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[The feed flicks on to show Traverse Town, and most people have probably been around long enough to recognize the second district on sight. And it's a surprisingly welcome sight to see the portals again. Who knew multiple worlds was such a thing to be missed?

North flips the camera around to face him.]

It looks like the portals came back since we got rid of the Spellican. I haven't visited any of them, so I don't know if anything's changed but things seem normal from this end at least.

[He pauses briefly]

I think we should take care though, in case this happens again. Getting stuck in Traverse Town was one thing, but who knows what was happening to those other worlds in the meantime.

I was thinking about making emergency kits, or a safehouse to something. Just, somewhere for people to go so they won't have to fight nightmares all the time.

It's still kind of in the rough stages though.

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[Setsuna is standing on top of the lighted tower in the middle of the Fourth District, her eyes tilted upwards as she watches the Spellican fly overhead and pay no mind to her or her two Dream Eaters, Maia and Phoebe. She frowns as it passes and she looks troubled. Once the giant Nightmare has vanished from sight for the time being, she returns her gaze to the Communicator in her hand.]

I apologize in advanced if this is waking anyone. The events as of late have made it difficult for me to sleep. I have been trying to piece everything that happened together, but so far I have very little. My mind has just been spinning in circles.

I have been watching the Spellican's movements for awhile now and they have not changed. Few of the recent arrivals from the mass appearance remain and I have also noticed that we have yet to regain the ability to transverse the worlds as we did before. Surely there must be a connection between these incidents. Something that Spellican has done perhaps? I'm afraid I am a little ignorant on what abilities it may possess.

[She doesn't like not having the answers to her questions. She leans against a beam and sighs.]

Do you perhaps think we should confront the Dream Eater? We destroyed the other Nightmares he summoned...perhaps instead of waiting for him to attack us we should take the fight to him? I would prefer some advice however, this would only be my third time encountering the more powerful Nightmares and I know that many of you have more experience where that is concerned.
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[Kind of hard not to notice that a whole bunch of people - namely, the people who randomly appeared a week ago - have now up and disappeared.]

Who's still here?
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[Oh hey, that's Ammy on the screen. Seems she's activated her communicator for the first time in awhile. Unfortunately, she looks pretty worried. And while she's not at Ponyville, since she looks like a normal wolf, it's still Ponyville that's got her worried. After a moment to make sure that the communicator is working, she shows it a picture:]

[The sun has been missing for awhile! Where has it gone?]
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[First District, Traverse Town. Kanji's spent a little while getting settled in, but he's out and exploring right now, getting his bearings.
Or, at least, he is until trouble hits.
A mob of Nightmares. Nothing spectacular, a gang of Meow Wows, but it's enough to catch him off guard. How can anything so adorable be so vicious...! Then again: he's hardly unfamiliar with getting into a fight. Now, what can he use around here to take those damn things out with...

Shortly after, parked on the steps leading down to the town gates, he'll be making a call to get some more answers while he recovers a bit.]

...anyone getting this? Uh, hi, anyway. Name's Kanji - I got here earlier. And - I've got a coupla questions. About these guys.

[He pans the camera around to show his Pricklemane bouncing happily nearby.]

This little dude saved my ass earlier, but I don't know anything about it. Or about the ones who were trying to eat me. ... That's how it works, right? They're 'Dream Eaters', we're dreaming...

[Kanji logic, everyone.]

So is there anything I need to know? Like, how do I look after this guy? Does anywhere sell food for 'em?

...uh, and does anyone know who owns the café by the 'item' shop? The one with the chairs outside? I ... can't see 'em anywhere but I think I kinda owe 'em some cash.
I just... didn't exactly have anythin' else I could use, here...
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[Lea shows up on the screen; it looks like he's in Twilight Town, judging from the background.]

So the whole let's-talk-about-this-stuff thing reminded me. I'm not complaining, but it's been a while since we've had those dreams, and we haven't gotten any major clues about this new world yet, other than that weird message.

[Lea spreads his hands.]

I figure someone'd have mentioned if they were having dreams again, but it's way too nice that we've gotten this much time to learn how to walk around, unless I missed out on something big over in Ponyville. I figure we should start planning for something pretty big.
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[Somebody's human, which rules out Ponyville as the location for this one.]

Three things. One, if you haven't figured out how to walk as a pony yet, do it soon. There's a pattern to the way this dream works - when something happens, it'll probably happen in Ponyville, and if you want to get involved you need to be able to walk.

Two. [He pulls out the dead AI chip that came from the Mother of Invention and holds it up to the camera, keeping a very straight face.] Have any of these changed hands? We should be keeping track of them. [And by that he means "he's keeping track of them whether you all like it or not."]

