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I have a deck of cards and an abundance of dream pieces.

Anyone interested?
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I shall come!

[Luna's given to understand that she is wretched at bluffing, but she also has a great many dream pieces and is not planning any more Spirits at the moment. The fun is worth it.]
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Excellent! I shall see you forthwith!
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What game of chance might you have in mind?
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Poker is a most enjoyable means to pass the time. I see we'll be meeting at the tea shop. I'll see you there presently. Will Master Theta be joining us as a participant, or would that prove difficult given your integration?
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One might be forgiven for wondering if a pair against only one is entirely sporting. [He's only teasing.] Master Theta's expertise do provide an admirable excuse for poor luck by another party, at least, I'm certain.
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I shall live ever in hope that this might be one of those times. I look forward to seeing you soon. [So saying, Jeeves tips his hat, ends, turns off his communicator and heads out. He's not exactly leaping with joy at the prospect of squaring off with Luna, but he has her own words that she's not very good at poker and her general demeanor - exaggerated to an extreme degree - to go off of for any play. The Doctor's comparing him to the pony is still needling Jeeves in the back of his mind. He intends to make very clear their differences.]
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[Xion's interest is piqued. Luxord had taught her a few games.]

Like Blackjack and Poker?
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Luxord would always substitute candy for money when playing against her.

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[Luxord's attempts to find more suckers players for his games knew precious few bounds.]

Luxord, one of the others, liked to play, so he taught us how.

[It doesn't seem that weird to her.]
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Thanks! I'll be there as soon as I can.
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I'm in.
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[Namine had been putting things away on the shelves under the shop counter, so she hadn't seen North come in. She definitely heard the sound of furniture moving, though, and stood up to look around for the source. Seeing who it was, she smiled.]

Hello, North. Is there something I can help you with?
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That's fine, we're still open. Did you want anything to drink or eat?

[There's not as much variety by this time of the day, but there's a few things.]
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[A few minutes later and Clint's walking in. He's in jeans and a shirt now since wearing his Hawkeye costume that much wasn't really going to fly. He was in a dream world so why not be comfortable?

He'd also thought far enough ahead to bring a bag of pretzels. He wasn't sure what the rule was here, but back home the guests brought the snacks.

Hey. You mean I'm not late?
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We still have a few things. I think the cookies would be best.

Thank you, but I don't think it's a good idea while I'm supposed to be working.

[When Clint arrives, she offers him a smile as well.]

Hello. I don't think so, not everyone is here yet.
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[Clint waves a hand at the girl.]

Hey. Don't think we've met yet. I'm Clint Barton.

[He holds up the bag of pretzels.]

I brought snacks if that's cool. You can't play without snacks, right?
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[Namine smiles in return.]

Hello, Clint. My name is Namine.

[Luxord had a tendency to turn snacks into the betting pool when teaching Namine card games, so snacks are a must, yes. She nods in agreement.]

Thank you for bringing those. I think we have some cookies and other things, let me go get those.

[She heads off in search of treats.]
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Pleasure to meet you. And no problem, least I could do and all.

[He grins as she heads off. He loves cookies, probably more than pretzels, this is going to be great!]
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[Xion hurries in not long after Namine leaves.]

Am I late? I ran into a few Nightmares along the way.
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Nah. [Clint leans back to see who just came in. He waves a hand casually.] I just got here myself. Hey.
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[Xion waves back with a small smile.]

Hi. I'm Xion.
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Poker? Oh yeah. And this time I might actually get through a game without the table being smashed and the chips going everywhere! Count me in.
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There's probably a reason Avenger's poker night hasn't caught on.

Got it. Be there in five.
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We do not gamble with our guards - at least, I do not. [Who knows what Celestia does.] But our soldiers taught us such games during the wars. Most likely to supplement their pay.

[She liked them all enough that she didn't mind too much. Besides, she did not always lose!]
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That depends on the game, I think.
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I could manage that, I think.
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I'll be there, then.