Dec. 29th, 2012

frostyfuntimes: (Uh Whoops)
[The video moves a lot because apparently Jack gave his communicator to Snowball to use. She can only fly so steady clutching the communicator so hope no one gets motion sick. Jack is perched on top of...something, since you can see that he's above ground level but the camera isn't pointed in a way to let you see WHAT he's standing on. He's grinning.]

No one's going to be upset that the fountain is frozen, right? It was sort of unavoidable since I was fighting those Nightmares but, uh, it's not like it's in my power to unfreeze the thing.

[Snowball flies back a bit and we now see Jack is perched on top of the large fountain in the Fountain Plaza near the Fourth District. The whole thing is iced over and frozen, including the streams that shoot up into the fountain from the sides. Jack surveys the scene and then shrugs. Maybe he went a bit over board but it's too late now.]

Oh well, it'll make for a fun slide. Who's game?

[Jack hops over to one of the frozen spouts and slides down on his bare feet with ease, hopping off at the end with a little flourish of his staff. He looks back up to Snowball who is still filming all of this.]

You coming or what?
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[A moogle shows up on the communicator. It bobs at the screen; it looks like it's in the second district, on the stairs leading down to the lower level.]


There's something going on at the fountain in the second district. I think you should all come look, kupo.

[The moogle flies over to the fountain; a glowing gold keyhole is now in the center of the design. You'll probably recognize it from the dreams you've been having since you got here.]

A keyhole, kupo! I wonder what it could mean.
fearmylaserface: (Fear my awesomeness)
[Well... That trip home had been enlightening. Unless it was some kind of strange dream. And the fact that Allison was gone and he woke up somewhere other than where he'd last been with her...

Besides, he doesn't sleep. Not really. He's an AI. He turns on the comm on video without thinking about it as he looks his body over...]

Yes! I'm not a damn Tonka truck anymore. A definite improvement.

I thought this place was bad for people not staying dead... Actually? I think I'm going to make a point to never assume someone died again. It just bites me in the ass later.  Here or at home.

[Actually focusing on the comm now.] Something really strange just happened... I was home again. I don't know if it was a dream or real, but I woke up someplace else here when it was done and Allison is gone. Has anyone seen her? She's a Pricklemane.


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