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Message 17: Manifest Destiny, Kind Of

[The video feed flips on, showing Wash armored up and ready to go.]

Now that the other worlds are open again, it might be worth it to check them out to see if anything is different and scout locations for the safehouses North suggested. If you know a world well enough to spot changes and can handle yourself in combat, you should probably help.

I'll take the Mother of Invention, if anyone wants to take Ponyville or Twilight Town.
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I won't be any good at finding differences, because I didn't have very much time to see them, but I can help!

[He laughs lightly.] It'll be nice to get out a little, won't it?
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Yes, I will. Who is it who's going with you?
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Well, I'll have Toshi with me too! But if we're talking about going with someone, that doesn't really count, does it?
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[He laughs.]

I didn't mean to offend anyone! I'm sorry.

Oh, do you know if any of the ponies might be going along? I'm sure they'd know best if there are any changes to their home.
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Thank you, I will. Oh, I didn't think to ask! Do these talking-machines work even from one world to another?
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In that case, I will.

And you should too!
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[You know that look Ziva has? The one that reads 'are you crazy, you moron'? Yeah, that's the one she's sporting right now. And Fluffy is just looking at her from her lap, confused.]

You are going where now?
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[Then he should know what it means.]

And who is going with you?
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[Pretty much. Especially the last point.]

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Now I really am coming with you. Any preference on which spirits?

[She's not taking no for an answer.]
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I know you can. I would just prefer you have a little more back up than Carmen and Melody. They are great, but sometimes you need someone to watch your back.
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[Waaaaaaash. Do you really think you can win this?]

The only choice you get on this is who I bring with me. And use your judgment on what would be best in those quarters.
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[She thinks for a moment.]

So, due to size, probably Fluffy and Abby or Ducky then? Because air support...and Melody does not seem to like Bert all that much.
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Yeah, makes sense. I don't mind helping to check either of 'em out... though I guess I probably oughta help with Ponyville.
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[Headscratch as he thinks about it-]

I never used weapons last time I was fightin' there. ...Would probably be kinda rough on the teeth.
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Nah, earth pony. [He shrugs a bit.] It ain't ideal, sure, but... I can handle it if I've gotta again.
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I can check out Twilight Town.

[Xion knows Twilight Town better than any world besides The World That Never Was. If something has changed or is off, she'll notice.]
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[Xion nods. Missions like this are better with partners.]

Right, I'll see if anyone else wants to go or is already there.

[Maybe Roxas or Sora will want to help.]
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I will.

[Hopefully he realizes she means that as an answer to both statements.]
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Excellent. I will also take the Mother of Invention.
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I shall go to both. There is no reason both worlds must be immediately explored.
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Are you advising others to check for potentially dangerous alterations in the worlds alone?
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There is no need for you to face it alone, if it is there at all.
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Those here have survived multiple encounters with the Nightmare Meta, sustaining no casualties. A fact which is likely because it was taken down by groups.