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[Rinzler had been prodding at the communicator device for a while. It wasn't really something he was used to still, and he wasn't the most comfortable with it. But in some ways, it wasn't that different from the technology on the grid. He lets out a rumbling noise as he turns on the audio. He needed answers. He knew that most of the others, including the ISO had since left. Why hadn't he?] Users.

Need to leave. Did not protest before. Thought would be able to return to Clu. Still here. In this user world.

Cannot stay here. How can I leave? I obey Clu. Cannot serve him here.

[And that would be something close to growling now.]
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[A man appears on the communicator looking a little miffed. It's Clint, though considering he hasn't really been seen without his mask before some might not make that connection. They'll probably recognize his voice...or the Pricklemane bouncing up and down behind him on a bed.]]

So what makes me so special that I get to stick around after everyone else went home? I arrived when all those others did, right? So shouldn't I have been sent home with them too?

[He sighs, rubbing at the bridge of his nose.]

Guess that was too much to hope for anyway. Things are never that easy for me.

[Clint drops his hand and looks at the screen properly now. Behind him the bouncing Pricklemane is joined by a Komory Bat sweeping down from the ceiling occasionally to bump the Pricklemane. They're playing.]

Right so since it looks like I might be here for the foreseeable future I guess some introductions are in order. Names' Clint or Hawkeye, whichever you prefer. I'm an Avenger...if that means anything to anyone here. The bouncing idiot behind me is Pinhead. And I just made the other one...think I'll call him Count. You might have teamed up with us in the whole bee attack...which I have to say you guys weren't half bad at taking down.

Which...reminds me. Anyone know where I might be able to find the supplies to restock my quiver? I'm going to need more arrows if I'm supposed to fight more bee monsters or any of the other neon monstrosities around here. I really don't think relying on Pinhead is gonna be an option.

[He jerks his thumb behind him and, as if on cue, the Pricklemane and the Komory Bat collide in a spectacular crash and then tumble off the bed and out of sight. Clint doesn't even bother looking over his shoulder which might tell you how often his has happened even before he started recording.]

See what I mean?
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[The video shows an apartment that may be familiar to a couple of people in this world... except part of it is scorched like there was a fire somewhere earlier. Her Pricklemane is standing nearby, a bucket and towel discarded to the side.]

Oi! Doctor!

Tell that spirit of yours, Harkness, to keep his fire spewing self away from my things! I'm not a huge fan of finding my stuff on fire! [The Pricklemane goes off screen, chittering to itself as Donna contemplates the scorched portion of the room as Donna mutters to herself before the video cuts out...]

Teaching it the bad habits of tinkering with things. Hmph. [End video]
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[Eraqus's communicator switches on suddenly in the middle of the night, although this is due to Kura, his Hebby Repp. Apparently, there is some to-do going on in the room next to the bedroom...]

[Most of the large pile of Spirits are snoozing, all except for the newest, Shikara. The Flowbermeow is bouncing quickly around Chuza, trying to get the Meow Wow to wake up. Come on, what if master is having nightmares again? They should go check on him! Except Chuza, being the laziest Spirit on Mars herself, is fast asleep. She tries bouncing on Chuza, but no go.]

[Obviously, this requires extra hands. Shikara then proceeds to use that boundless energy to stir awake all the other Spirits she can find...Gengo, Jyunai, Soemon, the new adopted additions Ma-ti and Linka, and of course Kura is already up. Only Yaza is nowhere to be found. Shikara bounces around, sharing that excitement. Come on, guys! If we all jump, that will wake up Chuza! Then master will have two Meow Wows being all responsible!]

[At first, just Ma-ti joins in, rolling into Chuza. That does nothing, so Linka tries bouncing on her head. Still nothing. Eventually, Soemon and Gengo begin bouncing too, all while Jyunai just scolds them in the corner. However, with both a Kooma Panda and a Thunderaffe all stomping along with the others, it's enough weight and motion to shake the entire house. Chuza doesn't wake up...but Eraqus does, and he comes storming in a moment later.]

What in the worlds is going on here?!

[Every Spirit stops in place and looks up at him. Oops, caught red-pawed. He notices the light coming from the switched-on communicator, and just buries his face in one palm, looking exasperated.]
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Guys! GuysguysguysguysGUYS!

[The camera swings up to what is clearly the orchard just outside of Ponyville, just in time to catch a treeful of teal blossoms turning into tiny gray apples.]

LOOK at THIS! Do you guys know what this MEANS?

