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[Sora is sitting on the steps in front of the accessory shop in First District. Behind him, gently trying to fit its large face into frame over his shoulder, is an Aura Lion. Sora reaches up to pet it, while also gently preventing it from overtaking the screen, smiling softly as he does so. The lion seems to get the hint and settles for the amount of space its already taking up.]

Hey guys. How are things going?

Um, you know, I was thinking... I've got some extra dream pieces, two of the ones that can make stronger Spirits and a lot of regular ones, and I was wondering if anyone wanted or needed any.

[The lion nuzzles him a bit. It's really nice that his person wants to share his excess dream bits, isn't it?]

And I'm thinking of naming this guy Leo. What do you think?

[For his part, the lion seems to like the name. And he's very cuddly, but also seems to understand he's not a lap cat.]
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[Sora is sitting on his bed, not really doing much of anything when he turns the communicator on. Sitting on the bed next to him is Toxy. The Toxiander is looking at something off to the side. A pair of eyes peeks over the side of the bed. They're the eyes of an Escarglow if anyone is familiar with them. Toxy seems a bit wary of the snail. Sora just watches for a moment.]

I'm pretty sure it was an accident Toxy. You did kind of startle him.

[Toxy makes a noise. He's obviously whining and any other Spirits watching at least will understand that Toxy is griping about having had Stop cast on him after startling the new Spirit shortly after it was made. For its part, the Snail Spirit does seem apologetic.

Sora leans over the side of the bed and pulls the snail up. Shortly after the Spirit is up on the bed, the top petals of a Wheeflower wander into view. The flower doesn't wait for an invitation and hops up onto the bed. It seems to think the snail's reaction was justified and at least it used a spell that doesn't do any damage right? Toxy crawls into Sora's lap, clearly pouting. The snail really is sorry and it says so.

Come on, you guys, accidents happen.

[Toxy sniffs at the snail. The snail... doesn't sniff back, seeing as it doesn't exactly have a nose, but it looks closer at Toxy. Which looks weird since its eyes are on stalks and it doesn't really have to move its face any closer.

Sora turns and looks at the communicator. He doesn't seem surprised that it's on, but he doesn't say anything right away. Instead he turns back to the Spirits.

Are we cool?

[The snail offers another apology to Toxy. The Toximander seems to accept it.

Now Sora addresses the communicator. His Spirits settle on their own conversation, mostly about what just happened.

So uh... heh, this wasn't what I was posting about but it kind of happened. [he makes the vague gesture to indicate the Spirits, who are now thoroughly occupied with their conversation, even if Toxy is still in his lap.] Uh, anyway, I wanted to ask a bit of help on something to try to deal with that monster on the ship. I... kind of went there a couple days ago to try something, but... it didn't exactly work out. It might with better planning though?

Uh, we know it's fast, and invisible. What I was doing the other day was a little stupid among other things, but...I was going around the ship casting magic around, more or less at random. I figured if the monster didn't have any idea it was coming, it couldn't avoid it or anything and maybe I could at least do something to make it visible. And almost zapped someone else. Sorry about that, by the way...

But we got to talking. The spells I was using were mostly damaging area spells and Slow and Stop. So what I wanted to ask is who else knows any of these spells? Or has Spirits that know them? Haste would be useful too. I don't know it, but I know some Spirits do. And I don't know if we want to meet up and try to do some planning or what, but maybe it might help to know who can do what?
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[Well, the communicator is not safe even when hidden. However, the only clue we have to the perpetrator's identity is the sound of purring. The video gives viewers a first person view as the cat walks from Sora's room in the dalmatian's house to... the bathroom in said house. The shower is running and Sora can be heard singing.

Huh, looks like Sora was a wee bit careless. The door is open just a crack, enough for the cat to carefully push it open. And he does so just as Sora pushes open the shower curtain and reaches for the towel hanging on the towel rack. He stops, looking at the cat and as he comes to the realization that the communicator is filming, viewers have a perfect view of Sora and nothing but Sora. Then it clicks that this is PUBLIC.


