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[The video is being recorded from a position on the ground in one of the Districts of Traverse Town. There's a woman nearby, shouting and fighting a couple of Nightmares with knives, a decent sized gun hanging from her hip.

Anyone watching will easily be able to identify who it is...by the fighting style, or the hair.

And she's not happy to be back here.]

If this is a joke, whoever you are, this is not humorous at all.
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[Wash only watches long enough to confirm her location before taking off, his and her Spirits in tow. He's slated to meet people in front of the fountains in half an hour, but at this point he just doesn't care. Priorities.]

[She'll probably notice the sudden presence of cover fire when he gets close enough to aim reliably.]
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[Motion helped. Stand still too long and you start to think about things, and that was the last thing Wash needed to deal with right now. It was easier to keep moving - track the target's motion, fire, make sure it went to pieces, track the next target, over and over as long as there were Nightmares present.]

[Melody had picked up on the fact that her person was concentrating pretty dang hard and had subsequently kicked it into overdrive, hissing and hurling bombs at any Nightmares that came into range. Carmen hadn't quite figured out her person's emotions through the armor yet, but Melody going into explosive overdrive was more than enough to prompt her to do the same.]
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[It doesn't take long to finish off the rest of the Nightmares; two trained operatives and four Spirits was pretty much overkill in this situation, after all.]

[It's only after the last Nightmare goes to pieces that Wash stops and takes a moment to breathe. And another. He may need a few of these.]

[He doesn't take his helmet off. He doesn't trust himself to handle things just yet.]

...you're back.

[He tries to keep his voice steady. That waver on the last word means he didn't succeed.]