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[The comm just shows one of the computer monitors on the Mother of Invention, flashing its LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS: DAMAGED message. There's also a strange whirring. After a few seconds, Luna turns the comm to face herself.]

There is still an atmosphere here for the moment, but that warning will not cease. We should be cautious in traveling.

[Though by "we", she mostly means everyone else. She's got this.]

Unless, of course, any of you are capable of fixing it?
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Hey, guys! [Pinkie waves at the camera.] So, y'know how the Moogles had that game at the party? Well, I TOTALLY won some kind of super-rare meow-thingy! Steven said I should wait to make it, so I'm gonna do it right now!

[She pulls out the dream pieces and puts them together and...holy Luna that thing is HUGE. Pinkie instantly shrieks in delight.]

OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHYOU'RESOBIGANDFLUFFY! [And the rest of her excited babbling is muffled as she jumps up and clings to the Meowjesty's side, face buried in its fur.]
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[From the look of things when the feed opens, one of Namine's Spirits is holding it--probably Batty. Namine herself is putting the finishing touches on a picture. It's a big one, too, drawn on one of the walls of a building in the fourth district. Anyone who cares to look closely will probably find themselves in it, sometimes more than once. It looks like Namine's drawn a picture of everyone with their friends, and not just those they knew from home, but those they've made here as well. People not present in the Real of Sleep are in it, too--Sora's drawn with Riku and Kairi and Donald and Goofy, for example.

Finally she looks up, and, oh dear, it looks like she didn't know she was on camera.]

You were recording?

[Batty chitters what is probably a 'yes'. It's pretty~ She was gonna show everyone anyway, right?

Namine sighs, then smiles slightly.]

After Nepeta showed us her, um, 'shipping wall' someone suggested I start a friendship wall. So I drew everyone with their friends...at least I think I managed to.
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[The feed clicks on and there just seems to be only Emizel there. Looking tired, in a frustrated kind of way.]

If there's anyone listening that has one of those rabbits too... I think I need help.

[He turned the screen and tilted it closer to the ground. There was certainly a Me Me Bunny Spirit with him, but it was being frumpy and ignoring him. In fact as soon as it noticed it was on screen it made a little 'hmph' squeak, lifted its head up and turned its back on it.]

See? It keeps doing that. Is this supposed to be normal? [Isn't even sure what he diiiid]
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[The video shows a stylishly decorated shop interior. Given the bolts of fabric neatly stacked and shelved in a corner, the sewing machine on the table, and the dress forms of human men and ladies and ponies, it's obvious this is a fashion shop. Rarity comes into view, smiling and dressed in a brand-new gown, simple by her standards but still fancy.]

Hello, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the grand opening of the Carousel Boutique! For those of you that don't know, I'm a fashion designer - it is my special talent. Now that those awful nightmares have stopped, I've decided it's the perfect time to open the Traverse Town location of my boutique and offer my services to all of you! If anypony needs something to wear that they simply cannot find here - formalwear, or something not absolutely covered in belts and zippers - I would be more than happy to whip it up for you. I may need a little practice sewing for anypony who isn't actually a pony, but rest assured I will work to the best of my ability to give you something stylish and unique to wear.

I've also partnered with Bolin, who had the fantastic idea of making outfits for Spirits! [She pauses for a moment, then glances behind her.] Spike, dear, that's your cue.

[Oh, oops! Spike comes bouncing out from behind Rarity, proudly sporting a bright green bow tie. Rarity smiles at him and continues on.] We're starting out small, and the design will depend on the Spirit. If you'd like your Spirit to have an ensemble just as stylish as yours, do come by!
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[ The communicator device flicks on, revealing a moving row of cobblestones and metal-plated feet, occasionally interrupted by the swish of a spiky purple something accidentally impeding movement. Faint muttering is audible, words short and clipped with displeasure. ]

..What are the Equalists up to now.

[ The device swivels, the camera revealing the face of an older human woman with greying hair and twin scars on her right cheek. Green eyes narrow as she glares at the communicator, clearly Less Than Happy to be here. Something purple and distinctly spikey can be seen bouncing behind her, as though eager to get her attention - its efforts don't seem to be working, however.

After a pause, she speaks directly into the device.

Those winged 'kupo'-bears would have me believe this is some sort of 'waking dream', one being shared by others. In that case, if anyone here knows the way out, preferably to Republic City, I'd appreciate directions as soon as possible.

[flatly] Whatever sort of game is being played here, I'm not prepared to be a part of it. I have responsibilities there that can't wait on someone else's whim's.

