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[Fate's face appears on the screen, looking serious]
Hello? This is Enforcer Testerossa-Harlown, of the Time-Space-
[She pauses]
I’m sorry. I’m Fate, Fate Testerossa-Harlown. I understand that there are people who are working together in this- wherever this is. And I want to help.

If I understand things correctly, we all come from different worlds, different dimensions. Where I come from, I’m apart of an organization that was founded on the idea that in order to survive and thrive peoples of different worlds have to come together, and I guess I feel like I have a duty to try and live up to that.

[turns to the side- you can see her black and yellow weapon on the edge of the screen]

[In an electronic male voice:]
Communications clear. All Systems Green

[She turns back and smiles lightly]
Good! To those who receive this I want you to know that I hope we can work together- not just as allies of convenience but as good friends.
[She bows, although because the com is on her wrist this just makes the screen jerk around.]
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[At first it might not seem like there's much of anything on screen, save that it's very white. Suddenly it shifts, revealing a mouth, eyes- oh my, that there's someone's nose.

Fone strokes his chin as he eyes the video source before finally speaking up.

Hullo? This thing is on, right?

Um. name's Fone Bone, and I guess you could say I just got here? I'm still tryin' to get used to this whole idea of here as it is...

At least it sure beats bein' stuck in th' middle of an ocean, floatin' on a wooden coffin...

[The Bone sighs. At least in those dreams he'd been able to wake up.]

Is there anyone else around? It'd be nice to know I'm not just talkin' to myself here, so if you could just, y'know, give a holler or something.

[Abruptly he winces, throwing a glare off screen before he lifts his other hand up and gives it a shake to try dislodging a gnawing Komory Bat.]

-an' can anyone tell me what to feed this guy before he eats me alive?
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[There's a close-up view of a well-manicured goatee, though there's a bit of blood around the lips, and as he adjusts the camera, it's plain to see that the clearly-attractive man has definitely been in a fight recently. Put mildly. And also that he's wearing some kind of metal armor suit thing, with the face-mask open.

He opens his mouth to speak, then closes it again. Twice. This is not a man accustomed to being at a loss for words.]

Please tell me there's someone in this sparkly-rainbow-nightmare than can get a full sentence out, with minimal KUPO, that can tell me what the hell is going on?


[The camera pans out just enough to show the komory bat perched on the top of the man's head, chittering away happily. Tony swipes at him half-heartedly, as if they've been through this a few times already, and the bat makes no motion to vacate his vantage point.

Tony looks pleadingly into the camera, and with a deep sigh, cuts the feed.]
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Everyone's been talking about finding the keyhole or the pieces of the keyhole or whatever. Here's my question: has anyone actually started looking yet?

[Oh look, he disapproves of all of you. Yep, still Tuesday.]
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[It was the middle of the night, or middle of the morning, whichever you want to call it. For most here, the art of sleep may have been... sort of an odd ritual than normal, with the constant reoccurring dreams. Emizel had been good about it not bothering him that much for quite some time. Many demons had a habit for staying awake for days on end and then sleeping all that time off later. Which may have been part of the case here, only now, this time the dreams were really starting to get to him.]

[Getting to sleep wasn't the hard part, it was trying to stay there. Rolling to a different side, curling up, straightening out, lie on his back, neither of those things were making anything different. Still the same dream, still the same memory. Being abandoned was bad enough just the first time, of course he didn't want to be reminded of it another twenty times more.]

[The next time Emizel woke up he got so fed up that he chucked the pillow across the room, disrupting the Spirits. From there he sat up and brought his knees to his chest.]

... I'm not allowed to forget, am I? [Buries face.]

[... Alright alright. Maybe there was something that could distract him from this. A minute or so later he looked up to the nightstand and grabbed the device, and clicked it open. There had to be something else going on..]

((If I know whenever or not Emizel is freelancing hotels again, or if he's staying with the Tea Shop gang or Days Trio by now, this post may double as an action one too))
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[ The communicator device flicks on, revealing a moving row of cobblestones and metal-plated feet, occasionally interrupted by the swish of a spiky purple something accidentally impeding movement. Faint muttering is audible, words short and clipped with displeasure. ]

..What are the Equalists up to now.

