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17. [Video]

[The feed flicks on to show Traverse Town, and most people have probably been around long enough to recognize the second district on sight. And it's a surprisingly welcome sight to see the portals again. Who knew multiple worlds was such a thing to be missed?

North flips the camera around to face him.]

It looks like the portals came back since we got rid of the Spellican. I haven't visited any of them, so I don't know if anything's changed but things seem normal from this end at least.

[He pauses briefly]

I think we should take care though, in case this happens again. Getting stuck in Traverse Town was one thing, but who knows what was happening to those other worlds in the meantime.

I was thinking about making emergency kits, or a safehouse to something. Just, somewhere for people to go so they won't have to fight nightmares all the time.

It's still kind of in the rough stages though.

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Not a bad plan actually. I know we had safe houses when I worked for SHIELD, and that was on the SAME world. Wouldn't hurt to have places like that if we're talking about world hopping here.

You need help with that?

[Clint got here when the portal closed, so he hasn't been out on the worlds yet but he's excited all the same and curious to boot.]
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I'll need to get out an explore some of these places then before I can give too much input on what rations would work. I'll get back with you soon on that.
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I think I can handle my---

[He trails off as the last part sinks in.]

Wait...what? Seriously?
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Greaat. Guess I can go get that out of the way then.
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I'll keep everyone posted.
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Huh. The last time I saw worlds closed off like that and then opened up again, there were stronger Nightmares around. Other than that, there wasn't anything different.

[Of course, if there was anything else different, he could have missed just because he hadn't stayed long. This time, it was likely going to be a lot longer. Who knew what else might happen?]

Safehouses do sound like a good idea.
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[That's a good plan.]

Hmm. Potions are a good idea. Maybe canned food and stuff like that that keeps a long time too.
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I don't think potions expire, but I'm not really sure. The Moogles would probably know.
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Safehouses sound like an excellent idea.

Also, I plan to return to Ponyville shortly. Now that the Spellican is defeated, I would like to see if another Keyhole has appeared.
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That sounds like a good idea, just in case.

[Says the one who would probably be making good use of such things as someone still getting used to defending herself.]
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[Namine nods] Where do you think we should them up? The area near the portal is usually safe.
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[Namine nods.]

Maybe in some worlds we could use a building that's already there? Nightmares don't go indoors.

[That doesn't solve the issue for the MoI, but it might help for Ponyville and Twilight Town.]
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You could probably store more supplies there, as well.

[She'd help scout, but she's still working on the whole "self-defense lessons" thing.]

If you need any help setting them up once you've decided, let me know?
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Yes, safehouses are an interesting proposition. Choice of location would be paramount, as would a coordinated defense in the worst-case scenario... At this rough stage, what did you have in mind?
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Hmm. I take it that you haven't yet established any candidates for such a site, then. But based on what we know of these Nightmares' attack patterns, would the task of finding an acceptable location not be rather secondary to keeping it that way?
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Do you intend to start searching now?
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If you don't mind. I'd be interested to know where you intend to start.
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You'd have to find a way to make sure that they stayed safe, given the Nightmares, but it certainly couldn't hurt.
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It should, yes. But that doesn't mean that a more determined Nightmare might not be able to get inside anyway. Or anything else that might want to get in.

[Just because they've only really seen the Nightmares doesn't mean that there might not be something else around, and even if he'd like to believe that it's a relatively calm dream-world the fact that it's lasted as long as it has is a little worrying.]
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no worries!

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Both would probably be better, yes. Especially given that not everyone might know how to use the weapons. Or want to, for that matter.
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Hopefully it wouldn't, no. But it's still best to be ready just in case. If you're planning something like this, I mean.
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So I've begun to notice, yes.
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Ah, good luck with it, then.
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That would be wonderful, yes.