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[The communicator clicks on with a light blue glow surrounding the picture - those familiar with unicorn magic can probably tell that’s how the device is being held. In front of it stands a unicorn, who adjusts her mane and smiles.]

Hello, everypony! The Moogles have been kind enough to get me started, but I do still have a few questions - namely, where’s a good place to stay? Ooh- or better yet, where’s a good place to set up a boutique? I can’t spend all my time here simply waiting to go back home, you know!

And oh, where are my manners? My name is Rarity, and I’m sure it will be a pleasure to meet all of you. [There’s an insistent squeaking by her hooves, and the video tilts to reveal a Pricklemane.] Oh, yes, and this is Spike. He’s quite ferocious. Aren’t you, Spike? [She says this in the same tone most people use to call their pets adorable, and Spike preens under the attention before the video shuts off.]
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[He's been thinking about this a lot. Since he got over the shock of the mansion showing up, and since people started returning from it unscathed. He's not sure if that's a good thing or not, since he doesn't know if he'll go through the same thing.

But at some point he needs to know. Deep down, he knows he can't keep running. At least this time, it's his choice, and he's not being forced into anything.

He's off by himself, keeping things to text in an effort to stay anonymous, though who knows how effective that will be.]

How do you deal with something that's bothering you?

[That should be vague enough.]

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[Luna looks tired and irritated as she comes onscreen, her ears low and her fur a bit matted as if she's only just woken up. Ordinarily, she wouldn't make an announcement about something that pertains to her work like this, but after the last time this happened, she believes it relevant to the community at large. And, well, no one else seems to be forthcoming about their nightly travails...]

We are all sharing the same dreams. Again.

Doubtless, you have all noticed the...general pattern these new recurrences have been taking. [Said in a tone that clearly indicates she knows that practically no one here is sleeping peacefully.] And, once again, the Keyhole is common to all. Perhaps this heralds the opening of yet another world?
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[This is Wash, in Twilight Town, standing in front of a very large crack in a wall. Through the crack, there's trees and grass visible - the beginnings of a forest. He gestures towards it.]

Does this look familiar to anyone?

[Oh, look, he's fishing for information and baiting the Keycast all at once. Must be Tuesday.]
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[The person on the screen of the communicator is pretty clearly not human. Humanoid, yes, and not terribly bad looking at that, but still not anything that could really be called human. There's a Komory Bat lurking over her shoulder.]

Excuse me efurrybody! I know this is supurrsed to be a dream bubble, but I need to know if any of my furriends are here. Also if anyone could tell me where we are, it would be apurreciated. I don’t think I’ve seen this dream befur.
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[Well Sora looks... every bit as serious as when he told a certain bunch about Xehanort's true intentions for them. This message isn't private, however. Going by the background, he's moving through the backstreets in Traverse Town. Occasionally, Bruce can be seen zipping across the screen behind him, possibly on the look out while Sora's attention is on the communicator and where he's going.]

So... I found a photo of me and someone else from a time when I'm pretty sure no one was around to take any pictures. It didn't seem like too big of a deal at the time. Then I found out there were more, all of me and someone else, all at quiet times when we really should heard the shutter.

... One of them is even inside a dream.

I know about seven pictures so far: the one I found and six more. They're all of things that really happened. Mostly they're just of me talking to people, but two of the photos I know about are of battles.

I'm wondering if there are other ones that I don't know about. I'm not sure how much it changes anything to know about all of them or if it even changes anything, but it might help.
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[Riku's finally made his way to Twilight Town, and has spent the day exploring. He's currently at the Tram Common, and for some reason is staring at a nondescript piece of wall. Interesting? Not really. But then he begins running his hand along it, as though looking for some kind of hidden mark or indentation. Then, after a minute or so of finding nothing, he gives up.]

...Funny. It's gone.

[He's mostly muttering to himself, unaware the communicator's on. For anyone already familiar with Twilight Town, they'd know he's looking for the crack in the wall that used to be there, leading into the forest. Feeling partly disappointed, partly relieved the way to his old headquarters is gone, he turns away from the wall.]

Alright, Bram. [He looks nearby, to his Komory Bat is looking on curiously,] There's nothing here. Let's keep looking around.


Private to Keybearers )
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[Eraqus's communicator switches on without his doing...in this case, it looks like Kura accidentally turned it on while lifting it up with his tail. Kura peers under the communicator, then temporarily scampers out of sight of it.]