[ The device swivels, the camera revealing the face of an older human woman with greying hair and twin scars on her right cheek. Green eyes narrow as she glares at the communicator, clearly Less Than Happy to be here. Something purple and distinctly spikey can be seen bouncing behind her, as though eager to get her attention - its efforts don't seem to be working, however.

After a pause, she speaks directly into the device.

Those winged 'kupo'-bears would have me believe this is some sort of 'waking dream', one being shared by others. In that case, if anyone here knows the way out, preferably to Republic City, I'd appreciate directions as soon as possible.

[flatly] Whatever sort of game is being played here, I'm not prepared to be a part of it. I have responsibilities there that can't wait on someone else's whim's.

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-you're sure this is turned on?

Yes, kupo! See, there's a little picture right-

Ah! Yeah, I see it. [The picture focuses off the brown and red fabric to a face at last, the face of a young woman with long, dark hair and a concerned frown on her face. That might also be a little annoyed.] This isn't a very efficient kind of radio, though.

[There's a strangled kupo! from the moogle, but by then Asami is only paying attention to the mechanical device now on her wrist, because she has a very important question.]

I thought only the Avatar could go into the spirit world, or people kidnapped by spirits themselves - so how do we get out of here? I have- I can't be away from home right now, not when so much has gone wrong.
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[Normally Xion only uses the communicator to respond to others or keep track of what's going on. Today is a little different though. Despite the hood, it's pretty obvious she's happy about something as she waits to be sure the recording is going properly.]

Ummm...can everyone hear me?

Everyone remembers that Keyhole that showed up in the second district, right? It looks like it opened up another world. I checked it out a little, and it seems safe.

It's called Twilight Town. Some of us might remember it. I know it pretty well if--

[Here she pauses and if considering something, and then speaks a little more hesitantly.]

if anyone wants to know a little more about it.

[Those who know her can probably figure that the hesitance is less from a lack of desire on her part, and more concern at how the offer will be received.]

[OOC: Backdated to shortly after this.]
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[Chris had first upon awaking, been thinking of a great many things and this was not normal by even by what he had experienced. A Komory Bat was on Chris' head no matter how hard he tried to get him off.]

Um... Hello everyone. I was told this was some sort of communicator so I have a couple of questions. First off, has anyone heard of a few people by the names of Kit Taylor, Len, or Maya Young? If you have can you please let me know? It's very important that I find out one way or another. Another thing is... how much do you know if this 'dream world' thing is true or not? It just seems a tad... suspicious to me. My name's Chris Ramirez, formerly Private Chris Ramirez. Thank you for your time.
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Hello? Is it working? Can... anyone hear me? ( as she device seems to turn end over end, it eventually settles on the face of a young woman, looking a little distraught ) I've... heard from the moogles what's going on, but... ( she shakes her head )

Is it really true? That this is an otherworld from Spira entirely? This... isn't Zanarkand is it? They called it Traverse Town but I can't help but wonder if... ( she glances down, giving the viewers a bit of a better look at her as she does to. on top of the dark circles under her eyes -- it seems as though she has some pretty excellent bed-head going on... )

Ah! Maybe if I -- ( and with that, she raises her thumb and index finger to her mouth exhaling sharply to produce a loud whistle -- )
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[The communicator flickers to life, Kairi frowning. The moogle is busy explaining things to her, and has just about finished when the feed begins.] -you got all that, kupo?

Yes... but... [She frowns.] Traverse Town is sleeping? I thought it was a world that was always there, for whenever people were lost between them... how could it fall asleep?

That's how it is, kupo! You're just as asleep as it is, kupopo. You okay?

