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[And here we have a new face. One who seems to have a fairly interesting choice in clothes, if the over-long scarf is any indication. Still, he doesn't seem to mind it any. In fact, he seems to be far more interested in the communicator itself.]

Ah, there we are. You know, it really is fascinating how many different ways to talk to people there are. You’d think that sooner or later all devices like this one would end up looking he same, but I’ve seen so many different kinds, over the years. And none of them are at all alike, except in what they do. Communication, no matter what form it takes.

So, hello, then! How are you all doing, out there?
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[A video feed begins, showing a young man with silver hair who is in dire need of a haircut. Judging the from what’s visible of the background, he seems to be up in the tower in the fourth district.]

So, just how many people are stuck dreaming here? I haven’t had much of a look around, but this place seems bigger than I remember.

I haven’t seen any Heartless either, just Nightmares. Does anyone have more information about Dream Eaters in general?

[The barrage of questions seems to be over for a moment, before he remembers one last part.]

Oh, and has anyone seen someone named Sora around? If I fell asleep, he’s probably not far behind.
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So have the dreams been making anyone else think, or is it just me? [Concerns about the morality of the project you work for + confirmation that the project you work for has no morals + dreams about darkness and light and fun stuff like that/snorin pricklemane = insomnia!]
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[The video clicks on to show Rarity looking rather serious. Anyone who knows her will notice something different - namely that she now sports a golden choker-style necklace with a purple diamond-shaped gem set in the center. If you've been paying attention to the network, it should look familiar.]

As I'm sure you can see, my Element of Harmony appeared! And I do mean appeared, right out of nowhere. It was very odd, even for the Elements.

Pinkie, have you found yours yet? Has anypony else had any luck?

Oh! I almost forgot - I can't seem to take it out of Ponyville. It simply disappears when I go anywhere else, and it only reappears when I come back. It's certainly never done that before.
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[Well this..sure was a thing. The room was dark, very dark than usual. Though being in Traverse Town it's not too much of a surprise. It's just that his coat generally helped resolving that. But no, not today, err...tonight to be more exact. Emizel tried sleeping, but now he wasn't. Instead he was huddled at the foot of the bed. Sooomething was amiss if he was being this upset, this stressed.]

[This certainly was not the first time Emizel worried about this, oh nooo. It really kind of scared him; especially being the only demon, and not even close to the right candidate for it. However that concern all eventually went away before. After all, it does seem impossible(and silly) for a demon to simply die in a dream world from a lack of fear, and after spending enough time here it's proving to be the opposite anyway. But maybe, what if, he has lax a little too much? Getting way too soft? He might be safe right now, but what about later? What's going to happen if they do conquer whatever darkness is responsible for this? What will happen to him?]

[Dammit, he was just starting to get attached to some of the people here. Now it might all be a bad, terrible thing. Sure camaraderie speeches were totally Valvatorez's thing, but this...this was kinda different. Or at least, this was different, right? Oh man, what is he supposed to even do?]

[This might be easier to think through if Moxie would stop whining at him, though.] ....Go away. [That undertone of aggression reeeaaally did not mean to be there. But at the same time, couldn't really be helped.]
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[OOC: Green is Jenny, purple is Donna, blue is the Doctor.]

[The communicator switches back and forth between audio and video settings, catching snippets of (mostly) loud female voices and images of a mildly perplexed man, before settling in on the Video function. It fixates on a moogle looking highly annoyed at the communicator’s owner. He looks highly annoyed back, but properly chastised, and oh, damn, now he has no distraction from the two women.]

You should have left it be for now, dad. You could have always looked into it further later. [You can tell that she has a more matter-of-fact attitude about whatever had just happened.]

Oi! I told you he’d be mad if you tried to mess with it! [You can hear the eyeroll in her voice.]

I don’t see what the big deal is… [He looks so put out.] I’d put it back together. ...Probably.

How would you feel if someone just showed up and started taking your things apart?

I don’t even have “things” to take apart. And anyway, it shows an impeccable appreciation for good craftsmanship! [Yeah. Totally.]

Whatever you say, Spac-- [She cuts herself off there.]

