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[It's an accident, okay? Well, mostly an accident, at least. ...Okay maybe one-third an accident. But still, an accident.]

[When Ven crossed the portal into the new world, the first thing he'd done was fall flat on his face at the sudden transition from two feet to four. But the new body he found himself in seemed to know what to do on its own, as long as he didn't think about it - and when he tried pushing himself to his feet, one of the things he discovered was he now had two buzzing things on his back that seemed to be lifting him into the air. Craning his now more-mobile neck showed him that they were, indeed, wings, only smaller than Luna and Celestia had, but apparently still plenty powerful. So it was natural for him to try and test them out, right?]

[The first clue that he had other abilities as a pony was when he tried to fly through a cloud and bounced right off, sending him into a little tumble but leaving him perplexed and not hurt. He approached it more slowly, poking it with a hoof, and his eyes widened as he saw it skid away from him, like a pillow he was pushing along the floor. After that... well...]

[Look, he hasn't really gotten to have much of a childhood, alright? Mostly Ven's a mature teenager, too old in some ways, but the ability to just cut loose and have fun is one he will indulge in occasionally. Also he doesn't exactly know what the abilities of this new form are. So he's nudged a bunch of clouds together above the main square of the town, and has decided to turn them into, more or less, a giant trampoline. He has no idea that bouncing on them is going to cause a cloudburst below them...]
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[Anyone in Traverse Town's Second District might notice weird flashes of light coming from down the small path to the Dalmatian house. This isn't something that's probably safe to practice inside the relatively small rooms of most Traverse Town buildings, but most of the space outdoors is so open that Ven's wary about practicing out there, too. He knows he looks young, and he's wary about people telling him he's overreaching himself or that he shouldn't be doing what he's doing, and the light would draw obvious attention so he's trying to hide it.]

[It's not all that successful, though, since the light is still really bright, and it flashes from the alley out into the main plaza of the District. There's also a rather odd sound with each flash, a soft, high, sort of scraping echo that's much harder to detect but is apparent enough from close in. Whatever Ven's trying, it involves his Keyblade, as the weapon is held out in front of him with both hands, and it doesn't seem to be working very well as the mostly determined but somewhat frustrated expression on his face reveals. For once, his Spirits are nowhere to be seen.]
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Uhh... Agent Washington?

[If Wash is any good at reading tone of voice, he'll be able to tell that Ven-or-Roxas is nervous. After Wash's reaction to the unconsciousness happening the first time, he's pretty sure the man won't be too thrilled to hear it happened again. But at the moment, he's the best chance Ven has, really.]

You said you had some problems with your memory, too. Do you... think we could talk?
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Hey, Linka, leave that alone-

[The Bat blocking the camera backs off with a chitter, almost knocking it over in the process, as a hand grabs the communicator to save it. At least he's not trying to have any of his Spirits hold it? That would be a fantastically losing prospect.]

Okay, are we set? We- Linka, come on, you don't- [The bat flaps by again, the end of a roll of bandages draped over her head and one of her wings, squeaking happily and trailing the cloth strip behind her. A slightly frustrated non-specific exclamation comes from off-camera, and this time two hands grab the bat, unwinding the bandage from around her before setting her free again.] How do you get into all this stuff? I should get some more boxes with locks on them... Okay! Just- stay put for two minutes.

[Considering the Spirit in question, the person making the broadcast is obviously Ven, but he's finally seen full-camera for the first time as he steps back into frame, reaching over to pick up something small-ish carefully in one hand. He's in the little clinic he started in the Fourth District, which he's sort of halfway redecorated in (what else) shades of green, mostly a pale sea green that's pretty restful. It's clear he hasn't gotten much in the way of organizational materials yet, though.] Can everyone see me? Or at least hear me? 'Cause Wheeler knocked this thing in the shower the other day and it's been a little weird since, and the moogles had to replace a couple of parts.

But I think we finally figured something out! One of the moogles and I were working on a container to put potions in for Spirits, since it's kind of hard for them to drink out of the regular ones, and this seems to work pretty well. See?

[He holds up his hand, palm up and fingers open- only for Linka to fly in front of the camera again and block the view. Ven just sighs and waits for her to find her perch on the rod he hung from the ceiling behind his head. When it's visible, it's plain he's holding a shallow clear bowl, possibly glass but probably some sort of plastic, with a flat bottom for stabilization and what seems to be a separate lid, screwed on. It's mostly full of liquid, but since it's clear it's probably just water, and it's about the size to fit comfortably in a normal pocket.] It made more sense for us to try and figure out a design they could drink from, since most of them are a lot more animal in body and don't have hands. These things are pretty indestructible, we spent awhile throwing them at the walls to make sure. They won't hold up under really big stress, but normal every day stuff and even a lot of fighting should be fine. And see? They already know how to use it.

[He unscrews the lid and bends down, disappearing for a moment from view, then reaches up and grabs the communicator to focus on his test subject - Wheeler, who's been pretty much behaving himself this entire time. The little dish is next to him, he chitters something up at Ven - and at Daddy's "go ahead," he bends over and his little lizard tongue comes out and starts lapping up the water in the bowl.]

It may not be perfect, but it's a lot better than trying to feed it to them, and they're refillable. We've got a bunch over here now, and- Mati!