[Lucifer drops the communicator and runs as Sora first snaps the curtain shut again, then reaches out to fetch his towel. There's a grumbled litany of some kind as he dries off quickly and fixes the towel around his waist to cover that which has already been glimpsed before opening the curtain back up and stepping out, blushing and clearly not happy. He doesn't have anything to say as he picks the communicator up and turns it off.]

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[The feed comes on in a way that makes it obvious that Sora didn't turn it on intentionally. Seems like he bumped it. He can be heard discussing rent with a Moogle. The video shows the inside of what looks to be a very nice house.

When he's done talking to the Moogle, he looks around a little more. Jelly Bean and the cat can be seen poking around by a piano in the camera's skewed view of the house.

Leave it alone, you guys.

[After the (ignored) scolding, he turns his attention to his communicator... and sees that it's on. Cue sigh.]

We really need to talk to the Moogles about making it harder to turn these on by accident. Uh, anyway, I don't know about anyone else, but staying at the hotel is getting a little expensive.

[He turns the communicator to give a better view of the place he's looking at.]

This is kind of a big place to be moving into alone, but I thought I'd see how much the rent was anyway. In the waking world, there was a family of Dalmatians staying here after their world fell into darkness. Well, when I first got here, there was just the adults. The puppies were lost and... well, they were looking after a bunch of other puppies besides their own so there were a LOT of puppies to find.

[A discordant crash sounds from the piano and Jelly Bean can be heard barking. Sora looks like he's going to say something, but as soon as he turns around, both of his Spirits have gotten away from the piano and are sitting a short distance away, trying to look innocent. He grumbles something under his breath and turns his attention back to the communicator.]

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone might be interested. For two or three people splitting the rent, it would actually be cheaper to stay here than at the hotel.

[He leaves it unspoken but obviously he'll be looking for a cheaper place if no one is interested.]
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[Bruce. Communicator. Sleeping Sora. This is getting to be a Thing.

Sora seems slightly uncomfortable in his sleep, but it doesn't seem to be anything serious. The camera angle makes it obvious the communicator is set somewhere. On a dresser, perhaps. And it looks like Bruce has learned how to make it zoom in and out. Case in point, it zooms out to show a Spirit Necho Cat perched on the night stand, watching Sora intently. Looming, actually. Its eighth note tail is twitching back and forth like a cat on the hunt. The cat steps over from the night stand and onto the bed. What is it doing?

Of course, it's a cat. It might be thinking that Sora's head would be a comfortable thing to curl up on. It could also be trying to actually eat whatever unpleasant dream he's having... however that works. Apparently it's working rather well until Toxy scurries onto the bed from wherever he was, seemingly annoyed with the cat. Apparently he doesn't like the looming but in his haste, he's gone and stepped on Sora's face.

Lovely wake up call. Bruce can be heard offscreen laughing his fluffly ass off.


[Toxy at least has the decency to look ashamed and try to apologize. He gets a pat and a gentle warning to be more careful. The cat just struts away as if nothing had happened while Sora looks around and eventually spots Bruce with the communicator.]

Come on, you guys...
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[Judging by the background, Sora is somewhere in Twilight Town. Looks like he's not far from the train station, if anyone knows the place well enough to tell. The screen is shaking just a bit, like he's doing something else with the communicator.

Where he is at the moment probably isn't important. What is important is the document he's just sent to everyone.

Okay. If I did that right, you should all have gotten text document with all of the information on Dream Eaters that I could either remember or dig up. It's not everything, but hopefully it'll help when new kinds of Dream Eaters show up.
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[Once again, we open with Bruce's fuzzy face filling the screen. Toxy can be heard in the background, trying not to be too loud. Any Spirits will know that Toxy is suggesting to Bruce that he leave the communicator alone. Bruce only squeaks back that that's no fun. When he sees that it's on, he squeaks again and the view shifts as he picks it up and flies up.

