Nov. 8th, 2012

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[Riku's sitting on a rooftop, the bright neon lights around indicating that he's in the Fifth District. Bram, his Komory Bat, is perched on his shoulder, wings folded.]

I've noticed a lot of people have questions about Dream Eaters. Since it seems like we're all gonna be stuck here for a while, I've tried to summarise what you should know about them. Sora's added some notes of his own, too. We've both got experience with handling them, and we figure you guys could use the extra help. [He reaches up and rubs Bram behind the ears, who gives a contented squeak and closes his eyes.]

I'm attaching a text post to this message, so if you need it, you should keep it on your communicators as a reference.

Text Attachment )
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[The video feed turns on to Ven, who's sitting on the low wall around the big plaza in the Second District, a Komory Bat in his lap as he extends the creature's wings, looking at them close like he thinks the Spirit might be hurt. Wheeler is perched next to him on the wall, head leaning over Ven's arm as he makes low chitters at the bat and pokes at it with his nose.]

...Okay, I think you're all right. Just try to watch out for the lampposts next time, got it?

[The bat squeaks happily and Ven gives it a small toss in the air to get it airborn. It climbs up a couple of feet, circles above his head twice - and then drops right back down into his lap, completely ungracefully and making Ven laugh.]

All right, I get it - you wanna stay here. Just for a little longer, okay? Just watch the wings. [The bat gives another squeak and settles down with a batty smile. Ven, meanwhile, gets to start asking the question he turned on the communicator to ask.] I've been trying to decide what to name this guy, but I'm not really all that good with names. I asked the moogles what they thought when they helped me make him, and one of them suggested "Wingman." And then he started... laughing. [He's looking a bit confused at the idea.] Why would he be laughing about that?

[Meanwhile, somewhere close by to you, the rustle of popcorn bags starts approaching...]


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