[Go on, say it. He dares you. He just stares at her a moment, then looks away. His Hebby Repp messes up his cool demeanor though, by thinking it’s a good time to leave the sanctity of his shoulders and scurry up Jenny. It’s totally cool. Right? Right.]

Oi! Would you two stop it and hurry up already! I’m gonna end up leaving you both behind! [Yes, she was a tad eager to explore further. She didn’t even sound deterred by other two or for that matter, the Hebby Repp ditching her father, and yes, she was still considering him her father.]

Just hold on a second! [Her Pricklemane is bouncing around her feet in circles, apparently wanting to get going too. She looks back at the Doctor.] Careful, I’ll come up with a worse nickname. [Like GrumpyBritches, or something.]

[He cringes. He doesn’t doubt it.] Right. Let’s not keep her waiting, shall we? [Someone probably should have reminded him about the communicator, but the only one that probably would is the moogle, who still just glares. So the thing stays on.]

[OOC: You get a lottery: Donna, Jenny,  or The Doctor or all three may respond to you! Feeling Lucky, punk?]

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[Lea shows up on the screen; it looks like he's in Twilight Town, judging from the background.]

So the whole let's-talk-about-this-stuff thing reminded me. I'm not complaining, but it's been a while since we've had those dreams, and we haven't gotten any major clues about this new world yet, other than that weird message.

[Lea spreads his hands.]

I figure someone'd have mentioned if they were having dreams again, but it's way too nice that we've gotten this much time to learn how to walk around, unless I missed out on something big over in Ponyville. I figure we should start planning for something pretty big.
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[Some of you may recognize the anonymous text from the last time it showed up, back when there were hardly any worlds at all. To others, it may be new. Regardless of which happens to be the case, that is most certainly an anonymous post, when the moogles have sworn that it shouldn't even be possible to make an anonymous post.]

Hmph. So there are now even more of you here? I suppose there truly are no limits to how many he can draw in, only to leave to flounder. Stranger, or the end, the result will still be the same.

Not that such efforts matter. No matter how many dreamers accumulate here, you cannot change what was laid out long ago.
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[The comm just shows one of the computer monitors on the Mother of Invention, flashing its LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS: DAMAGED message. There's also a strange whirring. After a few seconds, Luna turns the comm to face herself.]

There is still an atmosphere here for the moment, but that warning will not cease. We should be cautious in traveling.

[Though by "we", she mostly means everyone else. She's got this.]

Unless, of course, any of you are capable of fixing it?
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[It's a few days after FILSS' opening the training room, and Wash is still tired. He's in full armor and helmet to hide that fact. He holds up an AI chip in front of the camera. It's hollow in the middle and isn't lighting up.]

Melody had this. I'm pretty sure she found it on the Mother of Invention. Those of you who know what this is, there isn't anything in it. It's not active. That...doesn't stop it from talking.

The ID card from the post office and the blank photo from the mansion. Who has them?

[In the background, Melody protests, albeit not nearly as loud as she had when he'd mentioned getting another cat. Hey! She was holding onto that for Lela! Give it back!]
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[There's a moment of silence before Aqua actually speaks up. The topic at hand isn't really one that she can say she's looking forward to. Not with people already less than fond of Xehanort as things stand. But it's something that needs to be said, and so she takes a deep breath and begins. Nothing'll get done if she doesn't at least manage that.]

I know most people probably aren't going to like hearing this, but there's something you all need to know. Xehanort is... the body he's in right now isn't his. He possessed one of my friends a long time ago.

[A very long time ago, if she's right about how many years have passed since she last saw Terra.]

And... I know he's going to need to be defeated at some point, but Terra might still be in there somewhere.
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[There's a close-up view of a well-manicured goatee, though there's a bit of blood around the lips, and as he adjusts the camera, it's plain to see that the clearly-attractive man has definitely been in a fight recently. Put mildly. And also that he's wearing some kind of metal armor suit thing, with the face-mask open.

He opens his mouth to speak, then closes it again. Twice. This is not a man accustomed to being at a loss for words.]

Please tell me there's someone in this sparkly-rainbow-nightmare than can get a full sentence out, with minimal KUPO, that can tell me what the hell is going on?