They're in Sora's room and the bird's eye view shows Sora, on his bed. It looks like he's fallen asleep working on something, if the notebook and the fact that he's not in pajamas are any indications. He's wearing his regular shirt and pants, with jacket any other accessories left off elsewhere. It's hard to see what's written on the notebook and just as hard to figure out why Bruce felt the need to mess with the communicator again. Sora seems to be sleeping peacefully... at least until things go wrong.

Bruce squeaks as he loses his grip on the communicator and the view spins wildly as the device tumbles down to smack Sora in the face, bouncing off and coming to rest on the bed as he jumps up, startled, half-asleep yet and assuming an attack. We're treated to a sideways view of him looking around before it dawns on him that it's just him and his Spirits in the room.

Bruce lands on the bed and turns the communicator off just as Sora realizes it's not where he left it.

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[Well Sora looks... every bit as serious as when he told a certain bunch about Xehanort's true intentions for them. This message isn't private, however. Going by the background, he's moving through the backstreets in Traverse Town. Occasionally, Bruce can be seen zipping across the screen behind him, possibly on the look out while Sora's attention is on the communicator and where he's going.]

So... I found a photo of me and someone else from a time when I'm pretty sure no one was around to take any pictures. It didn't seem like too big of a deal at the time. Then I found out there were more, all of me and someone else, all at quiet times when we really should heard the shutter.

... One of them is even inside a dream.

I know about seven pictures so far: the one I found and six more. They're all of things that really happened. Mostly they're just of me talking to people, but two of the photos I know about are of battles.

I'm wondering if there are other ones that I don't know about. I'm not sure how much it changes anything to know about all of them or if it even changes anything, but it might help.
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[At first it looks like Namine's fiddling with the controls to make sure she's got the settings right--looks like she might want to say something privately. Once apparently satisfied that she's managed to get things set up the way she wants, she nods in satisfaction.]

Sora? Xion? You know how Bolin found a photo the other day? Well, I found one, too, and thought you should see it before the others.

[She holds up a photo of the two of them fighting a massive amount of Nightmares in the Back Streets near the post office.]

I'm sorry to tell you like this, but it seemed like to the fastest way to talk to two people at once. Do either of you recognize it?
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[One would think Sora wouldn't be posting so soon after the incident with the skateboard, but here he is again. Looks like he's in his room. Wherever the communicator is, it's perched only a foot off the floor. Sora's sitting cross-legged on the floor near the bed. Given that he's sitting around in pajama pants (red flannel with chocobo prints, go figure) and nothing else, he's obviously not planning to go anywhere. It's unclear whether he's aware the communicator is on, but he's obviously up to something.

He places a shield cookie on the floor in front of him and then knocks on the floor, tapping out 'a shave and a haircut' and waiting just a moment. Underneath the cookie, a pool of purple shadows opens up and the end of a Toximander's snout can be seen as it pokes out just enough to get the cookie before disappearing again.

Hey, you're supposed to come all the way out.

[The Toximander peeks out at him and cocks its head to the side quizzically, as if asking where the fun is in that. Sora clears his throat and give the Spirit a look. It makes an amused noise and dives under the floor again. Sora sets out another treat and tries it again. This doesn't go over well. Jelly Bean runs by, snapping up the treat before Sora can stop him and flopping down on the floor just at the edge of the communicator's view.]

Jelly Bean! That wasn't for you.

[Clearly, there are no fucks given on Jelly Bean's end as he just scratches a random itch and more or less ignores any scolding. When the Meow Wow steals a second treat, Sora picks him up and carries him off somewhere. A door closing and an indignant whine from Jelly Bean are all the hints necessary to the fact that Sora's just locked the Meow Wow in the bathroom.