Mostly, though it is a little unnerving. This is just like... [She pauses. Oh. Oh. This is just like the exam Yen Sid gave Sora and Riku! They went to sleep and landed in Traverse Town. But the same can't possibly be happening to her... can it? She's not trained enough for that. She can't even remember discussing it. She can't quite remember what she was doing last, so she can't even trust not knowing that. Only one way to find out, then.] --wait. Does anyone know if Sora or Riku are here? If this is the same test they took, then...
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[A boy in a frosted blue hoody and white hair sits comfortably...on top of a roof. He has a staff perched against his shoulder and the stars are shining bright behind him. Hovering over his shoulder is a Komory Bat looking curious at the world around it and flitting around on and off screen. Eventually the bat settles onto the crook of the staff and hangs upside down. The boy glances up at the bat and looks like he's not sure if he should laugh or frown. Over all he just looks awkward and unsure of himself which is kind of a new feeling for him.]

I've never had a pet before, dreams or otherwise. It's kind of weird.

[He should probably say something else...but what? Jack looks thoughtful. Clearly, he hasn't done this before]

Everyone can see me though, right? [Frown.] There isn't going to be much point in me using this communicator watch if you can't. The Moogle looked at me like I was insulting him or something when I told him I didn't think it would work, but I guess if this is a dream things are different, right?

[He looks guarded, like he's not sure he wants to believe in that just yet. Too much prior disappointment]

Oh well. [Shrugs it off, let's just pretend everything is fine even if inside he's nearly freaking out.] I guess as long as the Moogles and the bat can see me it shouldn't be a big deal. I have to admit, the Nightmares you have around here are still a lot nicer looking than any of Pitch's.

[Jack swings his staff. Momentarily forgetting that the Komory Bat is hanging from him. The bat squeaks and flutters off. He looks up at it.] Maybe that's what all of this is about...maybe this is how I'm supposed to be a Guardian [Wait, that's admitting he WANTS to be a guardian, Jack backtracks and shakes his head.] or whatever. Although you'd think Sandy would be the one fighting in a dream world, not me.

[The bat lands on the staff again, testing it to see if Jack is done bouncing and twirling it. Jack looks sad for a moment but then brushes it aside. He's gotten bored of talking to himself. He stands up, kicking his staff up, once again disturbing the bat.]

Come on Snowball. Let's check out this town.
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( When the feed begins, a teenage girl with very dark hair is shown, her expression a little downcast as she fiddles around with her new communicator. )

Um.. is this thing on? Oh, ok..! (She waves to the communicator and attempts a smile - despite feeling thoroughly confused. ) Hi to anyone watching this! My name's Rinoa. As you can probably guess, I just got here. ( She laughs a little ) I won't lie, I'm pretty confused about this whole situation but the Moogle has been very helpful.

( Rinoa's newest friend takes this opportunity to make it's presence known and Rinoa smiles, showing everyone her new Meow Wow. She had already taken the Moogle's advice and guidance and made her first Dream Eater straight away. )

Oh I'm sorry. ( She pets the oddly adorable dog thing - she's a dog person, so she thinks it looks like a dog! - on the head, evidently already fond of the creature.) This is my new companion, Angel! (..Yeah, she's not very creative with names... And she misses her real dog, Angelo, also. She pats Angel with a kind smile before her expression turns a little more serious again. )

So.. we're dreaming? It seems hard to believe but.. with all the things that have happened to me lately, I'm starting to think anything's possible. ( Such as time compression, and becoming a sorceress, and even someone as anti-social as Squall becoming her boyfriend - but she won't go there. Not now, at least. )

I wonder when we'll awaken? And I wonder if.. time would have gone on without us..

( She says the final sentence quietely, more to herself than anyone else and she reaches up to clasp the rings on her silver necklace, her expression somewhat lost and sad. After a few moments, she shakes herself out of her reverie and smiles again. )

Anyway! I hope I can settle in here and I'd love to get to know all of you! Bye for now!
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[Well the armor might be familiar to some of you. Even the coloring. And you are already swearing under your breath, aren't you?]

[If you want to know why they're swearing, just keep watching. You'll catch on.]

You know what? I thought I finally caught a break. After dealing with all that shit with the Meta, all I want to be dreaming about is swimming in sea of snack cakes. Actually, I’m pretty sure that was what I was dreaming about before I got dumped here with the theme park mascot that came in and ruined everything. Yeah sure free candy is awesome, but at what cost? A long ass information dump that I may or may not have tuned out about three seconds in?

