Jan. 19th, 2014

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[When the visual starts, Jeeves is standing in his hotel room looking, for him, mildly perturbed, but for most would appear to be vaguely curious. Descartes is eating an ice cream cone on the desk in the background. Jeeves had wanted to ensure the bat would be occupied. He places his hand to his heart and bows.]

Your Royal Highness, I wished to thank you once more for your assistance with the individual resembling Young Master Riku. In my review of the communicator archives, I came across several references to replicas of him that are the result of Mr. Even's experimentation while he was a member of a group called Organization XIII. [The real Riku had been particularly vociferous in lambasting the man for his follies.

And now for the more delicate topic.]
Additional review of the previous communications also provided a most illuminating look into the nature and expanse of the many and varied forms of magicks and technologies persons from different worlds have access to. I understand you have the ability to walk the dreams of others and aid them in your capacity as Princess of the Night. I would humbly request an exemption from such monitoring.


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