Now back to the Toximander... he sets out another cookie and knocks on the floor again. This time the Spirit emerges a short way away from the treat and 'swims' to it, snapping it up as it dives back under.

Okay, smarty pants...

[This time Sora holds the treat up as high as he can without moving from a sitting position and knocks on the floor again. The Toximander emerges and looks for the treat for a moment before realizing it might want to look up. It makes an exasperated noise and leaps for the treat. Sora lets it have the treat, but he also catches the Spirit and pulls it to him before it can disappear into the floor again, much to its surprise.]

Swimming in the ground isn't the only way you can move around, you know.

[He gives it a poke in the snout as he says this. The Toximander squirms a little before giving up. After a moment, it turns around and licks his face. Apparently, the next best thing to swimming around in the floor is being overly affectionate. Sora doesn't seem to mind this. After a few moments, he puts sets the Spirit on the floor and starts to get up. But it doesn't seem to have had enough of the cuddles and it crawls back into his lap before he gets anywhere.]

So you're clingy, huh?

[This time he stands up first, holding the Spirit as he does, and then sets it on the floor. It follows him as he retrieves the communicator... and he gives the device a funny look. He's quiet for a moment, his expression running through surprise, realization and annoyance in short order. Apparently Bruce got one over on him before being dismissed to... wherever the Spirits go when they're not active.]

We've got to talk to the Moogles about Spirit proofing these things...
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[From the looks of things, it seems like Sora's worked out a way to have one of his Spirits hang on to the communicator and film whatever he's doing. Judging by the bouncing, Jelly Bean has it... strapped to his head, maybe?

More importantly, it looks like Sora's found a skateboard.

...This will end well. Sora does seem to be proficient with it. At least, most missed tricks (and there really aren't many of those) only result in a less than perfect landing.

He's obviously in First District in Traverse Town, though the presence of the board to begin with might suggest that he's at least visited Twilight Town by now. It's fairly obvious that he probably intends to end this post by asking if anyone wants to join him for some fun.

And then he approaches the stairs in front of the accessory shop, having started near Second District, and attempts to grind down the rail. The angle of approach isn't the best, however. While he gets part way down, he manages to lose the board a little more than halfway and come down hard on the rail, tumbling off and tumbling the rest of the way down the stairs only to come to rest at the bottom curled up and clutching at his now bruised vulnerables in obvious pain and embarrassment.

Bruce circles above him clearly laughing his sick little head off while Jelly Bean bounces up to him to find out if he's okay. He may or may not be regretting the decision to film this...
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[The clip opens with a sideways close up of Bruce's face. He has not been painted yet, but that isn't the issue. It's nighttime, at least according to the clocks. He gives a squeak when he notices the communicator is on and starts fidgeting with it. What exactly he's trying to do isn't clear until he turns it so that it's obvious that it's sitting on a night table. Said night table is next to Sora's bed and viewers are now treated to a sideways image of a snoozing Keybearer.

Sora's not quite sleeping peacefully, however. He's fidgeting at least and occasionally mumbles something in his sleep. Whatever he's dreaming of, it might not be pleasant. Jelly Bean is sitting next to him on the bed, whimpering and occasionally pawing at him. This doesn't last long, as Sora wakes with a start, sitting up quickly and sending the Meow Wow tumbling off the bed. Whatever he was dreaming about, it seems to have involved combat, as he has his Keyblade in hand and the beginnings of a Thunder spell crackling in the air around him before his sleepy mind realizes where he is.

He sits for a moment, panting and clearly trying to wrap his brain around what's going on. After a minute, he settles down, dismissing his Keyblade and muttering one word just barely loud enough for the communicator to pick up. He doesn't sound puzzled or confused, though. He sounds more like he thinks he should have thought of this sooner.

... A Keyhole.