[Ven and Wheeler only have time to jump back out of the way with a screech on the Hebby Rebb's part, as with a baaaaah a round, white fuzzball barrels through the screen, over Ven's toes, the place where Wheeler had been, and the place where the bowl still is. With a clatter it tips over, spilling water everywhere as the Tama Sheep continues on out of the picture, Wheeler starting to chase after it and scold it for messing stuff up.]

[Ven, meanwhile, can only sigh.]
At least that proves that they don't break easily.
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[The communicator is turned on to find a bright yellow puffball right in its viewpoint; it seems Linka managed to land on the wrist communicator and turn it on. The surprise is probably that this hasn't happened before. There's a voice coming over the comm unit as Linka stays right where she is, blocking all real view.]

-not too big, kupo, but hopefully you're not gonna need a lot of space for this!

Yeah, hopefully not. But it'll be good to have as much space as I can get-

[-With that, Linka squeaks and takes off, clearing the view to a distorted shot of the Fourth District for a brief moment before Ven automatically reaches up to grab her and stop her from smashing into the overhang above their heads.]

-and not a lot of stuff on the walls.

You'll have that here! Now, you've got your first rent payment, right?

Sure - here you go. [A rustling of cloth, a clink of munny away from the camera; the arm with the comm on it is still holding the wriggling bat.] That's everything, right?

Don't forget your key!

What? Oh, oh yeah. [Not that he needs one, but he takes it anyway - he can give it to Luna if needs be.] Thanks! So what do you think, guys? [Now that his focus isn't on the moogle, Ven lifts Linka to perch on his pauldron, finally giving a fairly clear view of one of the empty storefronts in the Fourth District, with a rather unassuming door and no sign above it or in the single window. Wheeler's pressed up against his leg, the top of his head just in view of the camera; at the question, he and Linka both squeak enthusiastically.] I think this'll make a pretty good clinic for you and your friends.
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[The video feed turns on to Ven, who's sitting on the low wall around the big plaza in the Second District, a Komory Bat in his lap as he extends the creature's wings, looking at them close like he thinks the Spirit might be hurt. Wheeler is perched next to him on the wall, head leaning over Ven's arm as he makes low chitters at the bat and pokes at it with his nose.]

...Okay, I think you're all right. Just try to watch out for the lampposts next time, got it?

[The bat squeaks happily and Ven gives it a small toss in the air to get it airborn. It climbs up a couple of feet, circles above his head twice - and then drops right back down into his lap, completely ungracefully and making Ven laugh.]

All right, I get it - you wanna stay here. Just for a little longer, okay? Just watch the wings. [The bat gives another squeak and settles down with a batty smile. Ven, meanwhile, gets to start asking the question he turned on the communicator to ask.] I've been trying to decide what to name this guy, but I'm not really all that good with names. I asked the moogles what they thought when they helped me make him, and one of them suggested "Wingman." And then he started... laughing. [He's looking a bit confused at the idea.] Why would he be laughing about that?

[Meanwhile, somewhere close by to you, the rustle of popcorn bags starts approaching...]
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We have a little situation on our paws, kupo, and we were hoping one of you guys could help us out.

[The speaker is a moogle, one that appears to be fairly high up if the flashes of picture over the communicator are anything to judge by. Well, moogles can fly, after all, but this one seems to be on the roofs of the second district.]

Don't worry, kupo, it's not anything bad! It's just something that needs to be taken care of - see, there's this tunnel between the second and third districts that's nice and high up and we wanted to put some mechanics in it, but Momo came up here to check it out and she found something we didn't expect.

[It's at that point that the moogle reaches its destination, which is indeed a square little entrance over the general shops in the Second District, not big enough for an adult to walk down without hunching over a lot and about just as wide. The moogle shines some sort of dim light ahead of himself, wings humming a bit as he starts down the tunnel - and about ten feet in, there's the obstruction. Ven is laying on the floor, dead asleep and face partially obstructed, curled around his Hebby Repp which is acting as a pillow for him but is also using him as a pillow in return. Neither of them react to the moogle or the light he brought with him, though it probably helps that the moogle doesn't make any noise or try to wake him. Instead he just gets a good shot of the sleeping duo before reversing course and backing out of the tunnel, back to the roofs.]

Does he belong to anyone, kupo? We've seen him around a couple of times, but ever since the first couple of days he's run off whenever he's seen one of us!
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[The video flickers on to show both Wash and North in what looks like one of the hotel rooms. It’s far enough away that it’s obvious they’ve set it up on a flat surface somewhere. Wash is still wearing his helmet; old habits die very hard.]

Hey. Does anyone know anything about these Dream Eater things? We know they can fight and that you can make them from little rainbow pieces; aside from that, I’ve got nothing.

[There’s a squeak from offscreen, and Wash looks over-] Hey, get over here. [-and leans out of the frame.]

[North, meanwhile, has his helmet off, because all things considered, this area’s probably safe and he can let his guard down a bit. ]

Also, do they all carry loose change or something? It’s an odd way of making money.

[He glances over at Wash.]

Everything alright, Wash?

Yeah, fine, just- c’mere!

[There’s more squeaking offscreen, and finally Wash leans back into the frame, pulling his bat into his lap. The bat squeaks piteously, and it’s pretty obvious that one wing is bandaged.]

Is there a vet around here, or someone who knows how to take care of this? [He gestures at the bandage.] I can do this much, but that’s about it.

[Responses will come from both Wash ([personal profile] unrecovered) and North ([personal profile] brodakota).]


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