her_mouse_jesty: (Painting The Roses Red)
Queen Minnie Mouse ([personal profile] her_mouse_jesty) wrote in [community profile] revenance_comms2014-06-26 03:56 pm


 Pardon me, but I'd like to just put this out here...

[Minnie can be found sitting one some steps in Twilight Town, looking a tad despondent. Her Meow Wow is having a good time licking her shoes, which at this point she's opted to ignore.]

Back home, as Queen, I had many duties to attend to. Problems to fix, people to listen to, decisions to make... Now that I'm here, all of my responsibilities are gone. I can't help but feel a little useless.

Does anyone need any help? Or should I...

[There's a long pause here, as something is considered... something she's never had to do, considering she was born into royalty.]

... Should I get... a job?

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