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[Kind of hard not to notice that a whole bunch of people - namely, the people who randomly appeared a week ago - have now up and disappeared.]

Who's still here?
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[Wash is terse and obviously very unhappy. Not a good situation.]

In case anyone missed Luna's post, we've got four big Nightmares in the city. One of them is the Meta, or at least a Nightmare version of it, which means it's worse.

It still behaves like the Meta, which means it'll go after AI. Anyone in armor is a target, so no one goes out alone. North, South, Epsilon, you're with Carolina. Church, York, Grif, you're with me. Noble-Four, Noble-Six, either pick a team or stick together. Call for backup if you see it. Don't be a hero, don't be an idiot, and don't get killed.
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Does anyone want to play Struggle?

[ooc:please be aware that tags will likely be slow until wednesday Sorry about the delay there folks. Pretty much the moment after I posted this, it suddenly dawned on me just how much work I had to do. That's done now so hopefully things will be a little more up to speed.]
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[A video feed begins, showing a young man with silver hair who is in dire need of a haircut. Judging the from what’s visible of the background, he seems to be up in the tower in the fourth district.]

So, just how many people are stuck dreaming here? I haven’t had much of a look around, but this place seems bigger than I remember.

I haven’t seen any Heartless either, just Nightmares. Does anyone have more information about Dream Eaters in general?

[The barrage of questions seems to be over for a moment, before he remembers one last part.]

Oh, and has anyone seen someone named Sora around? If I fell asleep, he’s probably not far behind.
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[When North awakes, he can hardly believe his eyes. His room is a warzone of tattered pieces of cloth and a very sorry giraffe in the middle of it.

He can hardly believe it, even when the Giraffe attempts to bleat its excuses. It wasn't my fault, there was another cat, she wanted to help and then I tried but they smelled so good. I'm sorry person, I'm sorry.]

[He runs a hand through his hair and there's a muttered god dammit. This may be the maddest North has been in a while.]

This is a ridiculous request, but, does anyone have anything that can be used as a lock? One that spirits can't open? 

[Trouble is nosing her way in, still trying to apologize.]

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[Here, have Epsilon leaning against Caboose, his Meowjesty. Allison is grumbling in the background. Where's her petting? She wants attention.]

Seems like I've been forgetting to check this thing lately. Have I missed anything important lately, guys?

Also, anyone have advice for trying to train a Meowjesty?  Caboose still won't listen worth a damn.
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[Oh hey, that's Ammy on the screen. Seems she's activated her communicator for the first time in awhile. Unfortunately, she looks pretty worried. And while she's not at Ponyville, since she looks like a normal wolf, it's still Ponyville that's got her worried. After a moment to make sure that the communicator is working, she shows it a picture:]

[The sun has been missing for awhile! Where has it gone?]
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[Wash is sitting on his bed with a teal Frootz Cat in his lap. The cat looks pleased as punch to be there; Wash, in casual clothes with his face therefore visible, is obviously not.]

This is Carmen.

[Carmen meows happily. Hi all my buddies!]

She has a bad habit of stealing people's clothes and leaving them in other people's rooms. Or beds. Or bathrooms.

[Carmen looks a bit disgruntled at her behavior being labeled a bad habit. Those people belong together! They just don't know it yet. Obviously it's her duty to educate them!]

I figured I should let anyone know before she causes real trouble. She's teal so nobody will mistake her for Lela.
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What's the highest point in ponyville? 

I want to watch the sunset.

[Roxas pauses, looking like he might say something more, but then decides against it and closes the feed.]

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[When the video turns on, it shows the bridge of the Mother of Invention. Donna's been spending her time snooping around a bit. Her still unnamed Pricklemane can be seen in the background, sitting on top of one of the computer consoles.]

I wonder if any of this works? Because this is some interesting technology. [Her Pricklemane twitches his tail at her for a moment before squeaking something.] Of course I know what I'm doing. [She doesn't.] Besides, I don't think I can access anything important anyway.
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[Ziva's comm turns on, and the first thing that can be heard is wind.

Then...if your character recognizes it...the sound of a really, really ticked off cat.

Last, Ziva's voice, calm and very, very, deliberately controlled. She's putting a lot of energy into said control.]

Wash is gone. I think...[She pauses as if she had to choke back something.]...he woke up. Melody has been searching for him most of the day. I am following her with Gibbs, Fang, and Fluffy. [She doesn't mention that Fang's currently curled up in her lap while she's sitting on Gibbs' back.]

