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Sora ([personal profile] dork_of_keys) wrote in [community profile] revenance_comms2014-08-23 10:05 pm


[Sora is sitting on the steps in front of the accessory shop in First District. Behind him, gently trying to fit its large face into frame over his shoulder, is an Aura Lion. Sora reaches up to pet it, while also gently preventing it from overtaking the screen, smiling softly as he does so. The lion seems to get the hint and settles for the amount of space its already taking up.]

Hey guys. How are things going?

Um, you know, I was thinking... I've got some extra dream pieces, two of the ones that can make stronger Spirits and a lot of regular ones, and I was wondering if anyone wanted or needed any.

[The lion nuzzles him a bit. It's really nice that his person wants to share his excess dream bits, isn't it?]

And I'm thinking of naming this guy Leo. What do you think?

[For his part, the lion seems to like the name. And he's very cuddly, but also seems to understand he's not a lap cat.]

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