[Jelly Bean hops back up on the bed, sits down where he was before and gives Sora a Look. It is the kind of Look one might expect on a disgruntled pet with a knucklehead master who has just inadvertently kicked him out of bed. Sora does not notice this Look right away, being too busy thinking over what he'd just dreamed. Jelly Bean barks. It's the kind of growly, irritated bark that perfectly compliments the Look. Sora reaches out to absently pat the disgruntled Dream Eater on the head.]

Sorry, buddy.

[He turns to Bruce, as if intending to ask him something. Whatever he's going to say, it's forgotten when he sees that the communicator is on. Sighing, he picks it up.]


[Well this is awkward. How long was it recording? Sora looks to Bruce, who squeaks at him from off camera. The bat sounds cranky. Had he also gotten kicked off the bed at some point? Sora looks back at the communicator and seems to debate something for a moment before he speaks up. No, he doesn't actually want to talk about this right now, but he doesn't realize he was recorded thinking out loud about the Keyhole. He'll find out the hard way when the replies start coming in...]

So apparently our Spirits can turn the communicators on if they mess with them enough.
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[Sora is seen looking very serious for a moment and he's doing something with the communicator that's causing it to shake. After a moment of that, the image settles and he looks satisfied. Apparently he was pressing some buttons. Maybe setting a filter?

There's another quiet moment before he speaks up.

Some of the stuff we've been talking about lately reminded me of something.

Namine, Even, Ienzo, Aeleus. Xemnas lied to you and to the rest of the Organization big time about your hearts. You did lose your hearts but what Xemnas wasn't telling you, and Xigbar seems to have known this too, was that there was a replacement forming. But if you knew, it probably would have developed faster and that wouldn't have been good for other plans they had going.

The point of Organization XIII was to provide Xehanort with thirteen different vessels for his darkness. Out of the guys you know, he got Xemnas, Xigbar and Saix. Apparently everyone else wasn't ideal for him. But he's found others already. He has twelve now and... he almost scored his thirteenth pretty recently.

[He doesn't intend to give any clues, but his poker face sucks. It may or may not be obvious from the pause or from his tone of voice just who it is that almost became that thirteenth vessel.]

There's more to it than that, but I don't have all the details. I just thought you guys should know this much at least.

[The message cuts out here.]
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[Riku's sitting on a rooftop, the bright neon lights around indicating that he's in the Fifth District. Bram, his Komory Bat, is perched on his shoulder, wings folded.]

I've noticed a lot of people have questions about Dream Eaters. Since it seems like we're all gonna be stuck here for a while, I've tried to summarise what you should know about them. Sora's added some notes of his own, too. We've both got experience with handling them, and we figure you guys could use the extra help. [He reaches up and rubs Bram behind the ears, who gives a contented squeak and closes his eyes.]

I'm attaching a text post to this message, so if you need it, you should keep it on your communicators as a reference.

Text Attachment )
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[The video flickers on to show both Wash and North in what looks like one of the hotel rooms. It’s far enough away that it’s obvious they’ve set it up on a flat surface somewhere. Wash is still wearing his helmet; old habits die very hard.]

Hey. Does anyone know anything about these Dream Eater things? We know they can fight and that you can make them from little rainbow pieces; aside from that, I’ve got nothing.

[There’s a squeak from offscreen, and Wash looks over-] Hey, get over here. [-and leans out of the frame.]

[North, meanwhile, has his helmet off, because all things considered, this area’s probably safe and he can let his guard down a bit. ]

Also, do they all carry loose change or something? It’s an odd way of making money.

[He glances over at Wash.]

Everything alright, Wash?

Yeah, fine, just- c’mere!

[There’s more squeaking offscreen, and finally Wash leans back into the frame, pulling his bat into his lap. The bat squeaks piteously, and it’s pretty obvious that one wing is bandaged.]

Is there a vet around here, or someone who knows how to take care of this? [He gestures at the bandage.] I can do this much, but that’s about it.

[Responses will come from both Wash ([personal profile] unrecovered) and North ([personal profile] brodakota).]


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