If anyone hears anything different, let me know.
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[North's voice comes over the network, sounding rather panicked. Surprisingly so, especially to people who know him for his quiet, patient demeanor.]

Is anyone else in Ponyville right now? 

If you are, have you seen Theta? 

It's really important that I find him, and I think it's getting dark.

[That's new...and all the more worrisome.]
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[First District, Traverse Town. Kanji's spent a little while getting settled in, but he's out and exploring right now, getting his bearings.
Or, at least, he is until trouble hits.
A mob of Nightmares. Nothing spectacular, a gang of Meow Wows, but it's enough to catch him off guard. How can anything so adorable be so vicious...! Then again: he's hardly unfamiliar with getting into a fight. Now, what can he use around here to take those damn things out with...

Shortly after, parked on the steps leading down to the town gates, he'll be making a call to get some more answers while he recovers a bit.]

...anyone getting this? Uh, hi, anyway. Name's Kanji - I got here earlier. And - I've got a coupla questions. About these guys.

[He pans the camera around to show his Pricklemane bouncing happily nearby.]

This little dude saved my ass earlier, but I don't know anything about it. Or about the ones who were trying to eat me. ... That's how it works, right? They're 'Dream Eaters', we're dreaming...

[Kanji logic, everyone.]

So is there anything I need to know? Like, how do I look after this guy? Does anywhere sell food for 'em?

...uh, and does anyone know who owns the café by the 'item' shop? The one with the chairs outside? I ... can't see 'em anywhere but I think I kinda owe 'em some cash.
I just... didn't exactly have anythin' else I could use, here...
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[The audio crackles on… and then there’s nothing for a while but the sound of someone’s breathing. There are a couple thuds shortly after, like the person transmitting it tapping the communicator. That done, the person on the other end finally pipes up.]

There’s a pink and yellow bat here. It seems to like me. [For someone else, this might be normal. For Point Man, he can’t recall a single animal that’s ever liked him.]

What am I supposed to do with it?
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[It's late when this text appears. At least, what counts for late in Traverse Town. If you're a normal person with a normal sleep schedule, you're probably asleep right now.]

I know it's late, but would anyone be interested in a game of cards or something? 

I'm having trouble sleeping. No nightmares though.

[And he's reluctant to go walking out in the hallway of the hotel. He's pretty sure the moogles are slightly annoyed at the possibly noticeable groove he's worn in the carpet.]

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[Lea shows up on the screen; it looks like he's in Twilight Town, judging from the background.]

So the whole let's-talk-about-this-stuff thing reminded me. I'm not complaining, but it's been a while since we've had those dreams, and we haven't gotten any major clues about this new world yet, other than that weird message.

[Lea spreads his hands.]

I figure someone'd have mentioned if they were having dreams again, but it's way too nice that we've gotten this much time to learn how to walk around, unless I missed out on something big over in Ponyville. I figure we should start planning for something pretty big.
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[Some of you may recognize the anonymous text from the last time it showed up, back when there were hardly any worlds at all. To others, it may be new. Regardless of which happens to be the case, that is most certainly an anonymous post, when the moogles have sworn that it shouldn't even be possible to make an anonymous post.]

Hmph. So there are now even more of you here? I suppose there truly are no limits to how many he can draw in, only to leave to flounder. Stranger, or acquaintance...in the end, the result will still be the same.

Not that such efforts matter. No matter how many dreamers accumulate here, you cannot change what was laid out long ago.
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[It's immediately obvious that Rarity is in Ponyville - not because she's a pony, as that's her default state of affairs, but because it's broad daylight outside. She smiles at the communicator and moves it in a slow pan, showcasing everything before her; as she's standing on the bridge next to the portal, this encompasses the town square and a good amount of scenery.]

For those of you who haven't seen the new world yet, this is Ponyville, where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and Pinkie Pie and I are from! Well, I suppose Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are technically from Canterlot, but we don't seem to be able to go there at the moment.

Anyway, now that you all have the hang of walking, I'd be more than happy to show you around if you haven't already had a chance to do some exploring of your own. There are Nightmares in a few places, however, so be sure your Spirits are up to task when you come. And if you haven't quite figured out walking yet, I'd be happy to help you with that too. [And if Emile and Chell don't think they're getting the full tour of the town, they're sadly mistaken.]

Oh! And there might be a timberwolf made with white bark walking around sometimes. Don't panic - it's actually quite friendly! Evidently not everypony becomes- well, a pony when they come here.

And Pinkie, I'd say we're long overdue for a welcome party, wouldn't you?


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