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Message 15: Roll Call

[Kind of hard not to notice that a whole bunch of people - namely, the people who randomly appeared a week ago - have now up and disappeared.]

Who's still here?
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Theta and I are still around.

[Just a bit mopey because where'd my sister go?]
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Yeah, I'm fine.

Just...South went home.
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[It takes North a while to answer, mostly because Theta is telling him that he should say yes very enthusiastically. It might cheer North up and he needs that.]

Yeah, sure.
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See you there.
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[ She was expecting the question. There's still an uncomfortable pause before she replies. ]

Not since last night.
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[ her reply is tired, quiet. ]

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[ It could be argued that she hasn't been okay for a very long time. This just happens to be the very tip of a very large iceberg. ]

[ What does she need? There's a soft huff of noise, scoffing. ]

Don't worry about me, Wash. There's nothing here I need, except a way back home.

We still have that one nightmare to deal with, the one that started all this. [more firmly] That'll be a start.
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Re: Filtered to Carolina

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[she snorts faintly]

After an event that's shaken everyone? Pft. I doubt anyone would be surprised to head it. [weak, but she's going to stick with that anyway. There's no sulk to her voice - she's just. tired.] I don't see why it would give you reason to worry.

I suspect we'll have plenty of volunteers for handling things, regardless of who's left.
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Re: Permafilter

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And my question still stands.

[she doesn't want to talk about it, doesn't want to think about it, she's tired damn it. Bad enough that Carolina doesn't know, isn't sure she wants to know, how she stands with Wash anymore.]

[there's footshuffling as she moves towards the door, trying to focus instead on the thing she can fight, rather than what she cannot. Dax follows at her heels.]

Not giving it time to bring back the other nightmares will be ur priority, I guess. And finding some way to--[the door opens]--reopen the portals will.

..What do you want.

[said to Carmen, with an irritable frown, not quite parsing what the orangey fabric could be]
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I'm here.

[As is Spot. He pokes his nose into view on the screen. Hi Wash!]
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[Spot waves to Carmen. Been a while~]

Yes, but a little busy.

[More people mean more customers at the tea shop.]
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I'm still here.

[And confused, though he's not completely surprised that everyone that showed up suddenly has vanished just as suddenly. Just... confused by it. It couldn't have been Spellican's doing, could it?]
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Present, though you might be pleased to know that it would appear Ms. Bassett is gone, Agent Washington.
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Mr. Wooster expressed much the same sentiment. Ms. Bassett is a... most fanciful young woman. You may count yourself lucky, perhaps, that she did not take to insisting your stolid demeanor indicated ardent feelings for her.
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Yes, sir. While I certainly could not discount the possibility entirely, I would note that Ms. Bassett is in the habit of writing and reciting poetry in the vein of 'kittens and their velveteen mittens' being the leading indicator of when a gentleman is 'smitten' with a young lady. Although, given your preference for cat-like Spirits, perhaps they are telling in your understanding with Ms. David.

[While he has some sympathy for Wash to have suffered Madeline, Jeeves is far too amused by his suffering - particularly given the extraordinary display Wash and Ziva had given on the open communicator - to not needle him politely.]
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[Jeeves gives the cat Spirit his soupiest expression. You stole his clothes Carmen. He does not like you.]

I meant as an indication of the initial ardent feelings between you and Ms. David, discounting Ms. Bassett as a third party, sir. It matters little, however. Ms. Bassett's fanciful notions should, I hope, be laid to rest with her departure.

I noted the disappearance of several of your comrades, as well. My condolences on their loss.
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You're welcome, Agent Washington. Thank you for undertaking this endeavor to sound off those remaining, as well. I'll make note of them in my records. [Because keeping a record of people present does seem like something they should have.] Good day.

[He doesn't particularly want to deal with the demonic cat - his idea of 'smoking hot' and hers differ widely, Carmen - so he signs off with a polite nod to Wash.]
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Art thou implying thou dost not?
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Yet I am so delicate and graceful.
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Of course! My kingdom's bards sing hymns of my subtlety!
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Because they are subtle!
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I'm still here, at least.
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I'd certainly hope so!
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Present and accounted for.