Three, has anyone tried putting the talking items together yet?
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[The video comes at an odd angle, all wild waves of vivid green hair, occasionally rocking nauseously to reveal pale, creamy skin and the flash of dark blue eyes or part of a nervous but friendly smile -- much like the voice that comes over the airwaves.]

I've... never used something like this before, so I hope it's working! [Her laugh comes soft, chiming a few times before dissipating. The screen shakes and a slender hand comes into view, gesturing as she speaks. Slowly her appearance becomes a little more visible; a sideways angle of about two-thirds of her face comes into focus. Though the angle is odd, it's clear that she is an attractive woman and while uncomfortable, she radiates warmth.]

I'm not really sure where I'm going with all of this, I hadn't had much of a plan in mind when I started. [Another soft laugh that implies she's lost in more than one sense of the word. It doesn't reach her eyes, nor does the smile any longer.]

I do have a question, though, if no one minds it. What now?
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[Some of you may recognize the anonymous text from the last time it showed up, back when there were hardly any worlds at all. To others, it may be new. Regardless of which happens to be the case, that is most certainly an anonymous post, when the moogles have sworn that it shouldn't even be possible to make an anonymous post.]

Hmph. So there are now even more of you here? I suppose there truly are no limits to how many he can draw in, only to leave to flounder. Stranger, or the end, the result will still be the same.

Not that such efforts matter. No matter how many dreamers accumulate here, you cannot change what was laid out long ago.
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[Why is there a gigantic flash of lightning and crash of thunder at the beginning of this message? Because Luna is involved! She seems to have triggered this one from the ground, where she stands alongside her sister on the steps of Ponyville’s Town Hall, and when the light is cleared she flings a hoof out in the direction Celestia isn’t, looking delighted and triumphant.]

[Opposite her, Celestia mirrors her sister, smiling radiantly. The fanfare and glory are clearly Luna’s idea, but the elder sister’s happy to go along.]

BEHOLD! As Princesses, we welcome thee to our beloved kingdom of Equestria! [She folds her wings, which had been spread in display, at her sides again. Celestia’s half-fold at the same moment, then completely furl a second later when she sees her sister’s have.] ‘Tis true that the dream limits it somewhat, but Ponyville is a lovely village, home to many of our finest and most valiant of citizens!

[Celestia, more calmly of course, picks up next.] That you become ponies when you enter this world is simply more proof that past the outer shells and the physical differences, we are all the same on the inside. To aid you in acclimatizing to them, I will gladly provide aid to any of you who transform into unicorns, and might need help learning to utilize magic pony-style.

And for those of you with wings, I shall be offering lessons in flight and weather management! [Another, smaller crack of lightning. That is the most dramatic way anyone has ever said that phrase.]

[Celestia bows her head gracefully.] And we shall both offer aid to any of you needing aid or guidance in adapting to a pony form.


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[It's an accident, okay? Well, mostly an accident, at least. ...Okay maybe one-third an accident. But still, an accident.]

[When Ven crossed the portal into the new world, the first thing he'd done was fall flat on his face at the sudden transition from two feet to four. But the new body he found himself in seemed to know what to do on its own, as long as he didn't think about it - and when he tried pushing himself to his feet, one of the things he discovered was he now had two buzzing things on his back that seemed to be lifting him into the air. Craning his now more-mobile neck showed him that they were, indeed, wings, only smaller than Luna and Celestia had, but apparently still plenty powerful. So it was natural for him to try and test them out, right?]

[The first clue that he had other abilities as a pony was when he tried to fly through a cloud and bounced right off, sending him into a little tumble but leaving him perplexed and not hurt. He approached it more slowly, poking it with a hoof, and his eyes widened as he saw it skid away from him, like a pillow he was pushing along the floor. After that... well...]

[Look, he hasn't really gotten to have much of a childhood, alright? Mostly Ven's a mature teenager, too old in some ways, but the ability to just cut loose and have fun is one he will indulge in occasionally. Also he doesn't exactly know what the abilities of this new form are. So he's nudged a bunch of clouds together above the main square of the town, and has decided to turn them into, more or less, a giant trampoline. He has no idea that bouncing on them is going to cause a cloudburst below them...]
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Now, how does this thing...

[It takes Soma a few seconds to figure out that the wristband comm is working as intended, and a few more to figure out what he wanted to say.] Ah, there it goes.

My name's Soma. I've already been given the basic rundown on where I am, but... well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical. A week ago I'd have called the whole situation insane. [A wry smile.] But that was a week ago, before... well.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I just wanted to get on this thing and see if any of my friends are out there, and ask if anyone has any information they'd like to pass along to the new guy.
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[Chell's tired of the dreams,sick of running from something she can't outpace, and through with waiting for the answer to present itself. So the camera shows a still image of a drawing, the only lead she's got:]

the hell is going on with the keyhole in my dreams you guys

[The keyhole is the one thing that's especially out of place, and she thinks there are people who know. Hopefully this will be enough to catch their attention, and lead her to what she needs to do next. Enough waiting for something to happen, it's time to unlock this issue.]

