Oct. 15th, 2012

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[The communicator comes up and from the background it looks as if the person using it is sitting in one of the cafes. He's wearing a suit of armor that's similar to North's, though this version is tan.]

Hey, everyone, York here. You're probably tired of the same old questions by now, so let me say it's a pleasure to be here with all you lovely people. And I just have to tell you...

[A small bright green person, also in armor, appears next to York.]

...I wasn't gonna forget to introduce you, D. This here is Delta.

[Delta inclines his head towards the camera, then looks back up at York.]

My analysis indicates an 80% similarity with your proposed openings for comedy club routines. May I suggest that this is not the optimum way to greet unknown quantities?

Sheesh, D, no need to rain on everyone's parade. They've got technicolor firebreathing lizards in slippers; how serious can they be?
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[The communicator switches on to a pair of very surprised turquoise eyes peering at the camera. He's more intrigued about the device than anything else; he doesn't seem to be fazed by the fact there is a brightly-coloured bat creature perched on his shoulder, or by his change in surroundings.]

Huh, it works. Guess this is more convenient than letters in bottles.

[His Komory Bat gives a low hum of agreement, and he pets his companion before continuing.]

All right, I guess someone out there must be able to see this? My name's Riku. I'm looking for my friend Sora. Brown spiky hair, kind of a dork? Or maybe you've seen anyone called Joshua, Shiki, Beat, or Rhyme? I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.

[The fact Joshua hasn't popped out of nowhere to bug him yet should be indication enough he isn't around, but it's worth a try anyway. Maybe he's just busy, even if he does have a knack for being everywhere at just the right time.]

Uh, so... I guess that's it. Thanks. [He reaches down to his communicator, and the feed cuts.]


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