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Death Emizel ([personal profile] trademark_skull) wrote in [community profile] revenance_comms2014-09-04 10:35 am
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[Hoooo boy, somehow it felt like he had been out of it for weeks...And judging by the fact he was lying on the ground of a hotel room probably meant that wasn't a very good nap either... Wait a minute, what was he doing here? For that matter where was here? For a moment, everything was blank. Almost like it was waking out of a dream. Or perhaps in this case, into one.]

[The sudden barking and trampling finally woke him up completely, but in case it didn't there was plenty of slobber to go around too. Flail as he could, Emizel was no match for the ever so vicious dream eater, one that probably hasn't seen much contact for days, if not longer. Okay, now this was beginning to feel familiar.]

...Moxie? [Finally he spoke up once he had a second to. The Meow Wow's ears perked and somehow it managed to look even happier. Now this meant for cuddles, lots and lots of cuddles.]

O-okay, okay! I-I missed you too...!!

[...Or at least he probably should have. Sadly Emizel had completely forgotten all about this place, all about the dream eaters. But how did he? And for that matter, is it going to eventually happen again?]

[But, maybe it isn't time to think about that. Once Moxie got everything out of his system he had better check the network to find out what was going on, things really did not feel right in more ways than one. Hopefully though, he at least remembered how to even use it.]

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