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Garnet 02 }{ Video

[Setsuna is standing on top of the lighted tower in the middle of the Fourth District, her eyes tilted upwards as she watches the Spellican fly overhead and pay no mind to her or her two Dream Eaters, Maia and Phoebe. She frowns as it passes and she looks troubled. Once the giant Nightmare has vanished from sight for the time being, she returns her gaze to the Communicator in her hand.]

I apologize in advanced if this is waking anyone. The events as of late have made it difficult for me to sleep. I have been trying to piece everything that happened together, but so far I have very little. My mind has just been spinning in circles.

I have been watching the Spellican's movements for awhile now and they have not changed. Few of the recent arrivals from the mass appearance remain and I have also noticed that we have yet to regain the ability to transverse the worlds as we did before. Surely there must be a connection between these incidents. Something that Spellican has done perhaps? I'm afraid I am a little ignorant on what abilities it may possess.

[She doesn't like not having the answers to her questions. She leans against a beam and sighs.]

Do you perhaps think we should confront the Dream Eater? We destroyed the other Nightmares he summoned...perhaps instead of waiting for him to attack us we should take the fight to him? I would prefer some advice however, this would only be my third time encountering the more powerful Nightmares and I know that many of you have more experience where that is concerned.
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[Souji tucks his hair forward over a few lingering lighting burns on his cheek.]

If it still hasn't changed its pattern, it'll be easy to ambush, won't it?

-- I don't like waiting for an enemy to make its attack first! That just lets it choose the time and place in its own favor.
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Oh, yes. I don't have very much experience fighting this sort of creature myself, but if there's anything I can do--!
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[His expression flattens into neutrality as he considers the question.]

Ah, well, flying enemies are very difficult to hit, aren't they?

I'd start by using a net, or a trap, to pin it down, and then use the strongest weapons we have to defeat it quickly. I wouldn't like to give it any time to summon other strong Nightmares again.
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I would suggest some kind of trap. Its pattern is so predictable that it shouldn't need much work to make sure it's caught.

Of course, it might be tricky to build a trap that can catch it! Do you know what kinds of powers it might have? Apart from summoning other Nightmares, of course.
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Maybe so. All I have is my sword, so I don't think I can be of very much help to you.

[And doesn't that sting to admit... but it's true. He's no magician, no machine-armored man; magical monsters the size of a house are something he's never trained to fight.]

Has anyone mentioned such a skill?
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Perhaps one of the Keyblade warriors? They all seem very powerful.
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Please, let me know if there's anything Toshi and I can do!

[He smiles brightly at her.]
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You're welcome. [He chuckles, and shuts off the device.]
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Hmm, when I dealt with this Nightmare before, it went to another world after the bosses it summoned were defeated. I don't know why it's hanging around like this now.

It's possible that he might leave if we try taking the fight to him, but if he doesn't, we might be able to take him out.
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[North appears on the screen, Theta hovering by his head.]

We've been noticing that to. There's definitely a pattern.

I'm all for setting up an ambush and taking the fight to him. Something tells me defeating him might be the key to moving forward.
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In the past, it's usually led to some sort of progress, if opening up more worlds is what we're supposed to be doing.

Maybe we should hold a meeting at the tea shop or something.
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Sure thing.

I'm Agent North Dakota, by the way, but most people call me North. And the little guy is Theta.

[Theta waves]
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Nice to meet you.

That does tend to happen when there's fighting. Hopefully that will change once it's calmed down.
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An ambush is a good plan. If we can get people working together for once, we might actually be able to pull it off.
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According to the guide Sora put together, it mostly summons other Nightmares to fight for it and dodges. If we can knock it out of the sky and pin it down, we should be able to kill it.
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He might not be expecting it if we went to him. But we'd have to know what we were doing, too.
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Well, it certainly could be. But we won't know one way or another until we try.
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I'd like to help, but my Spirit is still recovering from that last big fight...