[The camera pans out just enough to show the komory bat perched on the top of the man's head, chittering away happily. Tony swipes at him half-heartedly, as if they've been through this a few times already, and the bat makes no motion to vacate his vantage point.

Tony looks pleadingly into the camera, and with a deep sigh, cuts the feed.]
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[The communicator turns on - or maybe is turned on, it's a little hard to tell - to Nepeta putting the finishing touches on... something. A moment later, she sits back, revealing a series of drawings that appear to have been drawn right on the wall. Fortunately, they also seem to done in chalk.

Of more interest might be the fact that there might just be a few familiar face in amongst the drawings. For those who happen to have been to Even's place, the general decor might also look just a little familiar.

For her part, Nepeta simply looks over the little drawings once more before turning towards the camera.]

That's better, don't you think?

[Judging by the enthusiastic squeak that answers the question, she's probably asking her bat, who is likely also behind the camera being on in the first place.]
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[The room was rather quiet, just a small bedroom with not a whole lot of light in it. There was the faint sound of something flapping although it presumably Val watching overhead.]

[He started to think more about all the clues given to them so far. The sleep they were all seemingly in, the repeating dreams, which obviously had to be caused by someone... or something, the keyhole, which didn't appear until after the Nightmares were gone, and it was their objective. And now apparently, it was happening all over again. Most likely to go to yet another new world and start over again. Why?]

... No matter what way I look at it now, we really are doing somebody's work for them.

[And he's not liking this one. bit.]
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[This is Wash, in Twilight Town, standing in front of a very large crack in a wall. Through the crack, there's trees and grass visible - the beginnings of a forest. He gestures towards it.]

Does this look familiar to anyone?

[Oh, look, he's fishing for information and baiting the Keycast all at once. Must be Tuesday.]
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Hey, Linka, leave that alone-

[The Bat blocking the camera backs off with a chitter, almost knocking it over in the process, as a hand grabs the communicator to save it. At least he's not trying to have any of his Spirits hold it? That would be a fantastically losing prospect.]

Okay, are we set? We- Linka, come on, you don't- [The bat flaps by again, the end of a roll of bandages draped over her head and one of her wings, squeaking happily and trailing the cloth strip behind her. A slightly frustrated non-specific exclamation comes from off-camera, and this time two hands grab the bat, unwinding the bandage from around her before setting her free again.] How do you get into all this stuff? I should get some more boxes with locks on them... Okay! Just- stay put for two minutes.

[Considering the Spirit in question, the person making the broadcast is obviously Ven, but he's finally seen full-camera for the first time as he steps back into frame, reaching over to pick up something small-ish carefully in one hand. He's in the little clinic he started in the Fourth District, which he's sort of halfway redecorated in (what else) shades of green, mostly a pale sea green that's pretty restful. It's clear he hasn't gotten much in the way of organizational materials yet, though.] Can everyone see me? Or at least hear me? 'Cause Wheeler knocked this thing in the shower the other day and it's been a little weird since, and the moogles had to replace a couple of parts.

But I think we finally figured something out! One of the moogles and I were working on a container to put potions in for Spirits, since it's kind of hard for them to drink out of the regular ones, and this seems to work pretty well. See?

[He holds up his hand, palm up and fingers open- only for Linka to fly in front of the camera again and block the view. Ven just sighs and waits for her to find her perch on the rod he hung from the ceiling behind his head. When it's visible, it's plain he's holding a shallow clear bowl, possibly glass but probably some sort of plastic, with a flat bottom for stabilization and what seems to be a separate lid, screwed on. It's mostly full of liquid, but since it's clear it's probably just water, and it's about the size to fit comfortably in a normal pocket.] It made more sense for us to try and figure out a design they could drink from, since most of them are a lot more animal in body and don't have hands. These things are pretty indestructible, we spent awhile throwing them at the walls to make sure. They won't hold up under really big stress, but normal every day stuff and even a lot of fighting should be fine. And see? They already know how to use it.