It's ZAPAPPLE SEASON!!! I'm TOTALLY gonna make zapapple jam all by myself, JUST so you can all see how good it tastes! I think I know most of the rules and signs and stuff - Rarity, do you know any of them? Or Princesses? Oh, and if anyone else wants to help me make jam, just show up after the giant storm with a bunny suit and anything pink polka-dotted!
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[The quick, light breaths coming from the audio indicate that the person speaking is performing some form of physical exertion.]

My apologies for any brusqueness, but I require the assistance of a healer immediately. I have just witnessed a person leaping from the edge of the tower in the Fourth District of Traverse Town. I do not know if they could have survived a fall from such a height, but if they have, I suspect my own first aid knowledge and potion will be insufficient to provide adequate care for such traumatic injuries. I am making all due haste to the area at this moment. Thank you for your attention.
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[OOC: Green is Jenny, purple is Donna, blue is the Doctor.]

[The communicator switches back and forth between audio and video settings, catching snippets of (mostly) loud female voices and images of a mildly perplexed man, before settling in on the Video function. It fixates on a moogle looking highly annoyed at the communicator’s owner. He looks highly annoyed back, but properly chastised, and oh, damn, now he has no distraction from the two women.]

You should have left it be for now, dad. You could have always looked into it further later. [You can tell that she has a more matter-of-fact attitude about whatever had just happened.]

Oi! I told you he’d be mad if you tried to mess with it! [You can hear the eyeroll in her voice.]

I don’t see what the big deal is… [He looks so put out.] I’d put it back together. ...Probably.

How would you feel if someone just showed up and started taking your things apart?

I don’t even have “things” to take apart. And anyway, it shows an impeccable appreciation for good craftsmanship! [Yeah. Totally.]

Whatever you say, Spac-- [She cuts herself off there.]

[Go on, say it. He dares you. He just stares at her a moment, then looks away. His Hebby Repp messes up his cool demeanor though, by thinking it’s a good time to leave the sanctity of his shoulders and scurry up Jenny. It’s totally cool. Right? Right.]

Oi! Would you two stop it and hurry up already! I’m gonna end up leaving you both behind! [Yes, she was a tad eager to explore further. She didn’t even sound deterred by other two or for that matter, the Hebby Repp ditching her father, and yes, she was still considering him her father.]

Just hold on a second! [Her Pricklemane is bouncing around her feet in circles, apparently wanting to get going too. She looks back at the Doctor.] Careful, I’ll come up with a worse nickname. [Like GrumpyBritches, or something.]

[He cringes. He doesn’t doubt it.] Right. Let’s not keep her waiting, shall we? [Someone probably should have reminded him about the communicator, but the only one that probably would is the moogle, who still just glares. So the thing stays on.]

[OOC: You get a lottery: Donna, Jenny,  or The Doctor or all three may respond to you! Feeling Lucky, punk?]

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[First District, Traverse Town. Kanji's spent a little while getting settled in, but he's out and exploring right now, getting his bearings.
Or, at least, he is until trouble hits.
A mob of Nightmares. Nothing spectacular, a gang of Meow Wows, but it's enough to catch him off guard. How can anything so adorable be so vicious...! Then again: he's hardly unfamiliar with getting into a fight. Now, what can he use around here to take those damn things out with...

Shortly after, parked on the steps leading down to the town gates, he'll be making a call to get some more answers while he recovers a bit.]

...anyone getting this? Uh, hi, anyway. Name's Kanji - I got here earlier. And - I've got a coupla questions. About these guys.

[He pans the camera around to show his Pricklemane bouncing happily nearby.]

This little dude saved my ass earlier, but I don't know anything about it. Or about the ones who were trying to eat me. ... That's how it works, right? They're 'Dream Eaters', we're dreaming...

[Kanji logic, everyone.]

So is there anything I need to know? Like, how do I look after this guy? Does anywhere sell food for 'em?

...uh, and does anyone know who owns the café by the 'item' shop? The one with the chairs outside? I ... can't see 'em anywhere but I think I kinda owe 'em some cash.
I just... didn't exactly have anythin' else I could use, here...
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[It's an accident, okay? Well, mostly an accident, at least. ...Okay maybe one-third an accident. But still, an accident.]

[When Ven crossed the portal into the new world, the first thing he'd done was fall flat on his face at the sudden transition from two feet to four. But the new body he found himself in seemed to know what to do on its own, as long as he didn't think about it - and when he tried pushing himself to his feet, one of the things he discovered was he now had two buzzing things on his back that seemed to be lifting him into the air. Craning his now more-mobile neck showed him that they were, indeed, wings, only smaller than Luna and Celestia had, but apparently still plenty powerful. So it was natural for him to try and test them out, right?]

