks less shocked about this than one might expect...mostly a little confused as to how quadrupeds are supposed to operate.]

Considering our previous conversation regarding your world, Celestia, I would say in hindsight this adds a certain degree of irony.
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Bruce isn't exactly sure where he is, but its pretty clear he isn't in Kansas New York anymore. Or even America, for that matter. Possibly Earth too, considering his attempts to get information.]


[Should he be using this thing? Its kind of... yeah. Suspicious. Its not everyday you fall asleep to wake up somewhere else with a strange device on you. (Well okay, the first part is something that’s happened while the second... actually, nevermind that.)

At least the place is... interesting. For a lack of a better word.]

If there’s anybody out there watching this - I would appreciate it if I could have an explanation about--all of this. [Gesturing to his surroundings in question for emphasis, which is a nice shot of one of the districts for a few moments before its broken by the aborable sounds of a Meow Wow as it starts to jump up and down, taking the screen each time.]

[...yeah so after a bit Bruce angles the device back at him, awkwardly scratching the back of his head.] I did try asking, but I don’t think a couple of ‘kupos’ and a cat-thing following after me is exactly the answer I’m looking for.

[Attempts to put on a smile here. Just... help him out here, please? He would appreciate it, really.]
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[Noble Six couldn't help herself. After everything, she had to sit down now that there's breathing room. She's not dying at least, but the wounds that would have killed her weren't completely healed. There's some pain. And there's visible damage to the armor that she was going to have to try to figure out a way to fix.  It's damage from Covenant weaponry, to those that might be familiar.  Her helmet is actually off and sitting next to her with a broken visor.  A Komory bat takes the chance to land next to her, trying to climb into her lap. He's trying trying to cuddle, just to get pushed away.  He can't help making worried noises at his person.]

Come on. Knock it off.

This is Spartan-B312, Noble Six. I'm looking for other UNSC personnel to make contact. I need information on what this place is. It definitely doesn't look like Reach. [Ignoring the fact that she should be dead from what she can remember.]

[Edit:  Forgot the helmet.]
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[Fate's face appears on the screen, looking serious]
Hello? This is Enforcer Testerossa-Harlown, of the Time-Space-
[She pauses]
I’m sorry. I’m Fate, Fate Testerossa-Harlown. I understand that there are people who are working together in this- wherever this is. And I want to help.

If I understand things correctly, we all come from different worlds, different dimensions. Where I come from, I’m apart of an organization that was founded on the idea that in order to survive and thrive peoples of different worlds have to come together, and I guess I feel like I have a duty to try and live up to that.

[turns to the side- you can see her black and yellow weapon on the edge of the screen]

[In an electronic male voice:]
Communications clear. All Systems Green

[She turns back and smiles lightly]
Good! To those who receive this I want you to know that I hope we can work together- not just as allies of convenience but as good friends.
[She bows, although because the com is on her wrist this just makes the screen jerk around.]


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