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Message 10: Catching Up

[Somebody's human, which rules out Ponyville as the location for this one.]

Three things. One, if you haven't figured out how to walk as a pony yet, do it soon. There's a pattern to the way this dream works - when something happens, it'll probably happen in Ponyville, and if you want to get involved you need to be able to walk.

Two. [He pulls out the dead AI chip that came from the Mother of Invention and holds it up to the camera, keeping a very straight face.] Have any of these changed hands? We should be keeping track of them. [And by that he means "he's keeping track of them whether you all like it or not."]

Three, has anyone tried putting the talking items together yet?
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This one is still with me. [She holds up the ID card.]
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Of course.

What else would I be doing? [Don't answer that.]

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I think everyone that found those items still has them. There was a meeting to talk about them before we opened Ponyville, but I didn't go so I don't know what happened there...
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Thank you. I hope we find out something more.

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[Sora is in Ponyville, so who knows where his item is at the moment. And is that a palm tree-shaped cloud in the background? It's probably safe to say that Sora is fine with moving around in Ponyville.]

I've got the photo. Did you want to try putting them together?
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[Sora's been spending a lot of time in Ponyville. It may or may not have something to do with being able to nap in the sun when he's not busy. If there was a beach they could get to...]

Well, okay. Any ideas of where would be a good place?

[He wasn't going to suggest meeting in Ponyville. Not for something that could potentially be dangerous, anyway.]

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I wasn't here for that. Could you catch me up to speed...? [ She looks a little out of sorts, but eager to help. ]
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[ She'll do her best to keep up, though there's no promise in that. ]

I see. Unfortunately a lot of the technology here is beyond my world's and not... exactly my forte. I don't think I could be much help, personally. However, if the subject of magic comes into play, I would be more than happy to lend a hand.

[ A pause. ]

I would... try to put them together from a distance, if possible. Just in case it has some unexpected effect on the ones holding it. That's something that has happened before where I come from.

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Have they not yet been brought together?
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I agree.
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[ Since Washington has the answer to Question 2 handled, Lin settles for answering Question 3. ]

Nothing happened.

[ She's slightly disgruntled about that, actually. ]

We're not certain as to why. Not enough of us present, perhaps.
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[ Definitely not. ]

A small handful, 5 or 6 or so of us. Given that a large number of folks had departed to attempt that unsuccessful boarding raid - which was mostly made up of people from your world, as I recall.

[ There's a pause, frown turning thoughtful. ]

Perhaps the lack of someone from the world of origin played a part in it? We certainly had enough spirits present in case the attempt went sout.

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...Talking items?

[You sure you didn't just hit your head on something, Wash?]
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[Here we go again..]

I remember people found some weird pictures awhile back, but I know nothing about them talking.

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