[The first clue that he had other abilities as a pony was when he tried to fly through a cloud and bounced right off, sending him into a little tumble but leaving him perplexed and not hurt. He approached it more slowly, poking it with a hoof, and his eyes widened as he saw it skid away from him, like a pillow he was pushing along the floor. After that... well...]

[Look, he hasn't really gotten to have much of a childhood, alright? Mostly Ven's a mature teenager, too old in some ways, but the ability to just cut loose and have fun is one he will indulge in occasionally. Also he doesn't exactly know what the abilities of this new form are. So he's nudged a bunch of clouds together above the main square of the town, and has decided to turn them into, more or less, a giant trampoline. He has no idea that bouncing on them is going to cause a cloudburst below them...]
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[Eraqus's communicator switches on without his this case, it looks like Kura accidentally turned it on while lifting it up with his tail. Kura peers under the communicator, then temporarily scampers out of sight of it.]


[Kura's not the only one that appears to be searching. Eraqus is looking around the small room he's taken up at Sunset Hill, with Gengo and Chuza also glancing around in confusion.]


[Still nothing. Eraqus stops, looking frustrated.]

Honestly...what good is it to have a Spirit that immediately goes missing?

[He sighs, and walks out of view of the communicator, which is still broadcasting. As soon as he is out of view, a Toximander's head can be seen slowly emerging out of the floor. The Dream Eater blinks in the direction that Eraqus went, looks around a bit, then dives back into the floor.]
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[A moogle shows up on the communicator. It bobs at the screen; it looks like it's in the second district, on the stairs leading down to the lower level.]


There's something going on at the fountain in the second district. I think you should all come look, kupo.

[The moogle flies over to the fountain; a glowing gold keyhole is now in the center of the design. You'll probably recognize it from the dreams you've been having since you got here.]

A keyhole, kupo! I wonder what it could mean.
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[The communicator flickers to life, Kairi frowning. The moogle is busy explaining things to her, and has just about finished when the feed begins.] -you got all that, kupo?

Yes... but... [She frowns.] Traverse Town is sleeping? I thought it was a world that was always there, for whenever people were lost between them... how could it fall asleep?

That's how it is, kupo! You're just as asleep as it is, kupopo. You okay?

Mostly, though it is a little unnerving. This is just like... [She pauses. Oh. Oh. This is just like the exam Yen Sid gave Sora and Riku! They went to sleep and landed in Traverse Town. But the same can't possibly be happening to her... can it? She's not trained enough for that. She can't even remember discussing it. She can't quite remember what she was doing last, so she can't even trust not knowing that. Only one way to find out, then.] --wait. Does anyone know if Sora or Riku are here? If this is the same test they took, then...
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( When the feed begins, a teenage girl with very dark hair is shown, her expression a little downcast as she fiddles around with her new communicator. )

Um.. is this thing on? Oh, ok..! (She waves to the communicator and attempts a smile - despite feeling thoroughly confused. ) Hi to anyone watching this! My name's Rinoa. As you can probably guess, I just got here. ( She laughs a little ) I won't lie, I'm pretty confused about this whole situation but the Moogle has been very helpful.

( Rinoa's newest friend takes this opportunity to make it's presence known and Rinoa smiles, showing everyone her new Meow Wow. She had already taken the Moogle's advice and guidance and made her first Dream Eater straight away. )

Oh I'm sorry. ( She pets the oddly adorable dog thing - she's a dog person, so she thinks it looks like a dog! - on the head, evidently already fond of the creature.) This is my new companion, Angel! (..Yeah, she's not very creative with names... And she misses her real dog, Angelo, also. She pats Angel with a kind smile before her expression turns a little more serious again. )

So.. we're dreaming? It seems hard to believe but.. with all the things that have happened to me lately, I'm starting to think anything's possible. ( Such as time compression, and becoming a sorceress, and even someone as anti-social as Squall becoming her boyfriend - but she won't go there. Not now, at least. )

I wonder when we'll awaken? And I wonder if.. time would have gone on without us..

( She says the final sentence quietely, more to herself than anyone else and she reaches up to clasp the rings on her silver necklace, her expression somewhat lost and sad. After a few moments, she shakes herself out of her reverie and smiles again. )

Anyway! I hope I can settle in here and I'd love to get to know all of you! Bye for now!
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[Oh hey look... It's Etna. She's still here, despite being so quiet the past two or so weeks.]

So... I thought maybe if I just slept long enough, I might actually wake up.


Guess not.

Although, I did have some pretty weird dreams...
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Let's see...I think they said it was like this? What do you think, Flap?

[A large brown muzzle fills the screen for a good moment as Tumble tries to figure out the communicator. Technology s not really his strong point so this is new territory for him.

