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[Rinzler had been prodding at the communicator device for a while. It wasn't really something he was used to still, and he wasn't the most comfortable with it. But in some ways, it wasn't that different from the technology on the grid. He lets out a rumbling noise as he turns on the audio. He needed answers. He knew that most of the others, including the ISO had since left. Why hadn't he?] Users.

Need to leave. Did not protest before. Thought would be able to return to Clu. Still here. In this user world.

Cannot stay here. How can I leave? I obey Clu. Cannot serve him here.

[And that would be something close to growling now.]
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If we had means of returning home, none of us would still remain here.

[Also, the way you talk bothers her. That sounds like a disturbing level of devotion to this "Clu".] Praytell, what is your name?
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Well met. I am Princess Luna, of Equestria.

And who is Clu?
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There isn't a way to leave, yet.
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Yes, but no one knows how. They're just gone one day.
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I suppose you could say that. But it still isn't something that we've been able to figure out, even so.
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Is that where you're from?
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Good day, sir. My name is Jeeves. My sincere apologies for your unintended and unwilling stay here. Might I inquire who Clu is, though? I have yet to hear of such an individual.

[He'll leave it to Luna and Aqua to convince the new gentleman that his presence here is not something they can change.]
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[Grids? Systems? This all lending itself to a mathematical air. Is this another AI?]

I beg your pardon, sir, Mr. Rinzler, but are you an artificial intelligence?
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[It's Theta who decides to come out and say hello.]

Uh, there isn't really a way to leave, unless you wake up. But no one's really sure how to do that.

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I don't sleep either, but I ended up here. This place is just kinda weird that way. It doesn't make a lot of sense.

North says it's because of magic.
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You know, like spells and stuff. Like making fireballs and ice out of thin air. That kinda stuff.
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Really? I'll find someone to show you! Lots of people can magic here.

We can't though. It's still really cool.