[He unscrews the lid and bends down, disappearing for a moment from view, then reaches up and grabs the communicator to focus on his test subject - Wheeler, who's been pretty much behaving himself this entire time. The little dish is next to him, he chitters something up at Ven - and at Daddy's "go ahead," he bends over and his little lizard tongue comes out and starts lapping up the water in the bowl.]

It may not be perfect, but it's a lot better than trying to feed it to them, and they're refillable. We've got a bunch over here now, and- Mati!

[Ven and Wheeler only have time to jump back out of the way with a screech on the Hebby Rebb's part, as with a baaaaah a round, white fuzzball barrels through the screen, over Ven's toes, the place where Wheeler had been, and the place where the bowl still is. With a clatter it tips over, spilling water everywhere as the Tama Sheep continues on out of the picture, Wheeler starting to chase after it and scold it for messing stuff up.]

[Ven, meanwhile, can only sigh.]
At least that proves that they don't break easily.
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[Eraqus's communicator switches on without his this case, it looks like Kura accidentally turned it on while lifting it up with his tail. Kura peers under the communicator, then temporarily scampers out of sight of it.]


[Kura's not the only one that appears to be searching. Eraqus is looking around the small room he's taken up at Sunset Hill, with Gengo and Chuza also glancing around in confusion.]


[Still nothing. Eraqus stops, looking frustrated.]

Honestly...what good is it to have a Spirit that immediately goes missing?

[He sighs, and walks out of view of the communicator, which is still broadcasting. As soon as he is out of view, a Toximander's head can be seen slowly emerging out of the floor. The Dream Eater blinks in the direction that Eraqus went, looks around a bit, then dives back into the floor.]
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[Luna peers critically into the camera as it comes on. For once, it isn't wrapped in the pale blue shimmer of her magic; she reaches out a hoof to straighten it slightly.]

Excellent. Hold steady, Noctis.

[She turns and paces slowly away, to the edge of what turns out to be the belltower.] Tonight is the night of the Winter Moon Festival. My festival. 'Twas to be our first some time. We had meant to gift our subjects with a grand and glorious sky, to show them all that -

[She stops, sounding near tears, and tosses her mane in frustration. Then, visibly composing herself, she takes a deep breath and lowers her head, her horn glowing first blue and then a bright silver as she takes flight. The silver light coalesces around and in front of her as she rises, until she is silhouetted against what seems to be a huge, brilliantly shining full moon, hanging high in the sky above Traverse Town.

Luna lands again, her horn still glowing faintly as she maintains the illusion. She's a little out of breath, but smiling triumphantly and somewhat defiantly.]

Tonight, there shall be a moon!
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[The communicator flickers to life, Kairi frowning. The moogle is busy explaining things to her, and has just about finished when the feed begins.] -you got all that, kupo?

Yes... but... [She frowns.] Traverse Town is sleeping? I thought it was a world that was always there, for whenever people were lost between them... how could it fall asleep?

That's how it is, kupo! You're just as asleep as it is, kupopo. You okay?

Mostly, though it is a little unnerving. This is just like... [She pauses. Oh. Oh. This is just like the exam Yen Sid gave Sora and Riku! They went to sleep and landed in Traverse Town. But the same can't possibly be happening to her... can it? She's not trained enough for that. She can't even remember discussing it. She can't quite remember what she was doing last, so she can't even trust not knowing that. Only one way to find out, then.] --wait. Does anyone know if Sora or Riku are here? If this is the same test they took, then...
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[Well the armor might be familiar to some of you. Even the coloring. And you are already swearing under your breath, aren't you?]

[If you want to know why they're swearing, just keep watching. You'll catch on.]

You know what? I thought I finally caught a break. After dealing with all that shit with the Meta, all I want to be dreaming about is swimming in sea of snack cakes. Actually, I’m pretty sure that was what I was dreaming about before I got dumped here with the theme park mascot that came in and ruined everything. Yeah sure free candy is awesome, but at what cost? A long ass information dump that I may or may not have tuned out about three seconds in?

[Spoiler alert: he did tune out the Moogle.]

Whatever, I’m going back to sleep. This actually might be the first time I’ll be glad to wake up during one of Sarge’s staff meetings.


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