Dec. 18th, 2012

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( When the feed begins, a teenage girl with very dark hair is shown, her expression a little downcast as she fiddles around with her new communicator. )

Um.. is this thing on? Oh, ok..! (She waves to the communicator and attempts a smile - despite feeling thoroughly confused. ) Hi to anyone watching this! My name's Rinoa. As you can probably guess, I just got here. ( She laughs a little ) I won't lie, I'm pretty confused about this whole situation but the Moogle has been very helpful.

( Rinoa's newest friend takes this opportunity to make it's presence known and Rinoa smiles, showing everyone her new Meow Wow. She had already taken the Moogle's advice and guidance and made her first Dream Eater straight away. )

Oh I'm sorry. ( She pets the oddly adorable dog thing - she's a dog person, so she thinks it looks like a dog! - on the head, evidently already fond of the creature.) This is my new companion, Angel! (..Yeah, she's not very creative with names... And she misses her real dog, Angelo, also. She pats Angel with a kind smile before her expression turns a little more serious again. )

So.. we're dreaming? It seems hard to believe but.. with all the things that have happened to me lately, I'm starting to think anything's possible. ( Such as time compression, and becoming a sorceress, and even someone as anti-social as Squall becoming her boyfriend - but she won't go there. Not now, at least. )

I wonder when we'll awaken? And I wonder if.. time would have gone on without us..

( She says the final sentence quietely, more to herself than anyone else and she reaches up to clasp the rings on her silver necklace, her expression somewhat lost and sad. After a few moments, she shakes herself out of her reverie and smiles again. )

Anyway! I hope I can settle in here and I'd love to get to know all of you! Bye for now!
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[A boy in a frosted blue hoody and white hair sits comfortably...on top of a roof. He has a staff perched against his shoulder and the stars are shining bright behind him. Hovering over his shoulder is a Komory Bat looking curious at the world around it and flitting around on and off screen. Eventually the bat settles onto the crook of the staff and hangs upside down. The boy glances up at the bat and looks like he's not sure if he should laugh or frown. Over all he just looks awkward and unsure of himself which is kind of a new feeling for him.]

I've never had a pet before, dreams or otherwise. It's kind of weird.

[He should probably say something else...but what? Jack looks thoughtful. Clearly, he hasn't done this before]

Everyone can see me though, right? [Frown.] There isn't going to be much point in me using this communicator watch if you can't. The Moogle looked at me like I was insulting him or something when I told him I didn't think it would work, but I guess if this is a dream things are different, right?

[He looks guarded, like he's not sure he wants to believe in that just yet. Too much prior disappointment]

Oh well. [Shrugs it off, let's just pretend everything is fine even if inside he's nearly freaking out.] I guess as long as the Moogles and the bat can see me it shouldn't be a big deal. I have to admit, the Nightmares you have around here are still a lot nicer looking than any of Pitch's.

[Jack swings his staff. Momentarily forgetting that the Komory Bat is hanging from him. The bat squeaks and flutters off. He looks up at it.] Maybe that's what all of this is about...maybe this is how I'm supposed to be a Guardian [Wait, that's admitting he WANTS to be a guardian, Jack backtracks and shakes his head.] or whatever. Although you'd think Sandy would be the one fighting in a dream world, not me.

[The bat lands on the staff again, testing it to see if Jack is done bouncing and twirling it. Jack looks sad for a moment but then brushes it aside. He's gotten bored of talking to himself. He stands up, kicking his staff up, once again disturbing the bat.]

Come on Snowball. Let's check out this town.


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