[Kura's not the only one that appears to be searching. Eraqus is looking around the small room he's taken up at Sunset Hill, with Gengo and Chuza also glancing around in confusion.]


[Still nothing. Eraqus stops, looking frustrated.]

Honestly...what good is it to have a Spirit that immediately goes missing?

[He sighs, and walks out of view of the communicator, which is still broadcasting. As soon as he is out of view, a Toximander's head can be seen slowly emerging out of the floor. The Dream Eater blinks in the direction that Eraqus went, looks around a bit, then dives back into the floor.]
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-you're sure this is turned on?

Yes, kupo! See, there's a little picture right-

Ah! Yeah, I see it. [The picture focuses off the brown and red fabric to a face at last, the face of a young woman with long, dark hair and a concerned frown on her face. That might also be a little annoyed.] This isn't a very efficient kind of radio, though.

[There's a strangled kupo! from the moogle, but by then Asami is only paying attention to the mechanical device now on her wrist, because she has a very important question.]

I thought only the Avatar could go into the spirit world, or people kidnapped by spirits themselves - so how do we get out of here? I have- I can't be away from home right now, not when so much has gone wrong.
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[Normally Xion only uses the communicator to respond to others or keep track of what's going on. Today is a little different though. Despite the hood, it's pretty obvious she's happy about something as she waits to be sure the recording is going properly.]

Ummm...can everyone hear me?

Everyone remembers that Keyhole that showed up in the second district, right? It looks like it opened up another world. I checked it out a little, and it seems safe.

It's called Twilight Town. Some of us might remember it. I know it pretty well if--

[Here she pauses and if considering something, and then speaks a little more hesitantly.]

if anyone wants to know a little more about it.

[Those who know her can probably figure that the hesitance is less from a lack of desire on her part, and more concern at how the offer will be received.]

[OOC: Backdated to shortly after this.]
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[A moogle shows up on the communicator. It bobs at the screen; it looks like it's in the second district, on the stairs leading down to the lower level.]


There's something going on at the fountain in the second district. I think you should all come look, kupo.

[The moogle flies over to the fountain; a glowing gold keyhole is now in the center of the design. You'll probably recognize it from the dreams you've been having since you got here.]

A keyhole, kupo! I wonder what it could mean.
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( When the feed begins, a teenage girl with very dark hair is shown, her expression a little downcast as she fiddles around with her new communicator. )

Um.. is this thing on? Oh, ok..! (She waves to the communicator and attempts a smile - despite feeling thoroughly confused. ) Hi to anyone watching this! My name's Rinoa. As you can probably guess, I just got here. ( She laughs a little ) I won't lie, I'm pretty confused about this whole situation but the Moogle has been very helpful.

( Rinoa's newest friend takes this opportunity to make it's presence known and Rinoa smiles, showing everyone her new Meow Wow. She had already taken the Moogle's advice and guidance and made her first Dream Eater straight away. )

Oh I'm sorry. ( She pets the oddly adorable dog thing - she's a dog person, so she thinks it looks like a dog! - on the head, evidently already fond of the creature.) This is my new companion, Angel! (..Yeah, she's not very creative with names... And she misses her real dog, Angelo, also. She pats Angel with a kind smile before her expression turns a little more serious again. )

So.. we're dreaming? It seems hard to believe but.. with all the things that have happened to me lately, I'm starting to think anything's possible. ( Such as time compression, and becoming a sorceress, and even someone as anti-social as Squall becoming her boyfriend - but she won't go there. Not now, at least. )

I wonder when we'll awaken? And I wonder if.. time would have gone on without us..

( She says the final sentence quietely, more to herself than anyone else and she reaches up to clasp the rings on her silver necklace, her expression somewhat lost and sad. After a few moments, she shakes herself out of her reverie and smiles again. )

Anyway! I hope I can settle in here and I'd love to get to know all of you! Bye for now!
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[Tidus really doesn't look too happy about being here, but he already lost his temper on the Moogle. As far as he's concerned, they're only helpful when they're being held by a certain leather dress wearing black mage.]

They're happy to help, except that part where we can't leave.

[He brightens suddenly at a thought, talking just a bit more animatedly.]

I think I heard someone say once that when you dream, time passes differently, or something. Maybe when we wake up, things will be exactly the same. Still...

It doesn't feel like a dream. It's too surreal to be one.

[He glances down at his Dream Eater pieces, hardly thinking about them, then looks up.]

Is there a pool around here? I need somewhere to think. I can sleep there, too.

[Not really.]


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