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No offense to the adorable little guide, but a watch communicator? Not exactly my style. Now if it had been from a place like, oh say... Pegaso? Then you certainly wouldn't be hearing me complain.

[ excuse Joshua's long suffering sigh. just can't get any decent threads around here, huh? ]

I suppose beggars can't be choosers, hmm?

[ after a pause. ]

At least this is better than another one revolving around Tin Pin.

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[Celestia is every bit the princess today, smiling at her communicator with wings slightly spread and not a feather out of place. Her mane drifts serenely, and though her horn is alight with magic, it's just to hold the communicator up.]

Good day, everyone. I'd like to present a proposal to everypony, in light of how successful, and how enjoyable, the recent party was, and thanks to some inspiration by a certain somepony with excellent taste in music.

Most of us were not so fortunate as to bring music from our own worlds here in a form it can be easily replayed. But we all carry vast reserves of music... [She lifts one hoof gracefully, touching it to her temple.] Here.

I have been working on a spell since I had this idea, a variant of a memory spell, and I believe I have mastered it. A spell to bring forth music from memory, and let everypony around hear it. Therefore, I propose we have a concert. We will gather, and share our music with each other. What do you think?

Oh, and Rarity, if you're listening -- should we decide to do this, I will need an outfit for it.
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If anyone's having any trouble with the latest round of dreams, I can help. Or at least listen if you want.

I figure I owe you guys since I got helped last time.

[A little while later, the video's on and there's a variety of holograms appearing. Some fireworks, a few dream eaters, a moogle. All a familiar red and blue colour. Theta's trying his best to cheer people up.]

[ooc: timing for this is nebulous and can easily become action if that's what you want. Just let me know the subject line or somewhere how you want to do this.]
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[At first it might not seem like there's much of anything on screen, save that it's very white. Suddenly it shifts, revealing a mouth, eyes- oh my, that there's someone's nose.

Fone strokes his chin as he eyes the video source before finally speaking up.

Hullo? This thing is on, right?

Um. name's Fone Bone, and I guess you could say I just got here? I'm still tryin' to get used to this whole idea of here as it is...

At least it sure beats bein' stuck in th' middle of an ocean, floatin' on a wooden coffin...

[The Bone sighs. At least in those dreams he'd been able to wake up.]

Is there anyone else around? It'd be nice to know I'm not just talkin' to myself here, so if you could just, y'know, give a holler or something.

[Abruptly he winces, throwing a glare off screen before he lifts his other hand up and gives it a shake to try dislodging a gnawing Komory Bat.]

-an' can anyone tell me what to feed this guy before he eats me alive?
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... What do you do when you feel alone?

[Apparently, nothing wants to make him stop thinking about it now.]
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Hey, guys! [Pinkie waves at the camera.] So, y'know how the Moogles had that game at the party? Well, I TOTALLY won some kind of super-rare meow-thingy! Steven said I should wait to make it, so I'm gonna do it right now!

[She pulls out the dream pieces and puts them together and...holy Luna that thing is HUGE. Pinkie instantly shrieks in delight.]

OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHYOU'RESOBIGANDFLUFFY! [And the rest of her excited babbling is muffled as she jumps up and clings to the Meowjesty's side, face buried in its fur.]
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[It's a dark room when the feed starts. There's a little whine from behind the camera and if you know your Dream Eaters it sounds like it might be a Meow Wow. The creature shuffles closer and the dim light from the doorway can now be seen bathing the face of a familiar young man: Bolin. He's broken out in a sweat and is tossing and turning like he's restless but he's also not waking up.

He whimpers and curls up on himself.

Ping whines again and then there's a bleating of as a Tama Sheep, Chi, appears. Chi has had enough of this apparently and she bleats again and then rams herself into Bolin's stomach. He yelps and falls out of bed from the impact, disappearing for a moment on the other side of the bed. Ping drops the communication device and jumps over the bed with Chi.

Bolin groans and finally appears on the other side of the bed, rubbing at his face.

Bwuh? What are you guys doing?

[Ping nuzzles Bolin and he notices the fallen communication device.]

...Seriously, what are you doing? I was sleeping.

[He rubs at his face and then stops. He shudders, recalling the dream or nightmare he'd been having. Chi nudges him with her horns again, this time a bit more gently though it still causes Bolin to tilt sideways a bit.]

Oh...uh...better get the communicator before we wake anyone.

[Kyoshi, the Kooma Panda, picks it up in her claws and hands it back to Bolin. He avoids looking at it because he knows if he does they'll see the troubled and sad expression on his face. He shuts if off.]


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