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[Here comes another message: this one from Eraqus, close to the Twilight Town portal. He looks anxious, and a bit angry. Two of his Spirits can be heard barking and whining in the background…it’s clear they are all stressed out right now.]

I just came from Traverse Town to here, and it seems the keyhole is missing. While the portal appears to still be working, the keyhole itself cannot be found. Believe me, I have looked.

Please, everyone, be on your guard. I can only suspect that this is also Xehanort’s doing.
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[...Oh great, he definitely remembers you too.]


[Yeah sorry, this didn't have much to do with what was said.]
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[Nope, don't think so. ....Feels fine at any rate.]

I think that's what happened, y-yeah..
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N-no, how would I know that?

[Juuuust as clueless as you, buddy.]
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...I don't exactly remember going anywhere. But for a moment I couldn't even remember this place either.

[Not even sure why he felt like sharing that with you for that matter.]
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If I did, it might have been only for a short while.

[And yeah, that did worry him a bit.]
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[Yup, this tiny demon is very concerned about this. Seeing everybody he met in this place recently really reminded him that he had a lot here, and he didn't want to loose that again. And his dream eaters too, although some of them may have been still missing, they meant a lot too.]

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[Normally Wash would handle this sort of news a little better. Unfortunately, today has been anything but normal, even by dream world standards.]

You mean to tell me that the worlds are still connected, but the things we had to find to connect them in the first place are just gone?!

Do they usually fucking migrate or are we just lucky?
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[This day just gets better and better.]

I'll check the one here and report back.

Well, the stars just went out, and that shouldn't be possible either. At this point, I'm not putting anything past this place.
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[Sorry but have a sudden, quiet and thoughtful Doctor voice slipping in on here.]

...Stars going out...

[wow that is too familiar and too soon of a reminder for his liking]
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That is concerning.

So we are, in effect, sealed here for certain?
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Then it seems 'concerning' is an understatement. And yet, would we not have seen immediate signs of catastrophe by now?
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I certainly don't disagree with you there. Do you have any suggestions?
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Forgive me, I was unclear. What I meant to ask was, does anything in your experience offer any suggestions as to how a Keyhole might be taken away, where one might be hiding, or what signs we should look for to locate it?
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They must, or else we would be undergoing that collapse now. So we have nowhere to start for certain, save for turning over each metaphorical rock...
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Given that this came shortly after the meddlings of the Spellican, which managed to seal each of the worlds and summon foes from them, I think investigating the spots where each of those Nightmares appeared is also called for.
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By now, I am afraid that should go without saying.

[Which saddens the peace-loving Princess, even as she acknowledges it.]
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Not anywhere?

[Because if so that's terribly worrying, especially with Xehanort likely being involved.]
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It does, yes. Unless it's something that can only happen because of where we are, but surely someone would have known about it?
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I agree. The sooner we find them the better.
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What? How can a keyhole be missin'??
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Gosh. And if Xehanort's behind it...
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Yeah! Wouldn't want this to go downhill fast.
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[Mickey also frowns. He's only had so much experience with the old master, and if it's already been this long, they're really behind.]

...Welp. I'll still do what I can to check things out. Don't you worry!
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No problem, Master Eraqus! That'll better our chances in finding clues, haha!