[Spoiler alert: he did tune out the Moogle.]

Whatever, I’m going back to sleep. This actually might be the first time I’ll be glad to wake up during one of Sarge’s staff meetings.
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Let's see...I think they said it was like this? What do you think, Flap?

[A large brown muzzle fills the screen for a good moment as Tumble tries to figure out the communicator. Technology s not really his strong point so this is new territory for him.

Once he's satisfied that it's on, his face draws back and he smiles slightly.]

So, uh, hi. My name's Tumble and I guess I'm new here in Traverse Town. This is Flap. [He bobs his head to show the Komory Bat perched there.]

What else? Oh, has anyone seen a treasure hunter here? He's a human who wears a ring around his waist and is kind of a nice jerk. And his name is Rumble.
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[There’s a brief moment of silence before this particular newcomer speaks up. Though he’s generally familiar with Traverse Town (and may be a familiar face to some of those already present), he takes a moment to carefully choose his words before he speaks. First impressions are important, after all, and more so in somewhere relatively unknown.]

I would be interested in knowing more about this realm. The moogles have already mentioned the Nightmares; is there anything else I should be aware of?

In addition, I would like to offer my services in dealing with the same, should anyone have need of such things.

[Dream Eaters or no, he knows better than to assume everyone is willing to get into combat, and if his strength can offer something of a shield, surely that’s better than nothing.]
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[Altis stares out from the screen looking hesitant.]

So... is this really a world of dreams? None of this really sits right with me. It all... makes too much sense, I guess? But there are things that don't make much sense at all, either.

I guess I'll start somewhere simple. What's the best way to make money around here?
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[Well, maybe now was better than any time to learn how to use this. And maybe a better exposition of what was going on, why those figments created a blue dogcat, or anything else he could do of.]

So uh.. [The demon didn't look all that impressed, perhaps a little lost too.] These um, dream things.

[He pointed the watch towards the Dream Eater sitting docilely beside him.]

... They aren't hard to raise, are they?

[Because going by looks so far this was going to be a chore, in his opinion.]
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[There's a large finger poking at the wrist watch, connected to it is a boy who looks about 16. He stops after a few minutes and just tilts his head to the side. He has large green eyes and his thick eyebrows are furrowed in confusion] Okay I think I get the gist of all this based on what that moogle thing told me...but I still have to say it's pretty weird. Not to mention I still have a few questions and the moogle started getting a bit pushy after awhile.

So, I guess for name's Bolin and I'm new. [Awkward smile. Yeah, that aws obvious, wasn't it?] If anyone has seen a grumpy looking guy wearing a red scarf named Mako or a girl with a ponytail named Korra let me know. Although, I guess if they are here they'll hear this, right? I haven't seen Pabu either...but I'm sure he's okay if I really am just asleep. He's probably still just curled up asleep too.

[Pause in thought, Bolin glances down.]

Speaking of which...I guess I should think of a name for this little guy, huh? [Bolin aims his wrist down at a ball of blue fur that is anything but little and curled up at his feet and snuggled close. Apparently Bolin has a lazy Meow Wow for his companion and first dream eater Spirit.]

Ping maybe?

[He pokes the Meow Wow with his foot and the creature purrs and twitches contentedly], uh, anything else I should know? This is one of those where do I even start kind of things.

[He looks a little awkward just sitting there with a sleeping Meow Wow. Care to help a fella out?]
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[Even is not in the hotel, this time. The room visible behind him is extremely bare, save for some oddly-shaped glassware held up on metal stands. Something green in one of them is bubbling faintly. Even himself is rather tired-looking, shadows deeper beneath his eyes even than usual, but there is a half-smile on his face.]

Ah. Here we are.

Happily, I have been able to set up basic chemistry apparatus here, so if anyone finds themselves in need of Potions - only the basic ones for the moment, though I am looking into acquiring higher-quality ingredients - at, shall we say, less prohibitive prices, they are available in the Third District. Supplies are limited, however. I am unfortunately not made of time.


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