Once he's satisfied that it's on, his face draws back and he smiles slightly.]

So, uh, hi. My name's Tumble and I guess I'm new here in Traverse Town. This is Flap. [He bobs his head to show the Komory Bat perched there.]

What else? Oh, has anyone seen a treasure hunter here? He's a human who wears a ring around his waist and is kind of a nice jerk. And his name is Rumble.
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[Tails gently pushes his Dream Eater's face back from where it's been nudging him for attention, smiling down at the screen once he's sure that the video is on.]

Hi, my name is Tails. I just got here and thought I should introduce myself.

It's been a little while since I've been away from home, the change of pace is kind of nice. Travers Town's a lot bigger than Central City.

[He pauses there, a thoughtful look crossing his face, and he finally relents and starts to pet the Hebby Repp he got.]

Um, I don't know if anyone I know is here already, but I'd be interested in seeing who is here anyway.

Oh! I almost forgot. Is there a parts store anywhere in town?
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[Well, maybe now was better than any time to learn how to use this. And maybe a better exposition of what was going on, why those figments created a blue dogcat, or anything else he could do of.]

So uh.. [The demon didn't look all that impressed, perhaps a little lost too.] These um, dream things.

[He pointed the watch towards the Dream Eater sitting docilely beside him.]

... They aren't hard to raise, are they?

[Because going by looks so far this was going to be a chore, in his opinion.]
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[There's a large finger poking at the wrist watch, connected to it is a boy who looks about 16. He stops after a few minutes and just tilts his head to the side. He has large green eyes and his thick eyebrows are furrowed in confusion] Okay I think I get the gist of all this based on what that moogle thing told me...but I still have to say it's pretty weird. Not to mention I still have a few questions and the moogle started getting a bit pushy after awhile.

So, I guess for name's Bolin and I'm new. [Awkward smile. Yeah, that aws obvious, wasn't it?] If anyone has seen a grumpy looking guy wearing a red scarf named Mako or a girl with a ponytail named Korra let me know. Although, I guess if they are here they'll hear this, right? I haven't seen Pabu either...but I'm sure he's okay if I really am just asleep. He's probably still just curled up asleep too.

[Pause in thought, Bolin glances down.]

Speaking of which...I guess I should think of a name for this little guy, huh? [Bolin aims his wrist down at a ball of blue fur that is anything but little and curled up at his feet and snuggled close. Apparently Bolin has a lazy Meow Wow for his companion and first dream eater Spirit.]

Ping maybe?

[He pokes the Meow Wow with his foot and the creature purrs and twitches contentedly], uh, anything else I should know? This is one of those where do I even start kind of things.

[He looks a little awkward just sitting there with a sleeping Meow Wow. Care to help a fella out?]
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[The video feed turns on to Ven, who's sitting on the low wall around the big plaza in the Second District, a Komory Bat in his lap as he extends the creature's wings, looking at them close like he thinks the Spirit might be hurt. Wheeler is perched next to him on the wall, head leaning over Ven's arm as he makes low chitters at the bat and pokes at it with his nose.]

...Okay, I think you're all right. Just try to watch out for the lampposts next time, got it?

[The bat squeaks happily and Ven gives it a small toss in the air to get it airborn. It climbs up a couple of feet, circles above his head twice - and then drops right back down into his lap, completely ungracefully and making Ven laugh.]

All right, I get it - you wanna stay here. Just for a little longer, okay? Just watch the wings. [The bat gives another squeak and settles down with a batty smile. Ven, meanwhile, gets to start asking the question he turned on the communicator to ask.] I've been trying to decide what to name this guy, but I'm not really all that good with names. I asked the moogles what they thought when they helped me make him, and one of them suggested "Wingman." And then he started... laughing. [He's looking a bit confused at the idea.] Why would he be laughing about that?

[Meanwhile, somewhere close by to you, the rustle of popcorn bags starts approaching...]
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[Eraqus looks...very tired and worn, but trying to hide it. He doesn’t look all that successful at it. Apparently a lot is still bothering him. Maybe that explains a new arrival: a Meow Wow is now following behind him, while back towards the shop, a moogle flies off.]

I don’t know if a greater number of Spirits available enables them to share information better, or to reveal things to us that a single one may bypass. I would hope so. But at the very least, it should make fighting quicker.

[He looks back down at the Meow Wow.] I believe I’ll call you Chuza.

[Chuza barks (or meows?) in happiness, and bounces around a bit. Kura chitters at the new arrival and circles around, seeming to indicate that he still thinks he’s top dog just because he was here first. Eraqus sighs.]

I suppose part of that also depends on them getting along.


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